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Not for small business. First Data may work for big business but it is definitely not for small business. First Data will 'fee' you to death raising the effective rate of processing credit cards well beyond the industry norm.

The sales process was deceptive especially to a neophyte. Sales people represent themselves as trying to 'help' you understand card processing. Nothing could be further from the truth. They're goal is to sign you and move on.

Although the discount rate is attractive that's not the real issue to a small business offering card processing as a convenience to their customers. The fee structure is not friendly to small business.

  • Dd
    ddh1769 Jul 28, 2010

    I totally agree, my small business had chargebacks for which I tried to work with First Data to solve the issue they were very uncooperative to say the least! Now my account has been "interrupted" until I pay the balance which includes a chargeback that was reversed and according to the First Data rep it is "not her job to find out if the reversal was received"!!!

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  • Sc
    scmr Jun 02, 2011

    First Data customer service is appalling

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  • Th
    the hardware Aug 05, 2011

    Absolutely agree, unfortunately had to learn the hard way. We tried First Data through Sam's Club for one month and it was TERRIBLE. Not only were their rates bogus after all the hidden fees, but the salesman actually did lie about many issues. We have it in print because he lied in emails, but that doesn't seem to matter. They sure will not make anything right. I guess I didn't research enough before we tried them or I wouldn't have. Seriously, it's not worth it.

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false contracts

A First Data salesman came into my store, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, in March of 2007 offering to reduce my expenses from processing bank cards.

I was already processing bank cards through another vendor. The saleman assured me that he, First Data, would take care of getting me out of my current contract which ran until the spring of 2009. He wanted me to sign a four year contract, but I told him my lease was up in January of 2010, and I did not want to sign anything past that. I also stated that I might have to close the business before then, but he assured me that the lease could be transferred to a third party at any time. He further stated leasing was better than buying because I would be able to get upgrades without buying a new machine.

After I signed the contract, the reality of his lies set in. He failed to get me out of the first contract, so I ended up paying rent on two machines for two years. For the past three years I have paid them $78 a month, for a total of $2, 808, for a machine I could have bought from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB ank for $250. They have never sent me any upgrade;, as a matter of fact they want to charge me $100 to make me compliant with some new law, even though I only use their machine to process transactions.

Now, finally, my lease on the storefront over, I call them to return the machine. They tell me I have to pay them for another 12 months, that I in effect had signed a 48 month lease. This is absolutely false. The salesman must have changed the terms, and lied to me, about this and the fact that the lease could be transferred to a third party, which they are now unwilling to do. There is no way I would have signed a lease for their machine extending past the end of my lease on the storefront.

  • Eg
    egrt Apr 06, 2010

    We signed a 24 month agreement and they are trying to collect a 48 month. We have returned the equipment and they still want us to honor a false lease. I have sent my information to the class action address listed on this site. I am so sick of the banking industry taking advantage of people...

