Firestone Complete Auto Careunethical behavior

G Aug 15, 2018

I am Glenda Thompson/ 7413 Arbor Hill Dr./ Fort Worth, TX / 817.907.5934. My 2008 Volvo S40 stopped and was towed to the Firestone located at 1001 Bridgewood, Fort Worth, TX. It was diagnosed as needing a fuel pump and catalytic converter at a cost of $2800. I had to wait to save the money for the repairs but eventually gave approval to perform the work the week of 3/19/18. On 3/27/18 I inquired about the status and was told they had trouble locating the part but expected it in the next day and that the job would be completed by 3/28.
3/30 - I received phone message from Perry to contact about the status of my car.
3/31 - Was told that car was on a test drive an shut down. Raw fuel was spewing out and they needed to check out the cause.
4/2 - Called on the status and was told by Don that something transpired with the engine. Coolant had gotten into the engine block and that everything was on hold.
Perry would work on the next course o action.
5/2 - After weeks of no contact, I was asked to come to the shop to discuss and was told that I would need a new engine. There was never a clear reason as to why I suddenly needed a new engine and Perry suggested that the car be scrapped.
Clearly this was not an expected outcome. I am a widow and this was my main car.
The car was in the care of the Firestone and the engine was never the issue yet I am left several months later without the use of my car. It is still parked at the Firestone and I am at a point that I need Firestone to take responsibility for the damage and make things right. I have not sought legal counsel but at this time would like to have the car towed to the Volvo dealership for assessment. I can be reached by phone or email at [protected]

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