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Dear Ma'am/Sir,

Hope my complaint finds you well. I am writing to you from Egypt. I have recently bought a brand new Fiat Tipo Sedan Manual, Model 2020. Sadly some unfortunate incident happened, the handbrakes seemed to be sort of weak as I was parking it at college down the building on a very slight slope and I did pull up the handbrakes but not fully. the car slid all by itself, I was not even inside it, and hit the pavement on the other side hard. You can imagine how was my shock to have my car hit by itself three weeks after I purchased it. I rushed to the service center at El-Obour City to assist me as the front bumper was partially damaged and it was even dislocated but the security at college helped tuck it back in. Moreover the car had other several issues, the fifth speed was not operating and the air conditioner was not working properly. When I went there, the specialized engineer took the car off my hands for checking and surprisingly he found all my complaints valid. He did fix the 5th speed ( assuming that the computer was not reading that speed which actually jeopardized my life and family's several times on highways) and he cleaned the ac as he mentioned some impurities were stuck inside . For the handbrakes, I explained it all to him and I even mentioned that the car slid by itself the day before while it was parked down my home and almost hit the car behind it. Those recurring incidents prove that there is something WRONG with the handbrakes. Guess what! He took it and made it way tighter, too hard to pull up, unlike how it was previously. I tried to ask for a compensation the damage done to the bumper, at least they should change it for me. They utterly rejected the proposition and all what they offered is a mere polish to the bumper which was already scratched on several spots, dislocated and there was a visible hole in the bumper. Away from that incident, the car does not seem to operate at its best, the car engine produces a noticeable loud sound and the steering wheel part emits sort of heat sometimes. I lost all trust in the car's safety and efficiency. I am requesting both moral and financial compensation for all the unprofessional treatment I received. The Service Center refused to compensate the damage assuming that there is no manufacture problem, but how on earth should I take the blame for having my car damaged because of the fragile handbrakes which do not suit the heavy weight of the car! How on earth should I bear the loss while I paid all the money I had to buy this car then it gets hit couple of weeks later and I was not even inside it! I do urge FIAT Global to take serious action against the service center where my problem had been underestimated and poorly assessed. I am asking for an exchange of that car which I already received with issues in the first place. Kindly take an action in this pending case as I am getting no where with them here after they took their precautionary actions and fixed the issues. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!

Attached are the front bumper damaged side recent pictures and the service center report with all the problems.

Thank you so much for your time!

Customer Name: Amira Abd-Allah Al-Basiony
Customer Number: [protected]
Complaint Submitted against: Fiat Auto El-Obour Service Center

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Oct 06, 2019

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