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I have recently booked a vacation with expedia. Ca to disney world, figuring that I got a good deal and how hard could it be? Boy was I wrong! There have been nothing but miscommunication, delayed responses and worst of all very rude customer service people. I have been treated and spoken to by a "customer service person" like I did not have any comprehension of the english language and helping me was a waste of her time. I have lodged an e-mail complaint and have spoken to a manager, only to hear nothing... Not even a sorry.

I have been told different things about my package, i. E... Yes, I have the park passes included, no, you do not. And when you e-mail then about a problem do not be in a hurry to hear back from them if you ever do. It is not that I am a picky person, nor do I need to be coddled, but I don't wish for anything to go wrong with my $4,000.00, week vacation either.

So my advice, be very cautious when booking with expedia... I will never do it again.


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May 06, 2022 11:46 am

I will never use this company again because you cannot get a hold of anybody in customer service and all I wanted was request information so I can print my bill. All the bogus 800 numbers they give you will not connect to a live person whatsoever. On top of that they gave me a rate that was $30 higher per night than what the hotel I stayed at would’ve offered me if I had to call them directly. Expedia is a company rip off don’t use it

Mar 21, 2022 6:56 pm

Expedia screwed me again. I prepayed and then they won't refund the whole reservation. So don't use them for travel plans. Buyer beware. Expedia sucks.

Sep 11, 2018 4:38 pm

I will never book with Expedia again. I bought tickets with travel insurance. Latter stated clearly 100% refundable through Travel Guard. When I had to cancel I found out that the “small print” limited cancellation to medical emergencies. Lesson learned.

Apr 16, 2010 5:09 am

I booked a reservation using Expedia for a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express in Pocomoke City. I was told I would receive an email confirmation with the hotel information. I never received an email from Expedia. When we arrived to the hotel, we found that Expedia had gotten our arrival date incorrect and we had already been charged $189 for two rooms. We had to pay again for the correct dates. When I contacted Expedia about their mistake, they would only give a refund of $33. Please don't use Expedia - call the Hotel directly if at all possible. This has been the worse experience ever. I will never use an outside company again to book any type of reservations.

Sep 01, 2008 2:40 am

Expedia sent me a notice that my flight had changed, which was fine. However, I have been receiving copies of this message for the past 5 hours every 6 minutes! I have called twice, and written their support staff several times and so far nothing has been done and all I am getting is the run around. My e-mail is getting flooded with this repeated message and they have not yet fixed it. I will never use them again. So yes, I am a very pissed off consumer. This seems like it would be an easy problem to fix yet no one has.

Aug 08, 2008 5:56 am

I purchased a ticket for my daughter from expedia. It is a round trip ticket from Beijing, China to JFK and then to Baltimore Washington airport for January 25th with a return flight on March 17th. I sent the ticket registered mail. It went out on Dec. 5th and according to the USPS arrived in Beijing on Dec. 13th at 8:26 a.m. My daughter has yet to receive her ticket. She actually called and went to the post office where they told her NO SUCH CLAIM/TICKET NUMBER EXISTED AND THAT NOTHING WAS EVER SENT OR RECEIVED. I have contacted the USPS and after 5 1/2 hours of being jerked around, have filed for a international investigation. I was told it would take 60 days before I would hear anything. I called EXPEDIA and asked if they could confirm the ticket for Air China/American airlines and convert it to an E-TICKET. They refused. The only person who can use that ticket is my daughter, with her passport, her visa, her identification. Air china has confirmed that there is a s eat, her name, etc. EXPEDIA tells me to file for a lost ticket application with air china. AIR CHINA says I must pay for a second ticket, which is really the first ticket, and then WHO? is going to reimburse me? I am so fed up with the run around. EXPEDIA says NOT I; Air china says NOT I... and the USPS? who knows. I need help immediately. I must do something to get my daughter home. Any help or suggestions?

Jul 29, 2010 9:10 am
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Be aware that does not truthfully tell you everything about this certain booking at this Hotel. WE spent most of the night trying to straight this out with only to be hung up on, and told their was nothing they could do. They did after everything was said and done gave us a 25 dollar voucher when we use again. Like that will happen. Everything they told me was a embellished except for the location. I had to pay extra for everything. So really, I could of stayed at a 4 star hotel on my own booking, not using them. Don't trust them. Don't know how they swing this, but they tell you exactly what you want to hear and make you think they are doing you a favor. I just stayed at the worst Hotel/motel what ever in my entire experience dealing with accomadations, and I am a professional traverler. But this was an emergency and had to get to a loved one that was very ill. and the hotel seems to be together on the ongoings of overchargin for this one night stay, you should be ashamed. Working people look for help from sites like yours, and to treat anyone like the stay we had in terrible to say the least. People look elsewhere before thinging about this one.

