Fairfield Inn and Suitesemployment


Hello my name is Vontae Jones and I was a employee at the Fairfield inn Marriott in Charlotte Nc off of Harris corners park way. I just Got fired on Thursday October 13. I Got me a lawyer too help me look in to the situation. I am concerned not just for me. But future employees. I was told last week that one of the fuser stated I have stolen items out the room. Okay we talk about that. So the general manager name Julie
Said that he was going too file a complaint and investigate. I was okay with that. They search employees carts. But their was police called too the hotel. I hate been accused of stealing. So I was off 2 day's which was Tuesday and Wednesday. And then I come in on Thursdays. She said she had 2 more complaints. That guests said thing's was stolen. Now you can see we're I'm confused. So we had the talk last week. About that one situation. So she was like we half too let you go because thing's we're. Missing out of rooms. I was never written up about any off this. So I'm confused and up set. The police was never called too the hotel. And their was no charges been filed. So I said I going too get me a lawyer too look into this.

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