Expediaworst of all, very rude customer service people!

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I have recently booked a vacation with expedia. Ca to disney world, figuring that I got a good deal and how hard could it be? Boy was I wrong!! There have been nothing but miscommunication, delayed responses and worst of all very rude customer service people. I have been treated and spoken to by a "customer service person" like I did not have any comprehension of the english language and helping me was a waste of her time. I have lodged an e-mail complaint and have spoken to a manager, only to hear nothing... Not even a sorry.

I have been told different things about my package, i. E... Yes, I have the park passes included, no, you do not. And when you e-mail then about a problem do not be in a hurry to hear back from them if you ever do. It is not that I am a picky person, nor do I need to be coddled, but I don't wish for anything to go wrong with my $4,000.00, week vacation either.

So my advice, be very cautious when booking with expedia... I will never do it again.



  • Le
    lesley Ross Jul 14, 2007

    WE were told our two young daughters would get free park passes and they didn't - we were totally out of pocket and my pensioner dad had to wire us the extra money several phone calls to expedia from Paris and we were even more out of pocket. Still waiting for the problem to be resolved... Somehow I get the impression Expedia don't care...

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  • St
    Steve Bunyon Jul 25, 2007


    I do not expect a company of your size to do much about this and will probably be lost in the mix, but I needed to get this off my chest for my own well being. Last night, (July 24/07) at 7:55pm I called Expedia.ca to book a trip for my family of 5 that I had found on your website. This was a trip to Barcelo Maya Caribe and represented about a $6000.00 purchase on my behalf. To start, when I called I was instantly put on hold and told that my business was very important and that I would be serviced by the next available rep. Then I was forced to listen to classical music. This would not have been too bad, but I had to listen to this for 1 hour and 7 minutes. (I have a timer on my phone)Finaly, a lady answered the phone, unfortunately I did not get her name. I started to book the trip through her when she stopped me and asked if she could put me on hold for a minute. I said "I guess so..." She left me on hold for 12 minutes. She returned and apologised for the delay, (Maybe she went for a smoke break???)I was frustrated at this time, but still very cordial with the lady, we again started to book my trip. She then asked if she could put me on hold for another time. I told her that I wanted to get this done. She apologised and said that she would just be a second. She placed me on hold... and then hung up on me. Needless to say I was very upset at this time. I immediately called "sell-off vacation dot com and was treated with a sense of urgency, with respect and my complete trip was booked in a very timely fashion. I actually saved $1.25 per ticket by going with them.
    Again, I'm sure you have more important things to do than to respond to me, but I had to let someone know that I was extremely discouraged at the treatment I received from what I though was a reputable company.

    Steve Bunyon

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  • Ca
    Carl Messner Aug 11, 2007

    I have been trying for days to contact someone at Expedia.ca. Their toll-free number is a joke. I've hung up twice now in frustration, once after 30 minutes waiting, the other after 50 minutes. I might have waited longer, but after the first time of someone saying "your call is important to us, blah blah" you never hear anything again except classical music making you wonder if you really are on hold or not.

    I've been hung up on repeatedly by their crappy automatic system, been told they're closed (site says 24 hour service) and been told by the same terrible quality voice message that they're "experiencing a large volume of calls" even when I called at 4am!

    Their website says they'll contact you via email within 24 hours, but that's an absolute lie. Expedia.ca is the worst I have ever experienced and will tell everyone I can about this over and over.

    Stay far away from this joke of a business.

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  • An
    Anonymous Aug 25, 2007

    I agree with you people 100%. Expedia.ca is terrible, and they don't give a s**t about their customers. I am presently employed by them for customer service. Initially, they weren't bad to work for, but they seem to get worse by the day. Don't ever book anything with them unless you plan on losing time/money. We are trained to lie,cheat and steal from customers. What makes it even worse is that there is only 2 call centres, both of which are massively under staffed. Both call centres are 3rd party, meaning Expedia is just a "client". Management doesn't give a s**t, and good luck if you need to speak with a supervisor. They will do everything in their power to avoid getting on a phone and do something for someone. Expedia actually rewards management for saving our company money, or "cheating" customer out of money. Can we say free vacations for the best scam artist managers? I sure can.

