First Data Global Leasingleased me equipment that did not meet my needs and now holding me to 36 month contract

M Aug 14, 2018

A representative from First Data Global Leasing said I would need to upgrade my existing equipment, which was not under a contract, to a new piece of equipment called a Clover Mini, so that I could verify the funds of checks, which I receive from customers overseas. I was told that I could do that with the device, using the Telecheck App by simply taking a photo of the check with the device. When the device arrived to me, I found that I could not complete this process without customers (whom I told them was overseas) being present, unless I paid additional money to purchase a check scanner. First Data Global Leasing told me the check scanner would be an additional cost of over $450. I declined and said I need to return the machine. Less than 24 hours after receiving that machine, First Data Global Leasing would not provide me with the necessary information for returning the machine. In addition, each time I call in attempt to accomplish this, they continuously remind me that I am under a 36 month contract as a result of getting this machine, that they refuse to let me out of. The machine in question serves me no purpose, since they misled me. It isn't fair to enforce the contract, when their practices to get me to sign the contract were dishonest. Now they want $1, 078 from me to buy out of my contract to send the equipment back. They told me the equipment would meet my needs to get me to sign the contract. Then, when the equipment didn't meet my needs, they said too bad, I am stuck with it due to the contract.

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