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wrongful towing of vehicle

my grey Nissan Altima was towed last night. the person over the phone said I wasn't safe listed. this car is registered under my name at my apts on their safe list. I spent the night at another apt. complex and was safe listed there because I knew my car would be there over night. the guy over the phone "larry" said " whoever safe listed you did the wrong night and day" . but that was correct..i was there that night and that day. but because they patrol both complexes and my car is registered here somehow there was a glitch and they said I was not safe listed at my home complex. i tried to explain this to the rep over the phone larry, but he was very rude and didn't want to hear my explanation. i dont understand why the car was towed if it is listed under my name at my apts. if you go into my account this is the vehicle listed as "safe listed and registered" so why would it be towed. the listing for the other apts was to notify the company i would be staying overnight and listed as "visiting". this should have nothing to do with the complex WHERE I LIVE. we did everything correct the way you are supposed to, yet they still towed my car. and no customer support. the guy answering the phone was didn't even let me finish my sentences. all I wanted to do was explain how there was a mistake... YOU TOWED MY CAR FROM MY HOUSE!?????

rental cops

Very lazy! I live in Newport Coast within a gated community and all vehicles must be on a safe list witch my...

phone customer service

I received a voicemail from one of Patrol one representatives last Friday, Jan 12th asking me for a good day/time to arrange for a garage inspection. I never required one since I've living in my complex since 2014 and such inspection was already made back then. When I called patrol one Santa Ana in regards this issue, a secretary (don't know what position) named SABRINA answered. As I was trying to explain my issue she rudely stopped me and said: "I don't take care of this, I am going to transfer you to parking permit and leave a message". I left a message since no one answered and this was the same story for the next few days. When I called again this morning, I told this that every time she transferred me, nobody replies even when I leave messages and that I did not want to risk my car left to tow. SABRINA replied in a very rude an unprofessional way, pretty much she didn't believe that what I was telling was truth. Most times, she wouldn't even explain or apologize for her tone and just cut me off.

I am a home owner with a college education. I have always been on top of my documents and have had an exemplary conduct in my complex. People like SABRINA have absolutely no place for customer service since she fails to acknowledge that thanks for people like myself, she has a job to pay for bills. I would like to see some form of organizational consequence for this lady since I seriously doubt that I am the only person who has had the disgusting experience of her service.

False claims so they can Tow

I am helping a host Mom who was picking up international students studying from China & Japan who were...

Not following procedure

Patrol One is hired to keep our housing association safe. They are also required to provide written...

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Towing of residence cars!

DO NOT USE PATROL ONE!!! As a happy resident of a fun and friendly association, I would NOT recommend Patrol One to ANY association! As a resident of an association, I would believe that Patrol One would sooner or later become familiar with the vehicles that usually are parked in spots. Knowing this, when they happen to come across a vehicle without a pass, one would think they would, as a courtesy to the resident, take a moment to search the vehicle to ensure that the pass did not fall anywhere from the place it "should be" (hanging from the mirror). Not Patrol One. Any chance this company can get, they will tow your car and will NOT work with you even though the pass IS INSIDE THE VEHICLE. The first time my car was towed, my pass must have fallen, because when I went to pay the $238 fee, the pass was laying on the passenger floor. Patrol One and the tow company, Southside Towing, would not let me have my car back EVEN THOUGH MY PASS WAS IN THE CAR. Now, again, I am dealing with the same issue. My car is towed, even though I know my pass is in the car! It must have fallen again on the floor, visible if someone took the courtesy to look before towing it. I called Patrol One, and they stated they are not willing to work with me because "someone has to pay for the tow."

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They will tow your car and are NOT willing to work with you when things happen, such as the pass falling. Our association pays a service to keep our community safe, not to be bullied around by selfish, unhelpful companies such as Patrol One who only want to take your money.

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    getover it Jun 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    It is so sad to see that there is an actual web site created by people that actually live in theses beautiful high end areas. I guess it pays off to be rich since you seem to have all this time to bash not only a company that is hired by your associations to do a job, but the employees that are only getting paid to enforce the rules your board members set and you people just cant seem to follow. One would assume that someone that can afford luxury living is well educated and would know how to read. Guess not. It's sad! Not only are you people throwing hissy fits and whining like babies but your all taking it out on the wrong people. And it is pretty annoying i might add specially since before moving into these homes you are explained of all these ugly rules an regulations. First i reccomend that if you are really that upset, then attend a board meeting. Talk to your board members (you know the ones that set the rules.), 2nd if you are still unsatisfied MOVE! There is no 3r or fourth option. If you are one of the many who has lived at association for years(and use this as an excuse) then you must really enjoy being aggravated or better yet must enjoy aggravating and letting out your frustations on others to make up for you being so bitter. Must be all that money!.. lol. Cmon people get a life, and enjoy it.

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    Gravling Dec 19, 2011

    Southside towing is a bandit outfit, I mean to get my poud of flesh from them Dave and Richard are ###s of the highest magnitude.

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Scam and cheating!

This company issued my truck a citation with out marking that it was 'subject to tow' on several...

Patrol One should be shut down

Patrol One - I think everyone from the owner who is named Bill V. down to the patrol...