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Fingerhut reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 19, 2006. The latest review Item was broken was posted on Apr 17, 2021. The latest complaint Product that was never deliver was resolved on Dec 28, 2014. Fingerhut has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 185 reviews. Fingerhut has resolved 29 complaints.

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Fingerhut Complaints & Reviews

Fingerhut — balance never goes down

I charged about 1300 to a Fingerhut account around Christmas of 2016. I returned several pairs of shoes and a...

Fingerhutorder I placed last month

Sad sad business ..I'm a NEW Customer and this is my first andLAST time ordering from here.When I was a little girl my grandmother was a valued customer.She didn't have any problems, and her orders were always correct and good quality Something has dramatically changed over the years. It is not the same. I wouldn't recommend a dog to order from Fingerhut of he could. This company isn't worth anyone hard earned money, or time

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    Fingerhutbad customer service

    I ordered several pieces from Fingerhut .after realizing I ordered the wrong color necklace and ring set I called them to change the color . when I called customer service they told me that I could not change my order...Note I had just made this order an hour earlier and it was on back order and wouldn't make it to me until July 11 . They told me I would have to pay for the item I didn't want and return it to get what I wanted at that Point I ask to speak to manger. They continued to talk if they didn't understand my request for management.Finally when they put me on hold to get management I waited on the phone for 30 min and the phone hung up .I called back and I still didn't get the situation resolved I told them to cancel the entire order due to poor customer service Fingerhut rather lose money than to make their customer Happy such big disappointment.

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      I am so disgusted with fingerhut!!!
      I have contacted two news companies here to tell them about this experience
      I have been trying to contact them for a year to return a broken item
      I was told several times they sent a label but I never received these fake labels they created. I asked to get the label by email and I was told no. I wasted my time contacting the ceo and he got a rep to call me for nothing. The supervisor advised I could send this back and now they don't want to commit to it. This experience has made me ill and it is messing with me. I can't sleep and I am barely eating because this has sickened me so much. I should not have to pay for something I can't use and something I received broken. They are trying to say I shouldve sent in a stop billing but why when I called. This is crap!! If anyone else whats to join in on this lawsuit or discuss this with fox news contact me asap

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        Date of Incident 5/17/2017
        Since we have set up an account with Fingerhut, as everyone else would assume it was fine. We received our product on time, and in great condition. As far as payment, we can never seem to login to our online account. Our email we registered with just magically doesn't exist so we have to call in to make payments. As any normal person we worry about fraud, and identity theft. So we prefer to not give our information to a live person. This evening we had to call in to pay and I spoke with not one but 2 representatives. The first guy i spoke to was very rude, so i called back to speak with someone else. The next lady started out so nice. Verified information. Asked to take my payment and I specifically explained who I was. She was still ok and asked how much and what the card number was. Against my better judgement just to get a payment on our account I gave her the debit card number. The same number that is attached to the account. I asked for no account information or anything. Just trying to give them money. The lady went from stating everything ok to refusing to take my payment. If there was a problem why not say something from the start? Not take all of the information from the amount of payment, card number, expiration date and everything else and not process it. Now I'm worry that we may become victims to identity theft. I felt I was put through to much to be turned down at the end. Just making a payment and nothing else. When people run into experiences like this it make them not want to do business with the entire company because of call agents who represent you. They are the voice of your company and at the moment honestly it doesn't sound good. It's sounds scary and untrustworthy. So please help us. Our desirable resolution is that we just want to make our payments as asked of us.

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          Fingerhutcustomer service billing issues and late fees

          I have had an account w/ fingerhut for 7 months and it has been the worst 7 months of my life. Every single month I go them not billing me or changing my recurring payment status and every month i have to spend hours getting it taken care. You would think they would learn the first time. It took me 4 months to change my billing date from the 10th to the 11th. I have paid 150 in payments but my account is only 73 less then what is was when it started. So I tried reaching out to a supervisor and a rep calls. They are the worst customer service dept in any company, they do not speak english, not that its a bad thing but trying to deal with this it makes it difficult. So I am still dealing with them and I am at the point to either pay it off and spend money I do not have or not pay and let the account go into collections. At this point I am done. I will never suggest fingerhut to anyone ever. Rant over!

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            Fingerhut — fraudulent account

            Someone used my identity to open a fingerhut account . I have disputed this account in all the ways possible...

            Fingerhut — victim of identity fraud

            My tax returns were stolen from my Mom's mail box and since then, I been bombarded with phone calls thi...


            I received a sleep sofa on february 3 ed 2017. Only two people have sat on it. Have not have not slept on it, but the set pillow is already bubbling on the side. This couch is a lot of money (800.00) just getting this product is a bad quality to have the name serta behind it!!! I'm going to see if serta knows this product is not good, I should have no complaints so fast, to early im so not happy at all!!! To much money for this product!!!

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              Fingerhut — return policies / ripoff / terrible service

              I want to start by saying that Fingerhut has got to have the worst return policy ever. I placed an order...

              Fingerhut — somebody is using my information and opened an account with you guys

              My name is Aneudi Ramos and I'm here because somebody is using my information and opened up an account with...


