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Ferrellgas of Minnesota and North Dakotaprice gouging & harrassment - residential propane

We were Suburban Propane (Fargo, ND) customers in 2001 and were happy with their propane service. Approximately in 2004 they were purchased by Ferrellgas. Although we live in Minnesota the Grand Forks, North Dakota office of Ferrellgas was the supplier and answered our calls for customer service. We had a "keep full" contract for propane and also had "locked in" the propane price. The truck would fill our tank in the coldest month and charge us market rates instead of honoring our contract. When my husband would call and ask what happened to our contract, the lady in customer service was always rude to him and then would look up our account and tell him, oh yes she remembered it was a contract and would recalculate the bill. This happened with every bill we received. Finally my husband had enough when they started adding fees for "tank rental" besides all the other fees already in the bill. He contacted a local propane company and with their help purchased a propane tank and they came and fixed it so we could continue to use the propane in the Ferrellgas tank that we had already paid for.
There is alot more to this than I have time to write. I am in the process of filing a complaint with the attorney general. Funny thing, when we disputed our last bill ( of course it was the wrong amount again) they told us we didn't have a contract and we had to pay the market price. We left a balance due and wrote 3 or 4 letters disputing it. Finally, the headquarters office of customer service called and said they would have the "local" office contact us. The same rude lady that my husband has been dealing with for 4 years called and was telling me that my husband was rude and would never let her talk. And she is not in charge of sending out contracts to customers and she has no idea that we wrote letters to Ferrellgas. She put her supervisor on the phone and to "keep" us as customers he would offer us a contract for propane at $1.99 for the whole year. Yet he would not adjust our past due bill under $2.27. So if you threaten to leave the company they offer you a contract and a great rate but if you are a customer you get overcharged and they never send you a contract. The new propane supplier tells us he has alot of ex-Ferrellgas customers and they all basically say the same thing happened to them.

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    • Go
      golfsnownut Feb 12, 2010

      I am located in Bismarck, ND. Yes, Ferrellgas has been ripping their customers off. They just lost my business yesterday after they came out to fill my 1000 gal and 250 gal tanks and charged me $2.88 per gal which shocked me. After few phone calls to different gas suppliers, they are between $1.80 and $1.84 so I paid the manager a visit to dispute the charge. She said she can adjust the price down to $2.29 and no more. I inquired about the tank purchases and bought the tanks from them for 975 dollars and requested the delivered propane to be pumped out so I can call other supplier to fill our tanks. Few hours later she emailed me that regional manager approved the adjustment to match the local supplier at $1.80 so they would not have to come out to pump the propane out of our newly purchased tanks...That was not first time they tried the price gouging with me. I have had complained last few times with them. My last word to their manager was to keep counting the customers they lose!

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    • Er
      Eric Aasmundstad Jan 27, 2010

      The same thing happened to me in Devils Lake ND and I just paid it last winter this year I have called to complain and tried to get a contract and they say they are sending one in the mail and it never comes and they filled me 2 weeks ago and charged $3.44 and I called another supplier and it was $1.79. As soon as the weather and snow piles cooperate I am telling them to come and get their tank and will buy from someone else.

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    • Li
      L in Illinois Oct 28, 2008

      I'm almost afraid to start shopping propane companies. I am currently with Ferrell Gas but everytime they fill my tank the driver says "yea, prices are jumping it went up $1.oo from yesterday." My response was why didn't you fill it yesterday and he just laughs. This same conversation has played out over the last three years.

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    • Ma
      Matt Oct 27, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I'm a resident of south Florida. Almost the exact same thing has happened to us. My tank was old when I purchased my home in 2002. We continued to use a different gas company until they became unreliable. Then we switched to a different co. until again we had problems receiving gas on time. For four years that was the only problem we had. Then we switched to Ferrell gas. When we started with them they seemed professional. Then they started asking for payment before filling our tank instead of billing us. Then after two years they tried to start charging us for tank rental. We have had the exact same problems with theyre represenatives. The woman working there told us that it was her word against ours and if we didnt pay rental on our own tank we could not receive gas. She refused to allow either my wife or myself to talk to anyone else. No supervisor/owner anyone. Perhaps this is company policy and we should look into a class action suit. I just want you to know, Youre not alone.

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    Ferrellgas/propane gasripping off michigan, just like arkansas

    Arkansas Attorney General Jusing McDaniels is filing suit against Ferrellgas under deceptive trade practices. Ferrellgas is doing the same thing in Michigan to customers that they did to customers in Arkansas that prompted the suit.

