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J Dec 02, 2018
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My husband and me came inside the restaurant and odered our food, went and got our pop and waited. They brought our food out and I asked if they could bring us some silverware since there was none and the server said sure. So we waited about 20 minutes and nobody came so my husband went up and asked about the silverware and she said oh sorry there is none because we didnt have a washer tonight and we been busy all day. So they told him there was some plastic silverware to the side of the counter and he got it and brought it back. Of course by this time my and his food is nice and cold so I kept telling a server here a server there about this and they said ok we will let the manger up
front know. While we waited I kept asking for bread sticks and finally after about 20 minutes we got 4 bread sticks. So we waited, waited, waited and finally my husband went up and asked who the manger was and can she please come to our table. She comes up to our table and says she was never told anything about what we were telling her, by this time its been almost 2 hours. She tells us well if I would have knowen I would have warmed your food back up. We let her know about the breadsticks, silverware, and the cold food and she said again im sorry and if I would have knowen I would have warmed your food up. So we asked her name and she said Hallie, not sure if thats true because she had no name tag on and when we asked about that she said mangers dont wear name tags. We asked for corporates number and she said sure I'll go get that for you. So we waited, waited, waited and finally my husband and me went up asking for the number . This Hallie would not come back out to give us any information or number. I asked and watched different workers going in the back asking her to come talk to us and give us the information and she refused to come out or give us any number. Very disappointed in the treatment and service we received and the nonchalant attitude like oh well who cares if you had no utensils, food was cold, and you waited for breadsticks and was continually ignored.

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