Patrol One / BLB Enterprises Complaints & Reviews

Patrol One / BLB Enterprises / rental cops

Apr 02, 2019

Very lazy! I live in Newport Coast within a gated community and all vehicles must be on a safe list witch my brand new car is we did it the second day I brought it home. We have email after email clearly showing this is the Vin. Well the Top Flight Security was to lazy to get out of hi...

Patrol One / phone customer service

Jan 18, 2018

I received a voicemail from one of Patrol one representatives last Friday, Jan 12th asking me for a good day/time to arrange for a garage inspection. I never required one since I've living in my complex since 2014 and such inspection was already made back then. When I called patrol one...

Patrol One / False claims so they can Tow

Jan 23, 2016

I am helping a host Mom who was picking up international students studying from China & Japan who were visiting friends at COLUMBIA APT. IN IRVINE & STANFORD studying at UCI. Because I drive from long beach & am tired before I pick them up in Irvine to take to airport I was told I could...

Patrol One / Not following procedure

Dec 04, 2013

Patrol One is hired to keep our housing association safe. They are also required to provide written notification on vehicles parked in the guest parking area over 72 hours. They have NEVER towed a vehicle before. in fact, they have only towed vehicles left in the red zones. My car wa...

Patrol One / Towing of residence cars!


DO NOT USE PATROL ONE!!! As a happy resident of a fun and friendly association, I would NOT recommend Patrol One to ANY association! As a resident of an association, I would believe that Patrol One would sooner or later become familiar with the vehicles that usually are parked in spot... / Scam and cheating!


This company issued my truck a citation with out marking that it was 'subject to tow' on several occasions, only stating that vehicle was 'not on safe list'. I pick my truck up after paying $240.00 and the citation issued with the paper work now is marked 'subject to tow'.

Patrol One / Patrol One should be shut down

Patrol One - I think everyone from the owner who is named Bill V. down to the patrol drivers are corrupt and are getting paid on the side from the tow companies "kick back" for towing any and all cars. Duane Turner is very rude and seems to have a hand in this matter of...