              I contacted Fingerhut about a fraudulent application for credit and I got a police report I faxed it to you guys and I'm waiting for there's someone supposed to be sending me and that the application that was filled out in my name to help with the investigation I've received no application I was referred to another company that apparently is your browser and it says it's an unsecured site so I need the application that was sent to my email for someone to contact me

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                Fingerhut — setup for autopay with min payment... screwed

                I was setup for autopay with fingerhut since I began with them and then a year into it they started DOUBLE...

                Fingerhut — fraudulent hard inquiry on my reports

                Three days ago fingerhut placed a hard inquiry on all my reports. I know for a fact this was not me...

                Fingerhut — account

                Hello I am writing this company to advise you that you opened an account fraudulantly and allowed the theif...

                Fingerhutsafeline plus

                I never signed for safeline plus and have asked to have it removed when asked how much I have paid I was told $1181.45 and the only credit offered was $67.13...on NO that is not acceptable and will not work with me. Then I was told I can NOT call resolutions they will have to call me please I have never heard of such. So now i'm waiting on that call I can not believe this why are they doing this to people!!! I want my money back credit the account so I can be done with it! Thanks for listening..

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                  Fingerhut — alcove sliding shelf media cabinet

                  I ordered a bookshelf from fingerhut nearly two months ago. Since then I've had over six calls and or email...


                  I've ordered something from this website which cost me about $100. Not that expensive. But when I saw the shipping fee I was shocked and immediately contacted customer service and asked them to cancel my order as soon as possible. They said that was impossible because my order was already shipped. They also tried to assure me it was not their fault shipping cost that much.
                  I paid $100 for my entire order and was charged $50 for the shipping! Are you kidding? That is pure robbery! I will never order anything from Fingerhut, their shipping costs are crazy. I'm not ready to pay that much for the delivery.

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                    FingerhutCredit fraud, fraud department malpractice.

                    I received an unauthorized package from fingerhut to where I called to report as a fraudulent transaction. I explained I had never done business with them in the past. My identity has been compromised in the past to where I have an alert setup with all major credit agencies yet they approved this criminal transaction? I vehemently uttered why didn't you call my number or send an email to verify the credit attempt! Now I have to supply an affidavit to prove my innocence! And report this to the credit agencies! Shame on you fingerhut for purposefully having a lax credit system!

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                      • Gi
                        Gina Scott Oct 12, 2020
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Hi! My name is Gina Scott 173 Cherokee Drive Cynthiana Ky [protected] last 4 Social [protected] enclosed documents

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                      • Re
                        Redena Harris Jun 29, 2020
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Here’s my proof of address and Identification

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                      • St
                        strigg30 Apr 06, 2018
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        I have had problems with fingerhut constantly over the last four years. I had paid my account in full with 0 balance. 4 months later my account was reopened, according to their records i changed my email address by one number and changed my address to a town in CA. I am an Illinois resident and have been my whole life. So going through states attorney and attorney general and 4 years of taped conversations, their solution was to credit my account for the charges of the items. After 4 years of interest on price shipping and tax, they are currently stating I owe them 800 dollars. I have the statement before all this happened showing 0 balance with no other purchases except the fraudulent one. I have my credit report showing they closed my account with 0 balance. After four years and obvious fraud and 1 month of constant calls I have heard it all. ne day i spent two hours on phone with them and each time they would say another department needed to assist me i went through fraud billing and customer service. In one phone call i was transferred to each department at least three times with no assistance given. I talked to a supervisor today who said the only reason they creditied at all was because we filed complaint with BBB. Then he proceeded to hang up on me. My fiance does podcasts and was frustrated and asked the supervisor if he would like to have this discussion on his podcast. The supervisor responded by he doesn't react to threats. How is airing a customer service call on a podcast a threat if you arent doing anything wrong. Its free advertisement for a company that is proud of its customer service and policies. Its only a threat if you know what you are doing is disreputable. So the supervisor said everything I ever need to know about this company. As soon as my fiance sets up podcast and uploads all the recordings of our dealings with fingerhut, we will be doing a live call with all info we ever obtained will be there. So in front of 100 thousand unique streamers we will expose this live. we will post link when date is set. We encourage all who are current customers or previous customers that encountered this problem to join in and upload any documents you have of their bad business practices.For information purposes we will be contacting each of the members on bluestem brands board of directors during this podcast. If we can't get a positive exchange we will post their numbers online for the customers to contact them directly.

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                      Fingerhutdefective products

                      Finger Hut sold me a Black comforter at online shopping, the comforter was defective, had 1000 pin holes in it and the stuffing was coming out. They exchanged it for a Grey one and with-in a few months this grey comforter was also defective, cheap, again many, many holes in it, stuffing coming out. I complained again, Finger Hut refused to take this 2nd. comforter back because this was the 2nd. complaint. I had an on-going acct. I paid on time, never late and had a balance of $80.oo left after paying $110. for this cheap piece of crap comforter, I closed my acct. then I see finger Hut lied and put a $144. UN-paid amount on my credit report. I am so up-set Finger Hut can lie to credit agency's and put this right out lie to hurt my credit, I do not owe them $144. and refuse to pay my balance of $80. for a piece of crap comforter. they refuse to except was defective.

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