Jun 28, 2008 4:59 am

I purchased a ticket yesterday for my husband to come home from seeing family outta state. After getting my confirmation code that the transaction was approved they gave me his itinerary #. This morning he went to the airport to check in and was told that had canceled the trip. After calling expedia and holding several times including over a half hour for a supervisor I was told if I have a complaint then go to the website and email my complaint. They could no longer help unless I want to buy another ticket. WHY WOULD I DO THAT WHEN THEY CHARGED ME FOR ONE ALREADY! Now I am outta the money and he is still outta state.

Aug 26, 2016 1:49 am

Going to NM in July. Booked plane and car t hrough Priceline Apr 28 and hotels through EX. Four nights at three DIFFERENT hotels. Got confirms and because i had neer had trouble and because we weren't traveling til Ju, i didn't open them immediately. Few days later when i was to print them, I opened them and I had been booked for eleven nights at one hotel, six nights at another and one night (wrong date) at another----ALLl int he wrong month and overlapping.. La quinta and Ex DID refund the six night reserve, but Best West in Taos and Expedia are refusing to refund the 1200.00 I have been billed for the eleven nights . BW says it's up to Ex and Ex says if BW won't budge they won't. There WAS a computer malfunction because the Priceline reserves made at the same time went through just fine, and having done this a lot, I DO know how to make reserves..

Aug 15, 2016 6:18 am
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We made reservations for a hotel that was supposed to have 2 queen sized beds. We paid $166 expecting that we would have two beds. When we got to the hotel they said our room only had one queen bed. Expedia's code that they used was for a one queen room. After we got back from our trip I called and complained to Expedia. They tried getting out of it by saying that it was some issue with the room description. That isn't my problem, I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistake. Expedia finally agreed to put a $25 credit on our account. I believe we should have got money off of our room and then some for this inconvenience.

Aug 04, 2016 5:17 am

I had booked total 8 flight tickets on 12th june 2014 through (6 Tickets Itinerary [protected] & 2 Tickets Itinerary [protected]).

I had booked the tickets for fly on 26th december 2014 from Bangkok & return on 28th december 2014 from Phuket. But the flight dates has been changed to 26th November & 28th November respectively from 26th December & 28 December.

I am 100% sure that I had selected 26 December & return 28 December (not 26 November & return 28 November).

If I have done the mistake then please note, a man can commit a mistake once not twice. Addition to this, Whenever I make booking my 18 years old son sits next to me to double check the dates & amount etc. so 2 persons cannot make the same mistakes at a time.

I have booking of Mumbai Bangkok Mumbai from 24 December to 1 January 2015, so how can I book Bangkok Phuket Bangkok on 26 November ?

I am sure, it was 26 December from Bangkok & 28 December from Phuket.

When i contact & lodged a complaint under the case ID [REQ:M-7670329](6) they simply replied -

[Please be informed that any change made to Air Asia Flight, there will be penalty fee and additional charge;however, please contact us via phone regarding this inquiry.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.]

Again i wrote them & request to take this seriously they replied -

[Please be informed that your issue has been escalated to involved higher department.We will get back to you once we receive an update from them.

Once again apologize for the inconvenience caused.]

Again after n numbers of reminders they replied -

[Please be informed that we have check on the system and the system has no errors while you make the reservations. Kindly, refer to the attache files ].

Now after this incident I have google about expedia & I have shocked to see numbers of scams & bad reviews against them.

In the last, today I replied them through mail...


Sorry to say that but it was not pleasure to read your last mail about my case which was not handled properly. I have gone through your attachments & even taken advice from an advocate who practice in Supreme Court in India to look into all the legal aspects before going to take further actions.

This is my humble request that please look into this once again & sort out this matter at this level otherwise I would have no other option left except to escalate this case to DEPARTMENT OF CYBER CRIME IN INDIA.

I have even contacted to private agencies who look after consumer rights in India as well as in US at Aviation Consumer Protection Division where my co passenger & their children stay {whose (incorrect) booking were also there with me in this same itinerary through your site only}.

This is completely your website's fault & this is a case of incorrect booking as I am sure I had booked for 26 December while you booked for 26 November. Even after the completion of booking process I had checked, & it was showing the travel date was 26 December. Then suddenly what happened ?