    So next time you speak with a customer service agent, try not to be mad with us. For the wages were paid and how were treated, it's no wonder were so understaffed! To put it quite simply, 75% of people employed quit within the month!

    Bottom line: Avoid expedia.ca, com or any of its partner sites. Go with travelocity or itravel.

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  • Wi
    Willem2 Oct 21, 2017

    @Anonymous This explains a lot. I have been using Expedia for years without any issues but this year things have totally changed. I can go into detail from my personal experiences with Expedia but will just be wasted time.
    In short I will never use Expedia again and suggest to everyone i know and chat about travelling and holidays not to use them.

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  • Je
    JeffS12345 Aug 07, 2018

    @Willem2 I will never use them again either. I hope their days are limited because it seems like their management is turning off a lot of people.

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  • La
    Laurien Henry Sep 13, 2007

    HI, I have a credit to use, and they tell me I have to speak to someone in their departments in order to use it. In the last 3 days I have been on hold a total of 7 hours and 16 minutes, accumulative. The longest I was on hold was 3 1/2 hours then my battery ran out. I need to book a flight, but can not till I get hold of them.

    Can somebody advise me what should i do...

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  • Ha
    Harikrupa Sep 13, 2007

    I have been on the phone with expedia for more than 10 hours in the last two days and I can never get through to the credit department. They Xfered me over and over but there was no one to help with the credit usage. I think this is their way of swindling money.

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  • Br
    Brian Sykes Sep 13, 2007

    Same thing for me. I have been trying for a week, and have not been able to get through to them.

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  • Ya
    Yannie Sep 15, 2007

    The Expedia Company from Canada has the worse customer service from all online travel agencies that are there. We needed to wait two (2) hours for a representative to answer the phone plus he/she will transfer the call to another department because he/she doesn’t know how to help us. The simple problem we had was to schedule our flight to one day earlier.

    I used to order all of my business trips from them (over $10,000 a year) but no more business for them for good.


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  • Ma
    Marcus Stirk Sep 23, 2007

    Same thing here. Have been trying for days to get thru to customer service, but nothing! Have been on hold for hours and hours and hours. FRUSTRATING!

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  • Mi
    Michael Warner Sep 25, 2007

    I am currently facing the "call-waiting" issue with Expedia.ca.
    Lesson learnt: Never again purchase travel tickets from them!

    Below is the link to file a formal complaint with your respective provinces.


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  • Lu
    luke yanik Sep 27, 2007

    Expedia has cost me way more than just booking myself through an airline the traditional route. I tried purchasing a flight and changing it. I was on hold from 10 pm till 12pm and was unable to get through. I needed to travel the next day so i purchased another flight thinking that I would be able to change flights and then get credit on the second flight. I decided I would talk to them no matter what. I called, put the phone on speaker and then finally got ahold of them after 2.5 hours. What a waste of time. I was told that I could change the flight and be charged or use the travel credit. I decided to use the travel credit. Then they didn't have "access" to the flight I wanted to I hung up in frustration. That led to me waiting for another 3 hours to get ahold of them again! I guess if you are looking for cheap flights and cheap service and like gettting ripped off this would be the way to go.
    I will never use them again!

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  • Ta
    Tatiana Esman Oct 02, 2007

    I am very disappointed and frustrated. I was trying to book a vacation, when I pressed finish-button, I got a message that price is changed. I looked at changes , and I was satisfied with the amount. I pressed second time, and I got a message asking to try another credit card. I called VISA to ask what happened, and I was responded that I had a payment made to Expedia (it was different amount, not a cost of my trip). They suggested to me to call Expedia to find out. Has anybody been on hold for 3hours and 45minutes? I was untill phone battery ran out. Can somebody give me any advice what to do....

