First National Bank [FNB]outstanding complaint since 28 june 2018

L Aug 14, 2018

Good day,

I've received an e-mail from FNB stating that as a Credit Card or Cheque Card holder, I qualify for 2 free Slow lounge visits per year. After making use of this service, an amount or R250 was deducted by FNB from my cheque account. I queried this via FNB online and the response that I received was "you have to have a cheque account AND a credit card account". I then forwarded their initial mail to them, indicating that it is EITHER one of the accounts and not both. The response that I then received was that I had to refer to the fine print on the qualifying criteria for the free use of the lounge. Clearly having both a cheque and credit card acount was now no longer the issue. I then e-mailed [protected]@fnb regarding this matter, After waiting a week or two, I e-mail them again. I then received a phone call informing me that the matter is being investigated. This is about a month ago and still no feedback. I now e-mail them everyday, logging a complaint.
FNB's initial e-mail is misleading as it stated that I have two free Slow Lounge visits per year. Why not send an e-mail to customers listing the qualifying criteria for the free visits? I wouldn't have made use of the lounge if I knew before hand that I will be paying for the facility.

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