I was even shocked to see that your site was charging more lesser amount then what the airline (AirAsia) was charging on that particular day. I should have checked before booking about your scams & bad reviews on various sites. Please google about your company scams & reviews.

Still I am looking to sort out this issue in healthy atmosphere otherwise lets see what happens !

Waiting for your early & sensible reply.


Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

My husband and I wanted to use our credit card miles toward our airline tickets and rental car so after I booked our tickets (4 ea)and rental, I called to confirmed within 24 hrs what I saw on our itinerary: "(Mastercard####) Payment $1527.60" as a lump sum charge. The Customer Service Rep told me she couldn't bill the rental car and tickets together, but the ticket prices would be billed on my credit card as one amount. Three days have passed since then so we decided to check on these charges to see if they were posted. We saw they had been listed individually, which meant we will need 240, 000 miles rather than 157, 000 to cover these tickets. We contacted Expedia's Customer Service dept again and were told they apologized for the confusion. The rep said we should have booked our rental & tickets as a "vacation package" for a lump sum billing but there's nothing they can do now but offer a $50 credit to our acct. We recommended they play back the recorded phone conversation from 12/29/09 so they could hear me stressing the importance of having our charges grouped together -- roughly 3x. We requested to speak to a supervisor, who blamed the billing on Delta airlines, stating they are the ones who billed our credit card, even though we did business with We also asked why didn't the rep suggest to us other ways get our charges billed together so we could make an informed decision within the 24 hrs limit. Expedia said they will make sure to notify all of the reps about this from now on...

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

September 18, 2010 I traveled to Baltimore Maryland from North Carolina to attend a baseball game. When I arrived at my hotel, they did not have my reservation (which I had made through Expedia three week prior). Other people who had booked through Expedia had the same problem. We were told by the hotel employees that Expedia had made no confirmation on reservations because this hotel only allowed a minimum of 2 night reservations for weekends. So needless to say, our hotel had not made the reservations and Expedia did not contact anyone regarding the problem.

I was seven hours away from home, in a city that had BOOKED hotels for that night - with no where to stay.

When I called Expedia, I was put on hold several times before speaking to someone who booked me at another hotel (further away from where I had originally planned to stay).

Yes, I was given a $24.99 credit back to my credit card and given a $100 coupon to use on the website another time. So you might ask, Why am I complaining if I received this refund?... Well the point of the matter, people, is that - at that particular time, I was in a state of panic and coupons didn't exactly make me a happy woman. I will say that I am glad Expedia did reward me money back and a coupon; that was the least they could do. Had Expedia followed through with reservations and had correct protocol about the hotel I was staying at (2-night reservation minimum), I would not have had a problem. There were other hotels that I searched that clearly stated from Expedia that there was a 2-night minimum, but when I booked my hotel, DoubleTree at the Colonade, there was no mention of a 2 night stay minimum. Several people had this problem also.

I had never had a problem with Expedia in the past, and this incident discourages me from using the travel agency in the future. When people make reservations and receive confirmation, they expect everything is taken care of on the other end of the line.

Lesson learned: Do not trust online booking - Double check with the hotel after the reservation has been made.

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

I booked a hotel (Econolodge, Olmstead, Ohio) for 5/17/08 with Expedia ( her name was Corri ? ). I wanted a hotel room for the night with Park & Fly. My itin# was [protected]. I got to the hotel at 6:30 PM to find out I had "no reservation." I said how could I have no reservation when I have an itinerary number. The desk person then said it looks like a JOHN WASILISIN canceled the reservation. I said the only John Wasilisin was my Dad, and he died 15 yrs. ago, and I didn't have this number to cancel myself. I made the reservation the night before. They did have other rooms for this price which I was about to book when I found out they "didn't have any shuttle service for about a year." I called Expedia back and they were no help in finding me something else close. I had to find my own hotel and pay double on what I was supposed to pay.

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

Purchased tickets in May. In late June Airline canceled flights. Expedia was unable to find me a comparable/compatible replacement and offered me a "full refund" (minus their processing charge). However the "refund" was promised within 1 to 2 MONTHS. Ok, so I'm supposed to carry the charges for up to 2 months and still have to buy new tickets elsewhere? Irritating, and costing me more money, but whatever.

3 months later I realize they have never refunded my money. I call and they tell me that "hmm, that is strange, it was requested, let me put in another request."

I call the credit card company and they have never received a request for refund. I call Expedia a week later to check on the status and the woman tells me that the initial request was never passed on to the correct people. So they essentially lost it.