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  • Sr
    S. Reiken Oct 09, 2007

    I had the same problem. I had a travel credit that I wanted to use but it was going to expire. I tried for 4 days to contact Expedia.ca at all hours, giving up each time after hours on hold. Expedia.ca never picked up the phone so I emailed them and waited, but no response - even though they promised 24 hour response.

    So I contacted Air Canada (they pick up their phones) with the ticket number provided in the travel credit and they applied it towards a new airline ticket. They had no service charge as Expedia.ca did and the best part Expedia makes no money on the transaction.

    Oh yeah, they did reply by email 2 weeks later with an idiotic canned response asking me to call their "24 hour customer service people, who are always available to help".

    Ridiculous and embarassing. This company needs to go out of business.

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  • Ka
    Kate Monahan Oct 12, 2007

    How could I not agree? Over the last two days I've spent 6 hours of my life on hold with Expedia.ca. I haven't even spoken to a live person who can remotely help me and all I want to do is cancel a ticket due to a death in the family.

    I finally had to call the airline directly. They're willing to change my ticket for me, but would rather I try to resolve it through Expedia so I don't get charged a service fee by the airline. The airline representative I spoke with was horrified at how long I'd been on hold. (I was still on hold while I spoke with him.)

    I work for a financial services company with a very large call center. We have service level standards that the phone be answered in a number of seconds or less. Seconds. Not minutes. Not HOURS.

    I will never book my travel through them or their American counterparts again. I will tell everyone I know to avoid them.

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  • Gr
    Grant Edmund Oct 16, 2007

    Update: Oct 16, needed to cancel flights booked on Expedia due to sudden family illness. On hold for 2 1/2 hours, started to read complaints... called airline directly, and received assistance within minutes.

    Have placed 'expedia' on 'suspension' with respect to our travel needs, and will not book through the service again without testing their customer service line first.

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  • Br
    Brenda Martin Oct 18, 2007

    Had flights for 3 people from Burlington Vermont stop in N.Y then from New York to Atlanta then on to Tucson. Flight from Burlington Vermont to New York alright. Arrived in New York no tickets available for other flights to Tucson. Could not get in touch with Expedia.ca two flights left in between while trying to reach them. Had no choice to book other flight which cost
    $300.00 each and which arrived 81/2 hours later then
    we were to originally arrive in Tucson.

    Car that Expedia.Ca booked for us with Dollar rent a car had drop off in Albuquerque called to say we would be arriving late in Tucson informed by Dollar that there was no drop-off in Albuquerque. Arrived in Tucson had to run from dealer to dealer looking for a company with drop off in Albuquereque. No rental cars available had to accept a jeep which cost $600.00 more than originally quoted.

    As result of trouble going to Tucson tickets were cancelled for return flights back to Burlington. Tried for 2 days at all hours of day and night to contact Expedia.ca no success. Finally Expedia .Com got in touch with Expedia.Ca. Was on phone from 10:15p.m. to after midnight to get return flights fixed.

    Called twice before returning home airlines confirmed everything OK.

    Day of departure from Albuquerque went to United Airlines as was told by Expedia.Ca no tickets. Then told to go to Southwest,
    they had no tickets, and no flights to Atlanta and then on to Burlington. Finally went to Delta, and met competent ticket agent who said she would fix it so we could get home.

    Sent fax with all these details to Expedia with request for refund now one week later have not heard from them.

    Can never get in touch with Expedia.Ca and will NEVER book with them again. EVER. VERY VERY DIAPPOINTED IN THEIR SERVICE.

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  • Bi
    Bill and DW Oct 18, 2007

    We booked through Expedia Canada for an up coming return flight from Victoria to San Juan for a cruise in 2008 . What a horrendous mistake.

    A change in one international airport only gave us a half hour to switch from a local to an international flight, collect our baggage and go through customs. We had to contact the airline directly to re-book, Expedia did not notify us of a problem, we just happened to notice. The next change in itinerary would leave us stranded partway back and a loss of our non-refundable tickets. Expedia said too bad, it was not their problem.

