Fidelity Security Groupemployee

M Jul 08, 2019

I have been an employee of Fidelity Security Services from 19/04/2012 (employee number 1168741). First 4 years I was employed at their head office in Pretoria doing vehicle tracking. Then in 2015 was told the company is restructuring and my post would no longer exist as they will be moving it to head office in JHB. Long story short is that I had to sign a letter that I would no longer be paid a basic salary and had to move to client control for much smaller salary or be retrenched. Being a father I could not sit without a job and signed a letter that I was willing to work for less. Another 3 years passed and then I started getting problems with my pay in December 2018 and January 2019 as I was payed short almost R2000. Proof was submitted that I was paid short and that Fidelity paid the wrong person for those shifts. At this point things already went sour as manager was blaming payroll and payroll was blaming the manager (I still have the emails as proof). I was then told that I had to collect the money from the employee myself which never happened as she flatly refused to give me my money. Needless to say things only went south from thereon and in April 2019 I was told I do not need to report to work anymore as the client where I worked for the last 3 years no longer wants me on site (no reason was given and she denies any part of the their story). So now I am still an employee of the company but I do not get a salary just a blank payslip that states no shifts worked. I did not get my bonus payout or my leave day payout which should have been payed in May already. I am a ghost employee. Final straw was when tried to deduct R600 for a lone that I still owed them last week from my bank account. Please explain how the hell can you deduct money from my account if you do not pay me what is owed to me. Money that I worked for and please do not tell me to go to the office to resolve this matter as I tried that twice already and HR and payroll is never available. I am not going to waste any more of my time trying to fix another persons incompetence. How am I employed for over 7 years with a salary of R0?

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