And now they tell me it will again be "1 to 2 months" before the refund is processed. She explained that it really only takes 7 to 10 days (still a ridiculously long period of time) but that the 1 to 2 months is when it will appear on my statement. Requested expedited service since they have essentially stolen my money, but that seemed to go in one ear and out the other. Its now been about 15 days and my card has not been refunded.

Isn't is simply amazing that they can take my money in a matter of nanoseconds, but it takes them 6 months to return it? Really excellent customer service. I'm not holding my breath this time either.

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

I booked, through Expedia, a flight to Rome, airfare and hotel included. I also purchase a vacation cancellation package

On April 11, 2008 I was injured in a car accident and suffered four broken bones in my feet I cannot walk very well at this time.

Expedia now tells me that Eurofly does not honour the cancellation voucher and will not issue a credit.

Expedia should not have sold me the insurance. They should have known the policies of the airlines they deal with. What was I insuring against?

Do I have any recourse? I would be happy with a credit to be used at a later date.

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

Note: the following deals solely with international flights - I have no experience or opinion re: for domestic flights, hotels, etc.

Speaking recently with an Expedia manager (I'll call her "K") over the phone, I asked her if she could identify ANY benefit of booking with Expedia versus through the airline directly. Her answer tells you everything you need to know about this business: no. So, should you book your flights through Expedia? Well, take K's word for it.

What can you expect from Bait and switch pricing, incomplete flight and pricing access, adherence to policies which the airlines themselves don't enforce, and terrible customer service.

First, let's talk bait and switch. I had called to move up a flight, as unforeseen family obligations required us to travel sooner than expected. When I first called I spoke with an agent who quoted me a reasonable price for the change, one which reflected the fares and change fees on the airline's website (let's say $2000). She didn't say anything about the price being an "estimate, " nor did she state that the price was contingent, conditional, etc. I said hey, go ahead.

She put me on hold for ten to fifteen minutes (a sure sign of trouble), and then returned to tell me that she was transferring me to a "supervisor" with no further explanation. The supervisor confirmed the flight numbers, locations, and times, and then said he had to check something. I was put on hold again for five minutes, so by this point I knew something was up. Sure enough, the supervisor came back on to tell me that the price had increased by approximately 50% (so it's now $3000). The supervisor told me that the original price was no longer available, and that the airline must have adjusted the pricing between the beginning of the call and the processing of the transaction.

In other words, offered a price, I accepted, and then that price was revoked. The supervisor's justification for advertising a price which neither intended nor was capable of fulfilling: Expedia doesn't control flight pricing. This brings us to the second issue - if has no control over the price, then aren't you better off booking through the airline? The answer is a resounding YES. The flight I wanted was available for the lesser price on the airline's website, though NOT through Further, there were other even less expensive (though also less timely) options which were either unavailable on or far more expensive on the site.

So, if you want to see only a limited subset of flights which may cost significantly more than they would elsewhere, is for you.

As the supervisor offered nothing to remedy the bait and switch I mentioned above, I asked to speak to a manager and was transferred to K, who claimed to be equally powerless. Fine. I asked her to cancel that itinerary (and booked a new one directly through the airline as she did so) - no problem. Not wanting to give any more of my business, I also asked her to cancel a separate four-flight itinerary, so that I could have a clean break with these folks. Here's where the third concern comes to light: as with prices, also does not control the refund procedures applicable to flights booked through its service.

Thus, K told me that this flight was non-refundable, as for some reason it "belonged" (her words) to one of the two airlines involved in the trip - conveniently, the one with a more stringent refund policy (we'll call it "C").

Oddly, there was only one flight with C on this itinerary, and it was not the first flight nor the longest. Even more oddly, I had reason to inquire with both C and the other airline on this itinerary concerning the possibility of refunds/changes, as I feared that family obligations would interfere with these flights as well. Representatives told me that as I had booked through they could not issue a refund to me, but that if I had booked directly through them, I would have received a total refund less a nominal fee (around $100). Oddest, perhaps, is that K insisted that was acting in accordance with C's policy, despite that C itself indicated that the ticket was indeed refundable.