    Thank god for reputable airline service people. After many calls and e-mails to Expedia, only to get rude people and too bad so sad responses, on our third try to one of the airlines involved with our air package, one of the airline reservation agents set up a conference call with agents from all the 4 airlines involved with our trip and solved our problems, one of the airlines stepped up to the plate and offered an overnight stay at their expense in order to get us to our destination. They also said that Expedia should have made that request on our behalf.

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  • La
    Laura Hurst Oct 25, 2007

    I write this as I am on my third hour on hold with Expedia - 3 hours and still waiting with no indication as to how many more hours I might be facing.. Apparently the airline cancelled one of my flight legs and now I have to call Expedia to rebook the flight. Absolutely unacceptable to be unable to service customers - how can they expect repeat customers?? My only other option is to go directly to the airline and try to work it out with them I guess. Lesson learned!

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  • Fr
    Francis Yeung Nov 05, 2007

    I will never book thru Expedia.ca and I will tell everyone I know not to book thru them either.

    I was inform a flight change but have to be put on hold for fours and then the line drop on Saturday, called back again and they said nothing they can do. So I try again today and I am on hold for the third hour still counting. How can they charge $9 per person for the service charge and no service provide.

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  • Da
    Danish Cookies Nov 18, 2007

    I work at one of the three, soon to be two call centers that receives all the calls regarding Expedia.ca. They are in Kitchener, Scarborough and Ottawa. The Ottawa location has a handful of people that take calls to clear up any credits received before August, 2007. The location in Kitchener is where most of the calls are taken and about 90% of the calls are because customers want to make changes and have been notified that their schedule has changed and need to confirm their flight again. As a result, all of those calls are directed to the "flight change" department. That department consists of about 15 people and hold times in the afternoon start at two and a half hours and by midnight can be as high as six hours. By midnight, only three people are taking calls from fifty or so people and each of those calls takes between twenty and thirty minutes. Some nights, no one wants to work past 11PM and as a result the flight change department is doing "system upgrades." Why can't the company hire more people in their flight change department? Because the system used to communicate with airlines is command line driven. Not everyone is computer savvy, and those who are, will not work for $10.50 per hour.

    The best thing you can do is not make any voluntary changes to your flight. If the airline forces something, than wait within a day or two of departure and call the airline or have Expedia call the airline on your behalf and make them do the change. Expedia might refuse so they don't lose any money on giving you up to the airline before your flight departs.

    Good luck.

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  • Ra
    Randy M Nov 20, 2007

    Most interesting here were the posts from Expedia employees. Surely there is something illegal about what is going on here. What else can we do to save other unsuspecting suckers the grief that we have gone through with this company?

    I'm speaking with my credit card company about reversing the charges back to Expedia for my non-refundable ticket due to fraudulent actions. It wouldn't take too many successful reversals for them to either do something about this, or go out of business. I vote for the latter.

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  • Ra
    Randy M Nov 20, 2007

    Get this folks: check out investor relations at Expedia at http://investors.expediainc.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=190013&p=irol-irhome

    You will learn that this company had a net income (after all expenses) of $99 Million in the last QUARTER. Are you telling me they can’t afford more people on the phones…?!

    Their Nasdaq symbol is EXPE and the President / CEO’s name is Dara Khosrowshahi. He (or she) ought to be ashamed. The top of their quarterly report conveniently lists all their affiliated companies you should avoid.

    Here are some phone numbers that I’m guessing DON’T have the violins playing:

    Investor Relations: 425-679-3555
    Communications: 425-679-4317

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  • Na
    Nate Nov 21, 2007

    7 hours on Monday night. 3 hours yesterday morning. 4 hours yesterday afternoon. 3 hours again this morning and I *finally* got a hold of someone.

    Never again.