    I received AN INVOICE from FERRELLGAS for $150.00 for NOT USING ANY of their propane during the [protected] heating season!!! I never agreed to their 23 page "master agreement" that they claimed to have sent me that I never received. Now, evidently, they can change exuberant fees and if you are a customer, you have to abide by their unilateral decisions.

    Anyone in Michigan who has been cheated by Ferrellgas needs to contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Michigan Attorney Generals office. Several customers across Michigan already has. I am awaiting to see what AG Mike Coxx will do with our complaints against FERRELLGAS. If you want to know what I am dealing with, do a google search for "Arkansas Attorney General files suit against Ferrellgas". It has happened not just in Arkansas and Michigan, but other states as well.

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      • Pa
        Paula Eek-Waybill Mar 31, 2014

        The same exact thing has happened to my husband and I. We kept getting bills that said $500 credit, so we did not pay. Now in March they are saying they need $800 immediately and no more scheduled refills. WTF! What if I had small children? Anyways, I will take your advice and not only report to the BBB but Federal Trade Commission and the Michigan Attorney Generals office as well.

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      • Gg
        GGBSwcrk Dec 12, 2009

        If you choose to use Ferrellgas as your propane provider I can only suggest that you read every single word written on every piece of paper that they send you. They have been my provider for 10 years, and during that time I've always used their Auto Bill service, whereby they charge a set amount every month. When you have an account set up like that, they send you the exact same billing statement every month. In the AMOUNT DUE block, the words "Auto Pay" are displayed, and the first sentence in the fine print in the center of the bill reads "Auto Pay - Do Not Pay Amount Due". When you receive the exact same billing statement every month for years you get lazy and when the first sentence of the fine print says "Do Not Pay Amount Due", you believe it. DON'T.

        Three times over the past 10years they screwed up my auto pay billing, and instead of contacting me to fix (their mistake), they just let it go for several months, then removed me from the auto pay program and sent me a bill for $1k+, due immediately. Oh, and the bulk rate I had initially agreed to in the spring was now double. In going back over my bills, all of which said "Do Not Pay Amount Due" as the first sentence of the fine print, several sentences down is a single sentence indicating that the account is past due. Should I have read through the fine print that looked exactly like the fine print of every other statement I got from them? Yeah, probably. Would it have made any difference when the first sentence says "Do Not Pay Amount Due"? Probably not...at least for the first 2 months or so.

        The first time this happened I just paid them and didn't think much about it. I had other things to worry about, I gave them some money, they shut up, and all was right with my world. The second time this happened was right before Christmas, and coming up with the cash was somewhat problematic, but the prospect of not having heat for my family going into a MI winter was a motivating factor, and I managed to come up with the cash to shut them up. This balance was paid in 12/08. I went to their Howell office, some 20 miles away to make this payment, and stood right there to make sure that they had the account info correct for the following month. I asked "Now this is the last time I'm going to have to do this, right? The account information is correct, and the Auto Pay is in place, right?" I was assured that, as I stood there in front of them with all of the correct account information, that the billing would not be screwed up again. I received my January statement, read every word, and everything was good. They accessed the account and billed it correctly with my Auto Pay. Problem solved. Again. I received a fill in April (per their "Keep Full" program), and in May I noticed in the fine print that my account was past due AGAIN. I started pulling statements and bank records, and sure enough, the January billing was the last time they correctly billed my account. So again, I was removed from the Auto Pay and Keep Full programs, and oh yeah, the bulk price I agreed to no longer applied, and the fill I got in April about double what I agreed to. And oh yeah, I now owed them $1k+ again, due immediately.

        When pressed about why they weren't doing their job and billing correctly, they said it was my job to make sure that they do their job correctly. I was also told that it was policy to stop the Keep Full program running after the bulk pricing was discontinued to ensure that I didn't go without heat...in April...less than 4 months after my last fill...though of course it would cost MORE THAN DOUBLE what I agreed to. All of this while receiving statements that looked just like every other statement I've received over the past 10 years with the phrases "AUTO PAY" and "Do Not Pay Amount Due" prominently displayed, and their screwed-up book keeping several lines down in the fine print.

