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Fancy - Registration as a seller

Good evening,

I just found out that Fancy has been charging me 261, 69€/month (for the last 3 months)... I would like to know why? Because I only signed up as a seller and never ever put nothing online nor sold anything.

On your terms, I don't see anywhere that you charge a fee just for being on the website right?

Number 7 of your terms:

"j. There is no fee for registering to sell on the Site or Applications. The fees for sales processed via the Site or Applications are deducted from any final payments transferred to Sellers. We may, in our sole discretion, waive, reduce, or reverse charges or fees for a specific transaction."

I only see that you charge a percentage for each sale... I never sold anything at Fancy... So how can this be possible?

What are you charging me for?

I want this subject taken care of imediatly.


Jan 27, 2016

Fancy - Fancy is awful!

This company is horrible! I bought a present for my boyfriend. I received the confirmation email and my tracking number. Few weeks later I received a message from Fancy stating my package was delivered. But I did not receive anything. I contacted Fancy customer service and was told they'll contact me later. Several days passed and I heard nothing from Fancy. So I contacted them again but there was no response. I tried to call customer service many times but no one ever answered my call. Two weeks later I finally received an email from them stating that the item I ordered was out of stock. I was told that they cannot send me a replacement. Then, instead of refunding me, they only gave me giftcard. In addition, whole that time I was in contact with FedEx, and they could not find my package either. When I called my credit card company, they could not cancel my charge because of the giftcard. Worst experience ever!