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  • Da
    Danish Cookies Nov 24, 2007

    Everyone will be glad to hear that more people will be joining me in taking calls in the flight change department. The past couple overnights, we have been waiting for customers to call, instead of customers waiting for us to take the call. I may have even spoken to some of you.

    Randy, there is nothing illegal about the Expedia Canada operation. However, a stupid decision and lack of foresight created a huge problem. This past summer, Expedia Inc. changed outsourcing companies and as a result one center closed and another opened with very few people who understood or knew how to use the Sabre travel system. The same system airlines, travel agencies and Expedia uses to process the changes. This resulted in a huge number of calls being routed to the new understaffed outsourcing company, where callers (the ones above this post) were waiting a combined 12+ hours over 3 or 4 days or 7+ hours in one sitting as I have heard from several callers.

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  • Da
    Dani Dec 13, 2007

    I too work for the outsourcing company. It is NOT Expedia's fault really.

    I see two big problems.
    1) Give people a computer and the choice to make their travel arrangements and they think they are travel agents. We get endless calls because they make mistakes in their dates, the spelling of their names, etc. People have to realize that THEY are responsible for the information they enter on the website. Once a name is misspelled, it cannot be changed. This is NOT an Expedia rule, this is an IATA rule dating back to prior 9/11 even. This is also why we are not allowed to book the trips for the clients, THEY have to do it themselves and take full responsibility for their mistakes and not blame them on an agent who was trying to be helpful.
    2) Changing a flight date/hour can take a long time, esp. if we have to call the airline and some airlines are almost impossible to reach!!! I am not talking of the big N.A. and European airlines, but any S.A. or Mexican airline... good luck! The penalties for changing flights are NOT Expedia's decision either, but the airlines'.
    The only reason why Expedia does not like losing control of the ticket back to the airline is because the Expedia website cannot be updated and the customers complain they do not know their new flights. We do tell them to check with the airline as we are out of the loop!! And no, we do not lose money if the airline takes control. The only money Expedia makes on an airline booking is the $9.00 booking fee. Call us and we spend one hour with you... still for only that $9.00 already paid!!
    The email department has caught up their backlog as I have heard. You do get replies very quickly now.
    There are more and more people being trained to make those flight changes, but many of them are, I feel, rushed through the training... to make the customers happier...
    I give a lot of credit to the Operation Manager for getting things set up and finally working in a logical manner, with different depts./supervisors responsible for different things. At least, now we do not get 10 different answers to the same question!! She has done a tremendous job.

    But I agree, the pay sucks, the outsourcing co. does not give a rat's ### about its staff!!! that's why there is such a high turnover, but that is true of ANY call centre!

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  • Pa
    Parvez Jaffer Jan 02, 2008

    I have used expedia on several occasions and did not
    face any problems with them. I did find some savings
    booking through expedia. Parvez.

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  • Am
    Amy Jan 18, 2008

    trust me....if any one ever has a credit, call the airline to take over the fill or to rebook......

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  • Fa
    Faye Carmody Jan 20, 2008

    My husband and I booked a two-week vacation through Expedia from December 22, 2007 to January 5, 2008. The holiday was to Puerto Vallarta. The French Canadian "gentleman" whom I telephoned to book the holiday (and I use the term, "gentleman" loosely) was abrupt and rude. I was excited to book the trip and after speaking to him, I was very upset. The itinerary came and it had an incorrect flight departure and arrival city. I telephoned and the error was corrected. The revised information was emailed and I noticed that the "ocean view" part of the package was not included. I telephoned and they could not find my travel package. They had no information for the travel package at all. After days of telephone calls, I was told that everything was fine. Two weeks prior to departure, the tickets had not been emailed to us. I telephoned and I was transferred to three different people. I waited on the line for FOUR hours before talking to a customer service representative! She said that there was confusion because our names had been spelled incorrectly, the telephone contact number was incorrect, and there was no email address for us!? The tickets were finally emailed. When we arrived at our hotel, we were informed that we had not booked an ocean view room!!!! We spent two nights in a room looking into the wall of another hotel until the Transat representative came to our rescue. She checked our original package information and she informed us that the ocean view room had been "checked off" but that we had not paid for it!? We were upgraded to the ocean view room, but we had to pay an additional $140. Without her assistance, it would have cost us an additional $150 on top of what we paid. This has been a horrendous experience and an unexpected one. I am quite sure that I will hear nothing from Expedia regarding this holiday!!! Be smart and book through a travel agent!

