Exxon Mobil Corporationpricing fraud

J Aug 01, 2019

Last week I went into this gas station and bought a pack of Marlboro Special Select 100 lights. I was delighted to see they had the 50 cents off coupon on the front and was sold them and given the discount no problem.

Last night, 7/31/19 at about 9:15 pm I walked in and asked for Marlboro Special Select 100 lights again. I could see the packs with the 50 cents off coupon on the cigarette wall behind the woman at the counter.

She proceeded to pull a pack without the discount from above the cash register, not visible to customers.

I politely asked if I could have the pack on from the cigarette wall behind her with the coupon with a smile expecting her to oblige.

She said, "I told told not to sell those. They are for display only."

I calmly said, "That's silly, they are the ones on display. You can't show a discounted product to the customer and then refuse to sell it to them and instead sell them the full price product hidden from view!"

She said, "Nope. Can't have them. They are for display only'."

I said, "but I purchased a pack the other day in here and they gave them to me without me even asking."

She still refused. I made the purchase anyway but regret it. I was fuming about it all night, on the principle of it, not the 50 cents.

That is pricing fraud and I will never purchase anything, including gas from ANY mobile station again.

I tried to call the station today twice to see if a manager would stand behind the statement of his employee that she was told she could not sell the discounted item on display. The phone rang and rang and no one ever picked up.

I think Mobile seriously needs to look into the practices of this station as they are pure fraud at the most and very poor customer service at the least.


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