To justify this position, K contended that was bound by airline policy, with which she could not interfere. So, doesn't control price or policy - what exactly are you buying, then? Other than poor customer service, which is the golden thread running through this whole episode. An hour and thirty eight minutes on the phone, the only thing they ever told me was how the airlines dictated the process, so they couldn't help me. Well, that sounds like an awesome reason for me to deal with the airlines directly in future, right?

tl;dr airlines can give you more complete access to their flights, will often have better pricing, and in my experience have less rigid refund policies. And, if airlines offer you a price, they're no less likely to honour it than So take K's word for it: you have nothing to gain by booking through these folks. Cut out the middle man: don't book through

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

I purchased a plane ticket from expedia for 763.00 to fly from Pensacola, Fl to Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a round trip ticket. I didn’t check in with the delta clerks 30 mins before *** so they marked me as a "no show". Delta told me to call expedia, who I booked my flight through and see what they could do. I called and dealt with an overly attitude stricken women for her to tell me there was nothing she can do for me. I asked to speak to her supervisor, I did so to be told it was MY FAULT. I simply asked if I pay 700.00 out of pocket to fly to Arkansas can I use the ticket I booked through expedia to get back to Fl. Nope sorry, your entire ticket is VOID. As a person who makes minimum wage 763.00 is a lot of money. I ended up having to drive 700 miles one way to get to Arkansas and 700 miles back. I will NEVER book through expedia again and recommend any person who doesn’t feel like flushing 800 dollars down the toilet do so either.

Jul 20, 2016 6:44 am

I booked a trip through Expedia that included a hotel stay at a Westin. The policy when I booked the flight on my printout stated cancel by 5/19 at 4 pm EST without penalty.

On 5/19 at 10 am EST I called to cancel and was advised that the date to cancel was 5/18 now and that I was due to pay the whole hotel cost. I went back and pulled the interval electronically and the date had changed to the 18th even though my printout says the 19th. They deny anything changed.

I paid 640 for nothing.

Jul 20, 2016 6:42 am

I encourage you to NEVER AGAIN use

I recently booked travel for a freelancer of mine and had to change his flight. When I booked the information did not recognize my account log-in information, and I was in a hurry and the system gave me the option to book it without being logged in, so I did. I booked it in his name, but gave my email address, phone number, American Express card and billing information for the ticket. The itenerary was sent to me. I had the correct booking information on the receipt. But, just now when I called to change his return flight they would not let me do it. They said that they had to speak to the ticket holder - for security reasons. And, since it was not booked via an account they would not allow me to change it. They tried to contact the freelancer, but his phone was busy. So now he has to call back in to give them permission to change it. But the kicker is that he is allowed to re-book himself using MY credit card. Apparently there is no security concerns around potentially stealing a credit card! The worst part is that when it was booked the system asked if it was for business or personal travel. At that point it should have allowed me to enter alternate contacts, if security is such a primary concern, right?

Anyway, with all of the other travel booking services out there, I implore you to please use Travelocity, Orbitz or Kayak. Why put up with this B.S. customer service if you don't have to? I know that I won't any more.

Jun 21, 2016 4:31 am

Everytime I called the customer service I was put on hold for long periods of time. Whenever I got to an agent they say I have come to the wrong department and put me on hold to transfer to another department. No answers it there after. They are very very inconsiderate of customer's time and call costs. In short it is INCONSIDERATE & RUBBISH. I guess they just don't want people to cancel their booking and so they do this. I will avoid booking through this website again and will advice anyone against using their service! No listens to customer's frustration in Expedia.

Jun 14, 2016 1:53 am

Booked two rooms through Expedia to stay in Estes Park Colorado. Called the hotel with questions and they said that they didn't have any rooms and that their systems didn't work with Expedia. Asked if I could cancel, but was told they would have to get back to me. Called Expedia and cancelled. Expedia said they would charge me half the room rate plus 50.00 per room. This is even though the hotel had a zero charge cancellation fee.

Jun 09, 2016 4:31 am

I was given a price for a flight, when we went to actually book the price had gone up a bit, about $15. I stated that it was OK and gave the phone to my wife and I went to bed. (Had not gotten much sleep and it was late.) The next day when checking my email I found that the salesperson had updated the price AGAIN for OVER $100! Then to make matters worse another email was sent stating that the flights had never been confirmed so I had NO flight booked. Wow how can they treat customers like that.

Jun 08, 2016 5:15 am

Reserved hotel in Atlanta, GA highly recommended by the phone attendant. When I arrived there with my kids and family, the motel was a dump, with prostitutes on the parking lot and a bunch of drunks. The place was nasty, unsafe and very dangerous. Expedia could not find a replacement and refuses to give a refund. Claims did not know the motel conditions beforehand, but as I looked later on their site everyone else before me had the same experience and even got their tires flatten there. Still trying to get a refund! Expedia was not apologetic and lied to us.