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  • Du
    Duane Schultz Jan 28, 2008

    I've just tried to make a simple return home flight change. I finally gave up after being on a long distance call on my cell phone for over 2 hours. My cell phone bill will cost more than the flight.

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  • Je
    jeff meyer Jan 29, 2008

    the air line won't take it cuz the credit is with expedia.ca not the air line and i'm telling you expedia does they're best to help . i'v never had a problem ### heads so haha bla bla bla shut up for once i mean the ppl at the call center are ppl like you and me who have to follow rules and guid lines set out for them so stop ### on the little guy

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  • Je
    jeff meyer Jan 29, 2008

    well if you were on yur trip and had alreay taken your departing flight you should have called the air line not expedia cuz after the first flight they lose all rights to the flights you have and only the air line can make changes k

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  • Je
    jeff meyer Jan 29, 2008

    i too work for the company and i can say with full respect to what every one has said that we do our best to help you the customer and i do apologize for any problems but can asure you just as others have that now we have taken proper action and now we have the staff and nolage that we need to further help you in the way that is fit. i can also say that we do think of the customers that have had problems and do reconize that some times rules can be unfare . and like Dani said we have to go by the rules that are layed out for us. by the air line, hotel or other we can not go against they're rules or regulations they set. but yes we are now running at alot better standered and are more then glad to give you as much help as we can.

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  • Da
    Dale Parent Mar 20, 2008

    Expedia took my reservation for 3 days at the Ramada Inn Sellersburg, Ind. I paid Expedia $294 with a VISA card for a Friday, Sat, Sun 3-day stay at the Ramada. I arrived 1 day early and paid the Ramada $98 for Thursday night on my Visa card. While checking in on Thursday, the desk clerk said my room was only pre-paid thru Expedia for 2 nights - Friday & Saturday. The Ramada said if I wanted to stay Sunday night, I would be paying for it. So I checked out on Sunday. Expedia says they paid the room for 3 nights and the Ramada is mistaken. Neither Expedia or Ramada want to make this right.

    The Ramada mentioned a few times that this is what you get when you book through a third-party website. A strange thing to say to a client... I'd say stay far away from Expedia and the Ramada's not much better.

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  • Je
    Jean Apr 09, 2008

    I found Expedia.ca to be totally a waste of time, and money. I spent a fairy large amount of money on my Christmas holiday trip last year for me and my family of 5. I learned my lesson from now on I'm booking with my old travel agent! Face to face for fast, friendly and cheap fares. No more internet travel for me!


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  • Bi
    Bill Land Apr 30, 2008

    I changed a flight and had a credit due. I called Expedia 3 months prior to the annual date of the booking. I was told & emailed by Expedia Rep. that I had until April 15th to call & re-book my flight. I called on April 10 th to re-book & Expedia said that I had until the 15th to take my flight, not re-book. After an hour on the phone I was told that I could call back anytime befor April 15th to re-book. I began calling on April 12th and spent many, many hours on hold and waitng for a supervisor, etc I was told every excuse in the book, the computer system is new, we can't find your old booking number, call the airline company, etc. to no avail. The expedia rep. said to email and the Expedia email reply said that I must be on the phone to receive the credit. I stayed on the phone on hold for hours at a time never to get my re-booking. I took the emails from Expedia to a local attorney & he said to sue them in the local court system. I intend to do so & the above testimonies will help.