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Like many others I see here, I am locked into a $30.74/ month contract that makes my brain twist in knots of frustration! I worked with Alex White, a lying salesman who is apparently no longer employed with this company, and explained to him that I had just opened a "mom and pop" style hair salon in a small town and that I had signed a 2 year lease on the salon building itself. Because our contract was what seemed like an endless email (and because I was 22 at the time and very naive), I trusted his words when he confirmed all my wishes verbally. Little did I know, I had just e-signed myself up for 3 years of card service and FOUR years of leasing the physical terminal, regardless of my request for a 2 year agreement on both. Can anyone help me understand who would want their card services for a full year after their location lease expires but especially why I would agree to leasing the equipment for another full year after the service itself has expired! So my salon relocated after 2 years and my equipment would not work at our new location. By this time, the economy was plummeting and my clientele was requesting cheaper and cheaper service options, making my acceptance of credit cards more and more costly for me! I spoke with a very charming salesman named Matt Dapompiano who agreed to get my service rates lowered due to my business decline and he also arranged to have new equipment sent to me which was all done thoroughly. The new terminal I received, however, was incredibly inferior and extremely more difficult to use so my salon stopped accepting credit cards. Despite my begging, pleading, and sadly crying, I learned that no one gave a darn about the decline in my business or the fact that I wasn't even using their services anymore. I continued to pay monthly for both the service and equipment. Not until my service contract FINALLY ended (after a full year of ZERO use), was it brought to my attention that I am stuck with the terminal lease for another entire year! When I called Matt Dapompiano to try and get some more effective help, he along with a supervisor I spoke with named Jennifer R., informed me that FDGL is an entirely different company from the service provider, First Data Merchant Services despite their umbrella name similarities and that they had no control to help me as they were not even employed by FDGL (even though Matt was completely able to assist me when my equipment was broken). They also informed me, as if some giant inside joke, that FDGL NEVER allows a contract to be canceled and that I probably wouldn't even be able to get past an operator/receptionist if I called their 1-800 number. Well they were right! The call was answered by a very sweet sounding girl looking to direct my call but I was quickly informed that there was NO ONE I was even allowed to speak with concerning an early termination of my lease. I tried being pushy and she simply gave me an address I could write to... no response to that letter after 3 months. So here I am with another 12 months of paying what will total $1475.52 to lease a piece of equipment that I not only have no service connected to but that I have priced through Stapples, Office Depot, Office Max, and several online retailers to be $249.99 (at the most expensive) all the way down to as little as $99 (with service agreement, but that is the sell price not any kind of lease)! Any finally, I tried calling Matt one last time to see if persistence would pay off (since he helped me before with the terminal), only to be informed by what had to be an under trained or just hopelessly honest new guy that, "Matt Dapompiano doesn't work in this office and I've never heard of him" and that before he started working for the company, lots of people were "trapped" into 4 year lease agreements that outlasted various service agreements and that he simply could not help me but was so sorry that I am "one of those business owners who is now stuck with what the company quickly realized was a faulty arrangement". He went on to explain that the company no longer even offers leasing options with the service agreements which is why no one there could help me... When an employee admits the deal was crooked..."a faulty arrangement", a company with a little integrity would own their mistakes and make it right! Sadly, this is what America is coming to! ALWAYS PRINT YOUR CONTRACTS... tell the salesman you will call him after you have read his 35 page email and NEVER EVER EVER do business with FIRST DATA GLOBAL LEASING!
If anyone gets anywhere with this company, please email me: [protected]

  • Al
    a lim Aug 02, 2010

    Finally after my lease contract expired, I returned the card processing equipments via US postal service. I called them one week later to make sure that they have received the equipment. Yes they received it. However, the customer service rep said that the equipment was received DAMAGED. The equipment was functioning perfectly when I last time I used it about a year ago. I did not use it for one year and kept it in very safe place until I returned it. There was no physical damage. I was forced to pay one extra year of rental on the credit card processing equipment after I ended the service because the service contract was for two years while equipment lease contract was three. They are scaming me or in this case insurance company (they have been charging equipment insurance in addition to the rent). I just cannot believe how low this company would go. Please my fellow business owners and managers, avoid First Data and its associated companies.

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  • De
    dennis lyman Jul 17, 2011

    The best and easiest way to stop them is take them to small claims court for taking unauthorized funds from you/re checking account

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  • De
    dennis lyman Jul 17, 2011

    The best and easiest way to stop them is to sue them for taking unauthorized funds from you're checking account.

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  • De
    dennis lyman Jul 17, 2011

    in ssmall claims court

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  • Fa
    Family Owned Busines Jun 07, 2012

    Like so many others I was speaking with, it sounded like a caring sales person, Nancy O'Reilly with IMS. I spoke with her and she said I could exit without any penalties. Like the others there was a huge agreement in terms you could not understand. I went through it with her and she explained and answered all my question, not knowing she was just telling me what I wanted to hear, not what I needed to know. I did not know they were signing me up with IMS for the credit card charges and then another company, First Data Global for leased equipment. Little did I know when I wanted to change companies for a better rate up popped the lease agreement through Data Global Leasing. 48 month lease and When I requested to return the equipment a letter came with big bold letters NON-CANCELLABLE. When I asked them for a copy of my lease agreement they had on file they said, "sure for $7". So after two years of paying them a monthly fee they now say I owe the 679.99 plus any taxes that would accrue in the future for the remainder of the unused lease. That price does not include me keeping the machine. That price is for returning the machine leaving me with nothing from First Data Global. If I wanted to keep the machine it was anther $100+. When I asked my new company they told me they had heard of this happening and what First Data was doing was giving a commission to the sales person. Really the machines only cost $99 and I got it for free from the new company and the agreement terms were short and clear. I tried to contact Nancy O'Reily with IMS with no success. First Data Leasing now has a non working number.