May 04, 2011 10:05 pm
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I have booked a trip with from 04/1/11 to 4/13/11 traveling to New Orleans, LA. Upon my arrival in LA I went to get my rental car at Dollar Rent A Car 1675 AIRLINE DRIVE | KENNER, LA 70062. I waved any insurance or additional offers that were being pushed on me by a very rude customer service representative. My hasband was listed as a driver, but since he didn't have a credit card on him I gave the clerk mine. She rudely insisted that I have to be the driver since it's my card. I declined. Without my knowledge she made me a co-driver. Handed us paper-work and rushed us out of there. Upon check out at the end of our vacation I made sure that the tank was full of gasoline and returned the car. I was presented with a bill of -$279 and was assured that I would NOT be charged, since the rental was a package with also refused to help in any way). I received my credit card statement with a $279 charge. after numerous attempts to contact the manager I was unsuccessful. Customer servive wouldn't talk to me regadless these charges. I need these charges to be gone, since it's obviously a scam.
I have contacted expedia repeatedly and they refuse to help. I spoke with Roxanne AZ1 on 4/4/11(the supervisor at expedia) who was extremely rude to me, refused to help and hung up the phone on me.

Jan 29, 2011 12:49 pm

This was the worst experience I ever had. What was offered to me was not what I got. I called the Marriott hotel on 12/31/2010 to confirm my reservation of a deluxe room with stay in breakfast, they had a room reserved for us but it was a standard room and they did not know anything about a stay in breakfast. They told me I needed to call expedia. Between me and my wife we called expedia 10 to 15times each. I was on one phone she was on her phone to see who could reach someone. Either no one would answer and the phone would just ring and ring or if someone did answer, they would put us on hold. I even gave them my number to call me back if I got disconnected several times. My wife did the same as well. No one ever called us. I did get to speak to a supervisor to said he would call me back. I am still waiting for him to call me.

When we got to the hotel, I requested a refrigerator, we were given a standard room and no refrigerator. I had to call several times until I got the refrigerator. I also kept insisting on the breakfast and so they gave it to us.

I have never had an experience like this with Hotwire or I understand it was New years eve, but no one at any point ever called to ask if the issued had been resolved. As far as I am concern, I would rate the customer service as very poor and I will never use them again. I have sent them countless email and to this day, no one has answered. Don't bother calling them to complain, once they have your money, they don't answer the phone unless you are making reservations, then they answer right away.

Aug 18, 2011 8:58 pm
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We did a Unpublished Hotel on the Expedia site. We searched all the 5-Star hotels in the area and were happy with all of them. When we saw which hotel they gave us, it was in another area that wasn't in the search. Furthermore, I could have got that hotel at a cheaper rate than the unpublished rate. This is fraud!

What is worse is that there is no way to resolve problems with Expedia. They have these poor people hired in locations all over the world who are taught to put you on hold and then say they cannot do anything. You are stuck. Check all the complaints online before ever doing business with this terrible company.

Mar 29, 2010 12:47 pm

I purchased a ticket from Expedia for $740 from JFK to Istanbul. It's not a cheap ticket. Due to a medical emergency I had to change my travel plans and postpone it for a week. I spent literally hours on the phone, they referred me so called supervisor and her supervisor 2-3 level up, but no help. They did not change, they did not offer credit for future use nothing. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. What kind ofcustomer service is that? It's a shame. I am never ever gonna buy ticket from Expedia just go directly to airline's company web site

Mar 13, 2010 6:40 pm

I purcahased a round trip ticket for my mom who is elderly, vision, and hearing impaired, from bwi to lax and back, the return trip i had to extend for another week, so i contacted expedia, to change the itinerary, charged me $190.00, ok, fine, took 3 hours to do this over phone, however, they charge my account and made payment to the wrong airline, which i caught on my bank statement, ok, called to straigten this out, they said that i paid the wrong airline, i told them that i paid expedia, and the paid the airline, took over 4 hours to straighten this out, still could not confirm flight through airline, had to call expedia again, spent another 5 hours on phone, talked to supervisor, said it was straightened out, this volley of phone calls was an everyday thing, of average 5 hours per day for 8 days straight, finally got everything straigtened out the day before return flight, i emailed expedia telling them of cluster###, i just recieved a reply from expedia's customer service, saying that the flight was completed and that every thing went smooth and that, my complaints should be directed to the airline.. so its the airlines fault that expedia is so totally incompetent? well i guess thats the kindergarten approach to a problem, i will never use expedia again, when there are so many out there that, will bend over backwards to fix a prolem, and maintain thier customer base.