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  • Da
    David Wiater May 06, 2008

    We were bumped from a flight booked through Expedia and when I called them to see if they could assist I was placed on hold for more than 30 minutes. The agent never returned to the call nor did she 'check in' to provide me with any status for my inquiry. When I ultimately reached my destination my luggage was not there. Again I called Expedia, looking for some guidance or assistance and again was provided with no assistance at all.

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  • We
    wendy chapman May 24, 2008

    After reading some of the complaints, mine is minor. I booked five months inadvance. A trip for myself and my daughter. The carrier I was to use on one of the legs of
    my trip went under, expedia was quick to find a new carrier for us. That went well. When away on our trip I discovered that the return date had been changed
    without my knowledge, this meant no car or hotel to match the extended stay. I was able to get hold of the carrier and within 45 min they had us on a better flight than
    we where suppose to leave on. If I had shown up to leave without checking before hand we would have been in a pickle. The rest of the process was fine, other than
    we where to be at our teller 3 hours before the flight only they didn't open till 4:30 when all the others opened at 4 and they where suppose to. Info I was given about
    validating vouchers was also incorrect and alot simpler than they made it seem. Would I use them again, yes but I will check rates, times etc alot closer.

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  • Me
    Melissa Kimball Jun 28, 2008

    I purchased a ticket yesterday for my husband to come home from seeing family outta state. After getting my confirmation code that the transaction was approved they gave me his itinerary #. This morning he went to the airport to check in and was told that Expedia.com had canceled the trip. After calling expedia and holding several times including over a half hour for a supervisor I was told if I have a complaint then go to the website and email my complaint. They could no longer help unless I want to buy another ticket. WHY WOULD I DO THAT WHEN THEY CHARGED ME FOR ONE ALREADY! Now I am outta the money and he is still outta state.

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  • Valerie Jul 11, 2008

    When booking a trip to Florida for spring break, Expedia neglected to disclose the hotel's policy of not renting rooms to persons under the age of 25.

    Fortunately, we discovered the policy ourselves (within 1 hour of booking the trip) and called to cancel the trip. We were told the charges would be reversed in 48 to 72 hours. After checking the credit card account, it had not been reversed. Another call to Expedia, another assurance that the charges would be reversed. Five months later, I'm still fighting the charges.

    I am currently on hold with Expedia and have been for over 1 hour.

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  • Aw
    aw Jul 14, 2008

    I am extremely dissatisfied with the poor quality of service provided by Expedia. Please stay away from Expedia, all the agents are irresponsible, don't care about providing customer service, and rude!!!

    I have cancelled a hotel on June 12, and today (July 14), I still have NOT received a refund. I have had a long series of conversations with the agents about this matter. I was on hold for hours, agents claimed they didn't know anything, and I had to repeat my story over and over. Finally, I got to speak with a supervisor on July 7, and he promised me that I would get my refund back in 5 business days.

    However, today (July 14), I saw that I still did NOT receive a refund, so I called Expedia to check what was going on. An agent (Nelly) told me that there was a note in my case id that claims I did not fax in my refund inquiry letter. NO ONE has ever told me about that I had to write a refund letter (the supervisor never did, no other agents ever did). Therefore, I did not know I had to do this. Apparently, I am supposed to type up a long lengthy letter describing every single conversation I had with my agents, along with proof showing why I deserve a refund!!! I am very angry and disappointed in Expedia’s poor customer service. If this refund inquiry letter really was necessary for my refund, then why didn’t any agents tell me about this until I called in myself to ask? Also, why do I even have to write a refund inquiry letter when I cancelled this hotel already? I have proof of the cancellation confirmation, so Expedia should have the exact same proof too. This is a waste of the customer’s time and money (faxing this refund letter to a long distance number) and it is enraging that I had to waste so many hours of my time explaining this case over and over to agents. Expedia has forced me to pay an extra $395 for my credit card bill for the amount they still DID NOT refund yet :( I have already told all my family, friends, coworkers, and neighbours about Expedia's poor service and irresponsible attitude.

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