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Excessive/hidden fees

This company bought out Credit Card Services and began charging excessive/hidden fees. Try a one time $120 annual fee plus minimum fees plus monthly cart and added service fees. They also charges a $75 account closing fee. I won't even mention the quality of customer service, except that it fits in with the rest of the company policy. I switched over to Newtek who had been hosting my website for a number of years and reduced my processing costs 75%.

  • Sh
    shegg Feb 03, 2010

    The First Data Independent Sales network are a bunch of fraudster who promise what they can not deliver. They promised to get me approved for a merchant account to receive credit card payments. I was charged two months charges upfront before they can process my application. They came back with another condition that they will hold 15% of whatever comes into my account as collateral which i refused to accept. As such, they will not refund my two months charge they got upfront. No service was rendered to me and I was made to part with my hard earned money as a small business owner, I will ask potential business owners to stay away from this fraudsters. They will lure you to help your business grow and turn around to milk you of your hard earned money. Shame on you mark, cantu, sherrie, daniel and First Data Independent Sales network .

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  • Kr
    kristie f Feb 11, 2011

    I signed up to have the ability to accept credit cards for my business. As the months went by I realized that the buisness I bought into was a scam and could not unload the $2, 500.00 of inventory that I purchased not to mention all the lead materials. So when I called to cancel my account with first data independent sales; the one that I have never used not only did I get charged a full month since I cancelled on the 5th of the month but also a $30.00 cancellation fee that the rep on the phone said that he would waive. When I called back the reps notes did not match our conversation at all and First Data Independent Sales would not refund me any money. I can see why people complain and agree completely poor customer service. Complete scam and rip off of money... I can see why so many people have turned to paypal.

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  • Ne
    neartownvet Jun 30, 2011

    This contract was for a 1 DAY rental of credit card machines and credit card processing. The contract and the sales person, Carlos, say nothing about the additional and excessive fees I would be charged even though we went over the costs of the rental. Now I am also getting monthly fees drafted out of my bank account because they say I signed a 12 month contract. I was told this is a temporary contract to cover the 1 day rental. I did not sign the actual contract and asked him directly if this was in fact for the 1 day and not 12 months. He said yes it is a temporary contract for the 1 day rental. I have spoken with Carlos multiple times regarding the closure of this account. Each time he says it is closed and each time it has not been closed. Now I am told I have to close the account through a different department that handles merchant services and that the sales person cannot cancel an account for a customer. I have sent in the requested fax, twice, to cancel the account and now they tell me there will be a $500 early termination fee!

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leasing cancellation

I cancelled my equipment leaseing on 19th October and requested the address to return the equipment. I also stopped the direct debit. n 26th Novembe I received a demand for unpaid rental and a threat to take me to Court. I spoke to their office explaining I had cancelled the lease and was still waiting for the address to return the equipment. I finall received this information on 2nd December and returned the machine on 14th December and this was delivered on 17th December. (I have photocopy proof of this). I then received 3rd December bill for one months rental whiich I paid to get them off my back. On 23rd December I recevedanother demand for rental and informing me that if this was not paid my agreement would be teminatied and I would be liable for damaged for breach of contract amounting to £901.03. I wrote to them again on 2nd Janaury enclosing copies of all letters but on 13th January they wrote to me again staing that I have to pay them £228.10 and if I don't return the equipment within 15 days I will be liable for another £165.00 . Having regard to the fact that they took delivery of the equipment a month ago, I am going to have great difficulty in returning it yet again. If I receive any more demands/threats from them I shall have no altgernative but to report them to Trading Standards as every demand they make is a different figure and they are demanding unlawful payments.

This is the seond American company I have had problems with and I am making sure in future that I do not deal with American company's for anything .

