First Abu Dhabi Bank [FAB]fraud transaction on my credit card on 13th june - ajay john.

Hello Sir / Madam,
I Ajay John holder of FAB Credit Card [protected] was informed via a telephone call (by FAB emergency dept) at 3:55am on 13th June of a fraudulent transaction that has taken place using my credit card. I confirmed to the gentleman who called me that I haven't used the card at the moment and the card is with me for sure and I am within the jurisdiction of UAE at the time of the call. He informed me on the fraud transaction of Euro 4, 195 and assured me the card is blocked and the transaction will be reversed soon. A dispute form was emailed to me which I duly filled and emailed it back to [email protected]

Since 13th June, I have been calling the customer service almost every day following up on this fraudulent transaction and haven't got a positive response as yet. All I get always is assurance that someone will call me back, or Visa is investigating the matter and things will be resolved soon, but I haven't received a single call as yet. And now when I call I'm being told that my statement has been generated and I will need to pay the outstanding which may be reversed once the investigation is complete.

I would like to strongly protest against such a proceedure which put undue pressure on the customer. The transaction of Euro 4, 195 on my card was not done by me and I can prove that I was in Dubai during this transaction and the card was in my possession too. So why do I have to bear the burden of paying for a fraud transaction. I appeal to please look into this matter on top priority as the amount is really big and a customer should not be forced to pay for a fraud transaction.

If the investigation is taking time, I don't mind if the bank blocks that amount from my card or blocks my card completely till the investigation is complete. But please relieve me from the burden of paying such a huge amount while the investigation in on. Once the investigation is complete the decision on the payment can me made. Till then I have an outstanding of around 500 dirhams which I will pay off, but for sure cannot pay for a fraud transaction which I am not aware off. I was also told that if not paid the late payment fees and interest will also be charged which for sure will make it worst. Please look into this issue and sort it out for me as well as for any customers who face similar plight.

I am writing here as I haven't received any feedback from the call centre of FAB and expecting this complain here to be answered positively soon. Your can reach me anytime on +[protected]. Awaiting a quick response from FAB at the earliest.


Ajay John.

Jun 26, 2019

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