Extenzeonly people getting off is pedafiles on your sick ads

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Are you guys serious??? How much further are you going too take this stupid sick ad??? How about coming up with a new pill that makes little kids (watching your sick ads) colones open up wide so pedafiles can abuse them? Honestly you sick minded f.. Ks you must not have one gram of compassion for the little kids that have no choice but to catch a veiw of this sick ad and 100 to 1 have tried it already themselves. Your f... Ing sick


  • Em
    Emily Feb 18, 2009

    These extenze tv commercials are getting way out of line. First, they were broadcast during late hours, now they are on during the day and primetime. I was sitting in the living room with my family watching tv on a Sunday afternoon, when thier ad came on. I mean it is so uncomfortable to watch these ads in front of your preteen nieces and nephews and your parents, especially your dad, who also gets very uncomfortable. I mean who wants to watch with your family members about a p**** getting larger and thicker.

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  • Fe
    fef1977 Mar 15, 2009

    I'm sick and tired of it. There's so many complaints on the internet now about these ads. Its on every channel at least 20 times a day. I can't watch anything without that stupid c*** on there. Why not just advertise dildos and blowup dolls. None of that stuff should be on during the day time and weekends. Lets just put the commercial right in the time slot of church services too on Sunday. Nothing worse than watching a church service than right at commercial break a commercial for extenze. They should be ashamed of themselves. The FCC needs to silence these idiots. Not only the commercials too, but they are scamming everyone with the trial. They won't cancel the automatic shipment so people that cancel are still paying for it. If they even receive it. Google it. Lawsuits anyone?

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  • Sb
    SBG Mar 26, 2009

    What does this have to do with pedaphiles? They do run the commercials a lot, but please understand what a pedaphile is, and learn to spell it.

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  • Pa
    Patcasey Apr 18, 2009

    I have two pre-teens that view this awful tastless commercial at least ten times a day while watching thier favorite kid show. What can we do (short of bagging the filth who produce it) to file a complaint? If we give people the names, addresses and phone numbers of the filth maybe they might see the light. Let me know, I'm willing to help in any capacity.

    Patrick Casey

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  • Ru
    Ruby Apr 19, 2009

    I hate seeing those disgusting commercials and I feel they should be taken off the air. GROSS! AND SO ANNOYING. I change the channel each time I see it come on now.

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  • Tr
    TransAmGuy Apr 30, 2009

    How about you realize that these commercials are a medication so they should be allowed on the tv and also it's our right to be able to advertise it. Trying to take these off the air is a stupid idea, just like banning cigarette commercials. We're not allowed to have smoking commercials but we're allowed to have anti-smoking commercials. Thats so stupid. If you don't like your kid seeing the commercial a bunch of times during the day, how bout you tell them to stop being lazy and go outside and play some. Something kids don't know how to do these days. Pedophiles have nothing to do with these commercials, so whoever said that is an idiot. Plus if you're uncomfortable watching these commercials while family is around then change the channel when it comes on. As for being on tv during the day and afternoon, a lot of adults watch tv during the day or work night shifts so they watch tv during the day. People should shut up and stop complaining about these little things in life when there are so many other things that they should be worried about for themselves and their loved ones.

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  • Ch
    chamberz Jun 05, 2009

    The ads are Sick! And the FREAKS that are on them should be ashamed!

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  • Ma
    Marie Jun 09, 2009

    I am no prude but my God, I'm tired of seeing the sniveling man and the phony skank on every channel!!!

    Hey, Burt Reynolds - wanna-be (TransamGuy), this snake oil is NOT medication. Why don't you go beat yours on a tree? with you line of (stupid) logic, why don't we show commercials for hemorroid medicine and someone sticking a "silver bullet" up their ### - - but then you'd probably like that!

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  • Vi
    viktor1014 Nov 01, 2009

    its annoying as hell! im tired of it...tv sucks now

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  • 52
    524872 Jul 31, 2010

    This [censor] made my dick so big it exploded at the supermarket all over some litle kids face. Then i got arrested for being a peedufule and now im in jail telling you all about it. They are still sending me my not free trials in prison. I trade them to big angry men for cigarettes and lack of cornholing.

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