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Stay away

We own a luxury retail showroom located at 1401 S Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90035. We started using First Data Merchant Service as our credit card processing on 3/10/09. Our transactions with this processor have increased slowly at first. On 08/19/09 one of our clients purchased chandeliers (which were subsequently delivered and installed) and paid using a visa card for the amounts of $10, 000.00 and $6, 000.00 in total.

We received a call on or about September 20th, 2009 from Frank Davenport (one of First Data's Risk Management representatives) requesting supporting sales documents for the very same previously mentioned transaction on 08/19.09. We promptly provided all requested materials in timely manner. Mr. Davenport acknowledged receiving and was satisfied with all the supporting documents that were provided to him. However to our surprise we received a letter dated 09/29/09 from First Data informing us that our merchant account has been closed and the amount of $15, 850.64 which was remaining in our account was placed on hold. We contacted Mr. Frank Davenport and he stated the hold is for a future charge back possibility and we should call him back in 30 days, as he needed time to release the funds.

We never had any charge backs affecting our account. We never had a fraudulent card processed through our terminal and for the past five years we have not even had a charge back inquiry. We contacted the first data at the end of October and were informed that they reserve the right to hold on to the funds for up to 18 months and that I should call back in 60 days for release of fund.

Now that we have contact them in 60 days we have been given the same story repeated over and over again followed by a demand of returned phone call, this time in 90 days. We called 12/29.09 and 12/31/09 talked to him and his co-worker and they told us same thing that they have right to hold our badly needed fund with out any reason for up to 18 months. We don't have any charge back inquiry in our account. The time frame for the client to request a reasonable charge back request has already elapsed. The products were delivered to the client’s home and installed as permanent fixtures inside their resident over four months ago; therefore there are not any logical or justifiable explanations of why the merchant processing center is holding to our funds.

  • Beware of this company, First Data Merchant Service. They give you low rate at first, then change to higher rate later. They charge for equipment leasing when you can get it for free at other company. when close your account, there is closure fee also which is ###. i return equipment back to them but yet they still try to withdraw the amount from my account. They give me such hardship when i close my account with them. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY, , , FIRST DATA MERCHANT SERVICE..

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  • Ls
    lsay Apr 16, 2010

    I had cancelled my account with this company as of 10/6/2008. I then started getting billed again in March of 2009, I called and complained that it was already closed, they said they would take care of everything. I now have been billed over 800 dollars since I closed account. First Data now says they have no record of my closing account, although one of their service rep top me today that my account showed closed as of 2008. This company is a total rip-off and close to being criminal in their actions.

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  • FDMS First Data Merchant Services and Yahoo e commerce Scam-Fraud
    I have a yahoo internet business, yahoo only allows FDMS First Data Merchant Services as there platform for there shopping carts on there stores, I have been open for 3 years my sales have doubled in July 2009 I checked my bank account and was not receiving my deposits I contacted first data and they stated since my volume has gone up I am higher risk, so they would take 10% out of each of my batches until 10, 000.00 was in a reserve. Then in Jan 2010 was again contacted due to my 5% dispute rating (this dispute is not averaged by closed disputes but by disputes opened- internet business are Higher risk, and people dispute if they do not receive there product in 2 weeks even if the tracking shows it is on its way and the website states it can take up to 3 weeks to receive the merchandise and every product on the site state"2-3 business days for the handling time"- so I was then told I had to write out a plan to lower my disputes and they would be once again taking 10% out of my batches till another $10, 000.00 so a total of 20, 000.00 would be in reserve. March 2010 after they had the $20, 000.00 they stopped funding me again and gave me a week to find a new cc processor and told me they will hold the $20, 000.00 for 6 months from the last day I processed threw them. I formed a corporation and open a new account under the corporation- I was just told that they will not be funding me again and they are closing that account because of my previous account that was under my personal ss #- they are holding over another $10, 000.00 of mine. This is now a total of $30, 000.00 which is double the amount required to start a federal lawsuit- I then started doing some internet searches on first data and found several other people who experience this same issue and still have not received a dime back of the money first data is holding. Yahoo only allows there online ecommerce businesses to use a processor that is first data merchant services compatable so I am stuck and feel helpless as so many other people that have been scammed the same from First Data Merchant Services FDMS who there security department who makes these decisions is in Melville New york- 631-6836099 but when you call no one answers they promise a call back with in 24 hours - they call you back in that time frame to notify you they are holding funds and canceling your service- but not when you are trying to get your money back- it has been 2 days I have left 6 messages and no return call- my next phone call is to a attorney to start Federal proceedings- This is one of the reasons the economy is the way it is- I have had to let 2 employees go due to this loss of income, and if this continues I will have to close my business and file bankruptcy these corporations tied to the banking system and credit card industry need to be stopped and our government is not doing a thing or passing any new laws to stop this- The middle class will no longer be in existence as long as company's and there "sister company's" like First data Merchant services are allowed to destroy and take advantage of the hard working middle class business and people. They need to be stopped!