Aug 26, 2009 5:39 pm

A few years ago Expedia and other online booking companies were a good deal. Now their prices are higher than or equal to booking with the hotel or airline directly. AAA rates will give you even a better price. Also booking with the hotel directly you will be able to deal with them directly if there is a problem instead of them saying "this is not booked with us" we can't help you. Also dealing with the hotels/airlines directly you can be involved in their rewards clubs more easily. I use the online websites to see what is available then call the hotel/ airline directly and always get a better deal. By all this I mean to say that booking through this site turns out exorbitant but booking the other way brings a vast difference in your expenditure.

Dec 19, 2011 6:58 pm

In May we booked our flights to Italy through When the time came for us to get on our connecting flights, we were told they were non-existant! IWe were outraged. We had to got back and search through and then we found out that our flights had been cancelled in June! The dates of our flights were in September. During all that in between time, never once notified us that our flights had been cancelled!

We spent over 3 days and 9 hours on the phone with their customer service, who were absolutely no help at all! Over and over again we were disconnected (or they hung up on us). They offered us no answers and didn’t seem to care at all! We lost so much money, not only on the tickets but on hotels and phone calls to their customer service. We had to figure out how to get home ourselves, losing more money in the process. This was supposed to be an amazing trip, instead it it was a horrible disappointment!

Next time we will book directly with a travel agent or the airline. Don’t waste your time and money trying to save a couple hundred dollars with Expedia! You won’t! This has been the worst experience with a business we have ever had!

Apr 17, 2011 10:21 pm

I bought one of those unpublished rated and got into the Travelodge north of SF Intl. The bed had blood stains on it, a person wandering the grounds bugged us for cigs and money, and stayed outside our room. We left to go out. When we came back, there was police checking out the room next door. After an hour, there were more police, drug-sniffing dogs, and people being pat down outside the room. I called the front desk around 6pm and they said they didn't have a manager available. All they said they could do is put me in a different, smaller room. I called They spoke with the hotel and said I could take a refund and stay in the room. I said I wanted to leave and she told me that she would get in touch with some other department to find me other accommodations and no or same cost. After over an hour of holding and waiting, I asked for a supervisor that was very rude and told me that getting another accommodation was just never possible to begin with. Mind you, I am now with my friend in the car at night by the airport. It is cold and windy. I asked to speak to someone higher up in corporate and the supervisor was rude again and told me that they would just reiterate what was already told to me. After 30min, I finally got to speak to the corporate person named ?Alisha? She told me that I cant do anything except find a new hotel at a higher rate. I was treated very poorly for over two hours and I feel it was just because I only spent $50 on a hotel room because Alisha laughed at me when I told her I wanted a new accommodation. I had to travel back to Santa Rosa with my friend late that night. I will never do business with Expedia again nor will I ever recommend it to friends.

Feb 10, 2009 11:34 am

i'VE BEEN TRYING TO CHANGE MY EXPEDIA TICKET FOR 30 HOURS straight NOW. Their telephone is not working- (perhaps they've left it off of the hook) Their " so-called 24/7 email support " is virtually non-existant. They told me they'd call me and I've been on standby for 20 hours straight and no call and no response to further emails.

How's that for customer service from one of the largest travel websites in the world? Wow guys, pat yourself on the back.

P.S. Don't call it 24 hour service/7 days a week when it isn't;-)...How's about we'll get back to you no sooner that 24 hours but maybe in 7 days...if you're lucky.


I just had the worst customer service experience with Expedia! I called this morning to check my policy to see if I could cancel my hotel without cancelling my airfare. They confirmed that I could indeed cancel my hotel and get a $220 refund without disrupting my flight arrangements.
So I booked another hotel through another agency, received confirmation from them and then called Expedia to cancel the hotel. It was at that point that they told me that I couldn't cancel the hotel without cancelling the airfare and the airfare was non-refundable! The Customer Service reps were completely unhelpful and the supervisor at the Corporate office was condescending and flat out rude. Never again will I use Expedia for my online travel bookings! Let the buyer beware!

Jun 23, 2012 6:14 am

You can forget about Expedia`s best price guarantee. If you think you get the best price on Expedia, stop in your tracks! I was charged $240 by Expedia for a hotel room in Ohio, only to find out that the hotel would offered me that same room for $170. When I called to get the best price as promised by the best price guarantee, they did not refund as promised. Lesson: NEVER book through Expedia before you have checked with the hotel directly if they offer the room directly to you for less! Same goes for airline tickets. Expedia is nothing more for you than a waste of money.