        After reporting them to the BBB, they agreed to reinstate the Auto Pay, which would of course be adjusted to reflect the payments that I had "neglected to make". Of course, they refused to even do this before the BBB complaint was filed. And they still refused to let me in on any bulk pricing agreements as I had missed that window when I had "neglected" to pay my bills...that said "Do Not Pay Amount Due" on them.

        Far be it from me to accuse anyone of anything in public, but what happens every time they screw up the Auto Pay on a customer's bill is this; They get all of their money for the year within a few months, can remove you from any bulk pricing agreements and (in my case) more than double the per gallon price, and can get one last fill in at the new price without you really knowing what's going on.

        Ferrellgas is not the only game in town, and will not get another cent from me.

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      • Ab
        abinmi Apr 07, 2009

        It is about time that we all start screaming to the Attorney General about Propane Gas Supplier practices. My neighbor and I both use Ferrellgas and she consistently pays more than I do. I price propane annually. She has been with them for 30 years. Just typical of people getting complacent and trusting the company to do the right thing. We need to unite, get newspapers and legal authorities behind us and fight this scam. Every company has different rules, prices, etc. This should not be. I consider Propane as infrastructure, just like natural gas. It is a necessity, not a luxury. Furthermore, some rural folk tend to be unsophisticated and fearful of their gas company, therefore accepting anything thrown at them.

        This year, 2009, they are now trying to get us to lock in in April. In prior years this decision is usually made in late August, when there is time to see where the market is going. We are not trained commodity traders - they are. They should be getting the best possible deals for their customers and I don't believe they are.

        Ferrellgas uses the most outrageous billing system I have ever seen. They should be indicted for that alone. It is impossible for the average person to make heads or tails of their billing system.

        I have switched companies 3 times in 4 years and will switch again if I have to.

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      • Ja
        James Apr 05, 2009
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I have a similar experience.

        Ferrellgas, or Ferrell Gas, charged me $2.54 a gallon for the contract amount of propane, but then jacked the price up to over $4 a gallon for those gallons over the contracted amount. At the time they were charging me over $4 a gallon, the retail price from competitors ranged from $1.79 to $2.10.

        When I called to complain about the price, they told me tough, that is that way it is. So I told them to please not fill my tank anymore, and that I would be purchasing a tank from a competitor- I first asked if they would sell me the existing tank, and they refused.

        A day after I told them I was buying a tank on my own, they called me back and offered to lower the price from over $4 a gallon, to $2.14 a gallon.

        I said thank you for agreeing to sell me at $2.14, I would agree to that, but please do not fill again- because I am tired of your company's predatory pricing policies. I will find a company that doesn't play such games.

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      • To
        Todd Palmatier Jul 30, 2008
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        This is a letter that I am sending to Ferrellgas after just receiving there "Master Agreement for Propane Sales and Equipment rental. I found this web site while looking up their Michigan address. Here my response to them . . . .
        July 30, 2008

        7500 College Blvd.
        Suite 1000
        Overland Park, Kansas 66210

        To Whom It May Concern:

        This is in regard to your recent letter attached dated July 18, 2008.

        Per your letter,

        I have not chosen Ferrellgas as my propane provider!

        I have not conducted business with Ferrellgas for at least two years and have no intentions of ever doing business with you again.

        Your recent letter is another example of your inability to conduct business with any amount of accuracy. This is a misguided commutations and one more of the many reasons why I stopped doing business with Ferrellgas. Your invoices, correspondents and my payment credits were constantly incorrect, not posted or never received. This latest correspondence after several years of not doing business with Ferrellgas is additional proof that there is something seriously wrong with the way you conduct business.

        You were dropped as my provider of propane due to poor business practices, and obviously you still haven’t gotten it correct after two years of no business from this customer.

        I am not a customer of Ferrellgas and demand that this type of harassment is stopped! Remove me from any and all mailing list and stop sending me erroneous correspondents implying that I am a customer of Ferrellgas.


        Todd Palmatier

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      FerrellGas — price gouge, harassed to leave!

      Some time ago, I converted from an electric heat system to a forced air propane. I contracted with a...

      FerrellGas fraud and cheating!

      This company is the worst ever! After they failed to show up for an emergency service, when their tank was leaking I canceled my account. I asked them to pick up their tank and was told there would be a charge to pick up their own tank! The reason was that they don't charge to deliver but do charge to pick up. I explained that the tank was on my property when I purchased the home and was told I would not be charged the 85.$ pick up fee. After they finally showed up after one on call no show and no return calls from the office, Then I got a statement for 166.61! I cannot get any one in this company to return my calls or fix there overcharge! I never agreed to this policy and refuse to be bullied into paying unfair charges! Do not use Ferrellgas unless you like getting riped off!