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  • Su
    suck first data Jan 04, 2011

    DON''T, ever sign with this company, they lied, provided false contract, ripped off, threated customer.
    Don't be a victim!!!, Don't trust sales person. Any word that sales person or company offer,
    get them in writing.
    GET THEM IN WRITING !!! or YOU ARE IN A TRAP. DON'T EVEN TRY. Stay away or you will be like me.

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  • Te
    TellingT Jan 19, 2011

    I do not recommend this company to anyone who does not have money to throw away every month. All I wanted was a seasonal account and I was told by the sales rep. that I would have one. He failed to tell me about a form I would have to fill out for the times I didn't need it, or the policy about it. Now after paying every month growing fees for 3 year's, which went from $14.95 to $78.00 a month, plus you have to pay an annual fee of $100.00 every year you are in contract with them, that doesn't include the percentages of sale either. The sales account guy didn't tell us that we had to contact them a month before our contract was up, or send anything in writing to them or that we also had to pay a $75.00 closure fee on top of the monthly fee. RIP OFF!

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  • St
    StayOffMyCash Feb 17, 2011

    I was duked into a contract with First Data and now I can't get them to take the equipment back and stop trying to get the thousands of dollars they thik they are intitled to. Do not use, they are crooks. If anyone can help please tell me what to do. All I want to do is give them there equipment back and carry on with my small buisness. I have made every attempt to resolve this and now they are threatning my credit. I strongly suggest not using First Data at all. Again the are crooks. Stay away.

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  • Tb
    T Bond Jun 08, 2011

    I was wronged by First Data representative knowing duplicated my signiture and had me singned three years. Now, my bank account is closed for lack of fund, because they drained all of my money illegally. This comopany and their workers are deceptive. I call to cancel the merchant equipment within thirty days, but they told me no. They are working to bleed the hard working people. He has showed me part of the agreement on laptop and duplicated the rest of my signiture and most of all lied to me. Any feedback is appreciated.

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  • Ra
    Radgary Jun 16, 2011

    Dishonest business! Lied to us about monthly fees. Told us we wouldn't have any regular monthly fees other than transaction fees. After we looked at our statements we realized we were being billed $50 a month! That's $50 a month even if we didn't run any cards at all. And when we called to see if they would work with us on the fees they refused. This is a company that is dishonest and thrives off of screwing people over. Do yourself a favor and take your business some place else. Terrible company with terrible customer service.

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  • Ey
    eysalon Jun 16, 2011

    I've been dealing with a similar problem with these guys. Customer service was worthless. They laugh at us merchants because they know the next place you switch to, to do your CC processing, will most likely be doing the processing through them anyway, because they control about 80% of the industry. Part of the problem was I went through my bank to open the account and there the ones who set the fees and rates. Who did you go through? I've been trying to look for direct cc processor services like Global payments, Chase, Heartland, etc. Still looking and comparing rates.

