Firestone Complete Auto Careinstalled the wrong set of tires

L Aug 15, 2018

Hi my name is Liliana Osorto. I came to one your stores located at 1845 e Rosemeade parkway carrollton tx 75007. I brought my Audi so they can check one of the tires since it has a nail on it, so I decided to drop it off. My husband talked to Richard over the phone and told him we wanted to get 2 tires instead of 1 since it was advised the tire with the nail Is not repairable. My husband was clear and said he wanted the same brand we had which is ToYo. Richard advised they were discontinued but could find 2 of those at another location. Later yesterday we came to pick up the car and spoke to Jeremy Kaplan the store manager and ask him if we could get the good old tire, but he went to look and said they picked them up. After we paid, we went to look at the car tires and we noticed they have put the wrong set of tires firestone brand that we were clear we did not want. We went back inside and let Jeremy know and he was very rude, said that Richard was not here to validate the what we were saying, making us feel as lyers and said he went to the emergency room. We understand and sympathize to the fact he he was not feeling good, but that's why we were trying to ask him the manager to help us instead of giving us an attitude.
He finally said he will see what he can do for us and got the tires we wanted as we have requested since the beginning. He then try to make a smart comment making us feel even worst to not to put 240, 000 miles, to which I said we live in this area and we would not drive much.
We did not appreciate the way he was talking to us and making us feel as lyers. We also did not appreciated you keeping the other good tire. We went to your store because of the great reputation you guys built trough the years by the people who give you business and by the people who work for you as your founder said "Our company is built on people - those who work for us, and those we do business with."
Today I went to take the car back to get the tires I originally wanted and Michael was very nice, I don't understand how you guys give the manager position to a person who does not have customer service skills neither management skills.
We definitely are not coming back to this location neither my family.

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