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        • Me
          mercychaplet Mar 03, 2014

          Get on the Mo. Attorney General's site and file a complaint, and state exactly what you stated here, do it!

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        Ferrellgas Three Bridges, N.J.completely unreliable!

        Ever since we made a new account with this company we would have to call to get our gas tank filled, which was okay with us. The problems began shortly after during the summer of 2004 when we called up and did not come for 2 or 3 weeks until we called again. So at least twice a year we have to boil water to take showers because we would call, the gas runs out and they won't come.

        A week ago, after waiting 3 weeks for delivery, a new driver came and told us that we need our tank moved away from the door and the AC machine and that they wouldn't fill the gas after it's moved. The was already spent, so I called the local office and the latest the could've come to move the tank was today Wednesday (about 5 days after they driver came).

        I called this past Monday to confirm that they were coming, you never know with these people, and they said they were going to. I called today to see if they were still coming and and the lady said the truck broke down just a few minutes before. That's okay she said she would have to re-schedule for tomorrow, and i asked if our house will be a priority because it was schedule since last week but she didn't understand my question. I asked if she understood what I was trying to tell her and she said that she did, she said that I demanding for someone to take any truck and come over and move the tank.

        They said that it's a code in NJ that you can't have the gas tank close to the AC so all of these years drivers that are apparently trained put our house at risk. is that negligence?

        What was irritating is that she stands behind such unreliable company, she would be the one who would have to shower with pots and cans she would understand our frustration.

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          • Pa
            Paul Bennett Jan 16, 2009

            I can identify with the folks in N.J. Ferrellgas has been less than helpful addressing my complaints, to the point where I believe its almost criminal. The customer service is non existant from the Kansas City, Mo. office and I have been told one thing and had the opposite happen on three occassions.

            Not long ago, I ordered gas from Ferrell. I was told the price was $3.39 gal, plus state tax of 8%. When I questioned why the tax was not included, as I have not had this happen before, Ferrellgas had no good answer. I also asked why the high cost since gasoline had come down at that time to about $2.50 gal. Again, I got no good answer. I then called a competitor, and the price they quoted me was $2.69 gal with taxes included. And on top of that, tank rental was $50 less per year!

            When I called Ferrellgas and informed them of the difference and requested they match it, I was told they would call me back. Well, that never happened. I then kicked Ferrellgas to the curb and told them to get their equiptment, and went with Enderby Gas. Not only is the service local, but they do not charge a termination fee, pickup fee or low/non usage fee. I wonder how Ferrellgas can stay in business with practices like these.

            Since then I have learned from numerous previous Ferrellgas customers about the highway robbery tactics used on them as well. The awesome thing is the local Ferrellgas office in Denton, Tx has noone to run it. Im hoping this is from everybody bailing on them. I pray they will continue to fold like a deck of cards in the wind and go out of business.

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          FerrellGas unauthorized delivery & lp charges!

          We had called this company and told them we were changing gas companies and not to bring us anymore gas. We would contact them when we got down to 10% so they could pick up their tank. We told them we would not be participating in their lock-in price contract, a full 2 weeks before the end date. They went ahead and filled up our tank anyway and are now trying to make us pay for the gas and the $36 lock in fee, that we told them we did not want. Now, this has totally messed up our plans for the new gas company we planned to go with. So far, 3 phone calls to the company haven't been returned. I called immediately upon finding the bill hanging on my doorknob (they filled the tank when weren't home), and have called several times since then and have been told each time that someone from our local office would contact us to resolve this problem, but have not heard one word from them. They delivered the gas 2 weeks ago. I called them on June 13, 2007 and told them not to bring more gas as we were changing companies.

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            • Si
              Silhouette Oct 31, 2018

              Enrolled 3/2017 # [protected]. enrolled in autopay however not implemated by FG computer system so I payed online. In May I paid 2 pmts so in June said prior month 0 and current month (June - due WRONG!! No pmt made in July. Their system then said we were deliquent . In addition 2 Deliveries were made November 23, 2017 and Jan 31, 2018 impossible!!!

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            • Me
              mercychaplet Mar 03, 2014

              File a complaint with the Mo. Attorney General; get on their site and do it!

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