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the representative for first data global leasing through SunTrust Bank assured us that although the "lingo" of the contract stated it was not able to be cancelled that if we wanted to quit using we could at anytime.. This information was important to us because we were not sure how long we were going to be installing generators...
When we attempted to cancel the contract they told us we could not.. I actually contacted the rep (no longer working for first data) and she confirmed she had told us that and gave me a phone number to someone who could help us clear the situation.. I contacted that person and he gave me a "corporate person" that would clear the air...She pawned the situation to one of her associates. After countless hours of fighting this situation, he assured me that if the equipment was returned he was going to close the account and we would have no more obligation...the equipment was returned and not another word has been said(now going on two years), UNTIL...I got a letter in the mail the other day from a collection agency stating they are going to sue us!!! Approximately 4 mths ago I had run across all that old information in a paperclip and feeling the situation had been taken care of and gone, , I threw away the package of numbers, name and copy of all coorespondence!! Receiving that letter the other day was one of those "oh..." moments in life!! I am not even sure where to start now trying to get this cleared up once again!! I am so frustrated...This company is ridiculous...JoAnna

  • An
    Annette30 Jan 20, 2010

    I canceled my contract with them in October. I had been with them since 2007. They rang me in Nomvember stating they hadn't received rental payment (I had cancelled direct debit. When I said I had cancelled in october they asked me to send a copy of the letter and they would send address to return equipment. Nothing was said about not being able to cancel. I received address and returned equipment in December plus sent them Nov payment. Thought that was end of it until last week when I received a letter stating I owed them a lot more money plus extra if I didn't return equipment. Wrote again s with evidence of postage and receipt by them of equipment and stating I did not owe them anything. Today tel call very very hostile and threatining stating my agreement doesn't run out until 2012 (lie) and that I have to pay until then. They also said that they will decide at the end of the term ie. 2012 whether or not I can cancel the lease or whether I have to pay another 18 months! Surely this illegal in any country. Could anyone let me know if they have successfully got these money grabbing sharks off their back as I cannot face litigation in America (I am in England.) If I don't agree by tomorrow they have threatened to take me to Court.

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  • Sm
    Smile55 Dec 04, 2010

    My terminal is through First Data global leasing... My lease is for 48 months and I knew that. On my contract, that is all I can speak to, it stated it was a non-cancelable 48 month lease. The main word here is lease. I personally have never heard of a lease being cancelable, this would be a rental. The next sentence is directly from the dictionary... In common parlance, “lease” may connote a non-cancelable lease, whereas “rental agreement” may connote a cancelable lease. I don't know, maybe it is just me but, we need to start taking responsibility for our decisions. With the access of the internet... there just seems to be no excuse for not knowing certain things. This is how the economy / housing market became what it is today. Now, as a responsible debt free citizen (I chose not to spend more than I made unlike the majority of people who wanted to keep up with the Jones's due to ego or the feeling of entitlement) I am having to pay for other peoples bad decisions.

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  • Ro
    Robert Oceanpines Apr 14, 2011

    We Are currently in a situation with this BAD company for about 10 credit Card Machines. PNC Bank has been robbing me since I opened
    my accounts with them. I intend to throw all of these machines in the trash and not pay them another nickel!

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unauthorized leasing agreement

This company told me that my leasing agreement was up in january 2017 - when I called to return machine they claimed that I had a paperless lease extending the payment for another 14 months. This was due to the fact that the original machine stopped working and they replaced the defective machine, which automatically extended the so called paperless lease. They never informed us of this bogus policy and when we asked for paperwork, they wanted money for the paper and then in the next breathe said that there is only a paperless agreement - this is a fraud - bogus and totally bad business

  • Fi
    firstdatascam Mar 08, 2010

    Go to this twitter link and retweet our post. We will let everyone know about their practices.

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  • Bo
    bobalu59 Jun 14, 2010

    I started a websit, applied for merchannt services. I never used tham because I had an account with PayPal that was free to use credit cards throiugh. I had recived a few bills from First data that stated not a bill and listed a negative amount so I was asuming they were not charging me as I had not used them. I found out later that I hade been charged over $140 in fees and i had never used them. I called to complain and they want to charge another $90 to close the account. This is an account that was never used. I applied online but I now have to send in a letter stating that I want to close the ocount that I have never used. BEWARE OF THIS SERVICE AND DO NOT APPLY FOR IT TO ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS. WHAT A RIP OFF. I do not see how some people can sleep at night being such crooks. It just goes to show you that most banks desrve the reputaion they have!