Aug 10, 2011 4:20 pm is simply horrible! Not only does the website contain blatant misrepresentations, its customer service is totally incompetent. I just spent an hour with a represenative that didn't even understand English. The website had stated that the it was providing an "Expedia Extra" of "No additional hotel-imposed fees at check-in or check-out" if I booked a certain hotel for a certain range of days. However, when I tried to book it, it gave me a total based on the room rates and stated that there will be additional hotel fees of $20/day added on. So, I called customer service about it, and all they told me was that the hotel fees were mandatory. So, I asked what's with this "Expedia Extra?" The customer service rep could not provide an answer. He simply repeated that the hotel fees are mandatory even though plainly states "Expedia Extra! - This hotel has no additional fees imposed at check-in or check-out." At one point the customer service rep tried to pretend he didn't see that written on the website. When I called him out on in (I had the website open as I was talking to him), he backtracked and again repeated, "the hotel fees are mandatory." So finally, I asked to be transferred to someone more knowledgeable about what this "Expedia Extra" is supposed to mean, he hung up on me! Even if had the lowest price on the website, I'll never use it again. The people behind it seem to have no integrity and do not appear to treat their customers with even a hint of honesty or decency. Never again!

Sep 26, 2011 5:01 pm

We began booking a hotel in SC. We opted for the "Hotwire"-type deal where you don't know what exact hotel you'll get but you're told how many stars and the location. The first rate we were given was $65. The site wouldn't process the request and we had to start over. Then, the price increased to $75 at a 3-star hotel. After booking, we were assigned a hotel in a different location and the hotel that we were assigned does not even have any stars assigned to it on Expedia's own site. We called immediately to complain and they said there was nothing they could do about it. And, the customer service rep - Leonard - would not even provide us with his last name. I would strongly recommend against using Expedia --- false advertising and about the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

Mar 06, 2012 1:46 am
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Phone service stated that I had "one year to fly" when recording a cancelled flight. Expedia reports that "their notes" say I was told that I have "one year from the original booking date to rebook." I asked them to review the recording of the transaction and they told me that the recording was for internal use only and that they would not go to the recording unless a court ordered them to do so. The Supervisor "Chloe" lacked a full mastry of the english language (which is no biggie) but also lacked a sense of logic -- insisting that their records were accurate and that I could not possibly have been misinformed (unless I had evidence to prove that I was given the wrong information ... which they will not check themselves). How convenient ! Itin: [protected] I can kiss that $550 goodbye.

we went on line to try to find a place to stay for 1 night in Kissimmee, we had time sharing for 1 week which started the day after. My son was playing at the wide world of sports in the national basketball tournement. We booked the knights inn through expedia. I will never use expedia again, the place was a total dump. We could not believe that a company like expedia would have this plac e on their webite. We walked out and could not get our money back but there was no way we could stay there, I'm still in disbelief that expedia can do that to people.

Jun 03, 2010 3:11 pm

. I had called in on Tuesday to find out prices for a trip to Punta Cana for my family. I found out later that I had been connected to their Cairo office so the agent I spoke to had a hard time understanding me. We went through some flights and I found one that I liked so I asked him if he could put a hold on the flight for me. At first he said that he couldn’t do that then he said something about if I gave him a credit card number, it would ensure that I didn’t lose the seats. I told him I didn’t want to give him my credit card number because I did not want to book the trip. I then made a huge mistake of giving him my credit card number because he kept telling me he wouldn’t charge me.

Well, a few minutes later, he said that the flight was booked. I told him that I did not want the flights booked because my family hadn’t decided if we were going or not. He apologized and said that I would have to speak to his supervisor to get the tickets canceled. He put me on hold and I was left on hold for 4 hours.

I called back the next day and waited on hold for 2 hours before I spoke to someone at the Toronto office. She found out that I had been speaking to the Cairo office and said that they were the only ones who could help me. I finally got through to them after another wait of 2 hours.

I spoke to the original agent and he apologized that he had misunderstood me and booked the tickets. He got his supervisor on the phone; the supervisor then tried to get me to keep the tickets and purchase flight insurance, saying that if we decided not to go, the tickets would be taken care of by the insurance company. He kept putting me on hold – this went on for another hour.

Finally, he came back and told me he couldn’t cancel the tickets; he would have the supervisor of operations call me to see what could be done. I am still waiting.

This has been an awful experience and I will never use Expedia again. I am just going to contact our local news station about this, as well as the Better Business Bureau.

Please note that I have been travelling for business for years and have been making my travel arrangements regularly so although I was an idiot to give the agent my credit card number, I have never experienced anything like this before. In the past, agents have always been very careful to inform me that a ticket or a reservation is non-refundable BEFORE they charged my credit card.

This is inexcusable.


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