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  • Ti
    ticketlobster Apr 24, 2012

    First "Thieving" Data purchased our processing from a reputable processor then began raising processing fees without our permission. I called First Data and asked why our authorization charge went from $.25 to $1.25 and we had 20 to 30 more authorizations than even charges (which is impossible): they said we were not their customer. I called no less than a dozen times and was told the same thing. The run around game is what First "Thieving" Data is about. After almost a year of not knowing who owned my account and being overcharged $100 to $200 per month, I switched to Chase Paymentech (Thank GOD). I called First "Thieving" Data to get a refund. Brendan their account supervisor had the nerve to tell me that Yes I was their client for that year and yes I was being over charged for the year but he would not do anything unless I came back. Then they would refund me 6 months of overcharges. The last thing they did was take $417 out of my account for no reason. They said yes they took the money and NO I wasnt getting it back. Can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!

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terrible company

I leased a Credit card machine from this company about a year ago and now sales have turned to mostly checks on a 30 day. I no longer need this machine and I contacted them and they said I had two choices one to keep making lease payments and until it was paid or I could pay 2000.00 plus to end the contract oh yes or I could turn the lease over to some one else and they would charge me 150. for transfer.

I just wanted to return their equipment so that they could continue to put it to use with some one else they were unwilling to help me on this when I mintoned bankrupcy they said that was fine and that it would settle the contract but that was the only way so I guess even though I'm not using it, I'll have to pay the 85.00 per month and keep the thing unless I do file bankrupcy.

  • Do not use First Data. Expensive (I leased complete POS) and their service is terrible, I have had ongoing unsolved problems for 2 years. DO 1)Buy your computer from Dell, 2) Buy Quickbooks POS software 3) Buy Scanners, recipt printer etc on EBAY. Then you will 1) Only pay for the credit card clearing (no leasing fee) and 2) have a POS that passes data to an accounting package Quickbooks. First Data has not been able to set up my accounting THAT THEY PROVIDED in 2 years.

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  • Fi
    firstdatascam Mar 08, 2010

    Go to this twitter link and retweet our post. We will let everyone know about their practices.

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deceptive business practices

We have been accepting credit card payments through several different processors and because of good rate...

Lease termination

In 2007 I entered into a merchant service agreement and equipment lease agreement with First Data Corporation...

overcharging and undisclosed fees

I have charged in excess of $700 for them to process $3, 671 worth of credit card payments. The account representative lied about the fees they would be charging and assured me that I would save money by switching to their company. That was a joke! The biggest issue I have with them is their PCI compliance fees. I was charged $135 in October which stated it was my annual compliance fee. Then in January they began billing me monthly 19.95 because they claimed I wasn't in compliance! On top of that they couldn't give me an understandable explaination of what this was for!

I attempted to cancel the service by phone, fax, and snail mail from January 2009 to July 2009. I finally had to stop payment with my bank in order to get them to stop taking their fees. It took 2 hours on the phone in July to finally get them to cancel the service. At that time 3 different representatives advised me that all I owed was 99.95. Now I have been turned over to a collection agency for $02.58. I gone back over their very confusing billing statements and I can't figure out where they get this amount.

lease scam

I received a brochure in the mail to start takeing credit cards through Sams Clubs (which I still have) I...

Ripp off

Were do I begin? From the very beginning I was lied to. First, When I asked what the cost of this machine he said that the machine and other fees were only $10.00 a month for two years. ($240.00) He said that First Data did not sell the machines and that there was not an option to buy the machine but that it would be yours at the end of your two years. I signed the contract but did not see any other fees on there. Later I sat down and looked at it a lot closer which I should have done in the first place. To my surprise in the middle of the contract it did say $69.99 for 48 months not the $10.00 fro the 24 months. I immediately called him and said that I wanted out of my contract because of his deception. HE laughed at me and said you can after 48 months. I was given other free stuff, like gift cards and a stand. However the gift cards were not like I had set up and they didn't have our business name on them. HE said that I was stuck with them and that I could order new ones at my experience. Now 50 months later and I am still being charged for my equipment. I was done with my payments in July 2009. I have call this company for the last month and if I do get ahold of someone to talk about getting this fixed they can never help me. When they transfer me to who can mystery enough I get disconnected every time. Now I have to drive 49 minutes to my bank and file an affidavit saying that I didn't allow them to take this money out.
They are a total rip off company and I would never do business with them again. I hope this does help other people who are considering them for there business. My bank is bank of the west and they have since stopped doing business with them too.

fradulent peter rhee four year lease credit card machine

about 16 months ago, our restaurant receive a call from merchant lynx who asked that if they can sent a...

fraudulant lease

I have written many many complaints against Icon and First Data to different agencies. Even after explaning First Data about what has happened they just give me an attitude. One person even said they really dont care all they care is that there is a lease and I am leagally bound to it. Everyone you talk to at First Data are really really rude and dont know what the hell they are talking about. They keep transferring you from one department to another than you have to tell them the whole story again and one day I was on the phone with First Data for 3 hrs just being thrown as a yo yo from one department to another. I filed fraund papers with First Data and after they received it they tell me its not fraud as I have signed the papers so it really doesnt mean anything to them. All they care is I am in a lease and they want the money. When I spoke to Jenny Haskett I had made it very clear that I didnt want to get into a contract and I would want to be able to cancel services whenever I want and she said everything is as you want. Yeah right she is one con artist who has got me into a mess. WHen I asked FIRST DATA that I wanted to see a copy of my contract they wanted to charge me a fee to see it. I said what???????????? After almost 20 days I am still going back and forth with First DATA and they still are giving me a hard time. PLEASE PLEASE BEWARE OF ICON PAYMENT SOLUTIONS AND FIRST DATA both are equal crooks all they want is your money and they dont give a monkeys about anything else... If there is anything you want to know or someone has some advice for me please call me [protected]. I hope some lawyer looks at this and helps me out a bit...

  • Fi
    firstdatascam Mar 08, 2010

    We had the same experience. Go to this twitter link and retweet our post. We will let everyone know about their practices.

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  • To
    Tommy Beckley May 04, 2010

    I have the same problems with First Daya. Now we all need to get a class action lawsuite going and expose their entire company/ They not only will bilk you and your company they as wellown TELE CHECK and they will bounce your checks without even sending them through your bank. Oh yes they did MY number is 1-270-547-2200 ask for tommy. I was never even given a complete copy of the contract either. Any financial transaction must be given in writing to the consumer at the time of contract.

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  • To
    Tommy Beckley May 04, 2010

    Thats First Data not daya

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    scam on a large scale Nov 29, 2010


    Anyone who had the same issues with Icon or First Data and need some legal help contact Brad Nakase he is an attorney in San Diego and is investigating them... his number is 619-550-1321

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wells fargo complicit in fdgl ripoff

I'm fighting with them, too! Total scam perpetuated by Wells Fargo who says, once the contract i...


I have had to change my checking account because of fraudulent charges being taken from my account. I had returned the equipment but continued to get billed for a machine I had not used for 3 years it was obsolete. Now they refuse to send a letter of confirmation that this account is settled. Maureen, Pat and Giovanni have done nothing but lie to me. When I got nasty back and told them my personal problem with cancer. Giovanni told me tough ###, everyone has problems and knows someone with cancer. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY THEY ARE A SCAM AND WILL RIP OFF YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT FOREVER...

  • Tg
    Tgate Aug 18, 2009

    Have had similar reactions to equipment that did not work. They are ruthless and after the dollar regardless of facts on your side. Am currently working with the our states Attorney General office to "fire" back.

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  • Pr
    PRESTIGE FASHION May 07, 2010

    First Data was intrduce by PNC bank to me ..I returned the equipment with valid recipt,
    I also never sign personal garantee on my contract ..
    they never stop calling and e-mail, they no longer contracted by my bank..
    PNC waived my contract with them as proccesor with no extra charge

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lied to us about a lease we never authorized

I never signed a lease with your company. I returned their credit card processing machine when I changed...

non-cancelable contract

Wells Fargo intoduced me to First Data Global Leasing, at the time when I was looking for Merchant service...

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