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Resolved Fraud

On 3/29/10 - I ordered a "Trial" of the Everbrite Teeth Whitening System. It was supposed to be free, you just pay $2.62 for S & H.

On 4/5/10 I called and spoke with "Kim" who said that she shows that the product had been shipped, but she would extend my free trial 10 days, and that the $87.47 that shows as "pending" on my bank account would not go through, she said they just had to verify that I had the money in my account.

On 4/13/10 I called again because I had still not received my trial and the money was taken out of my account on 4/6/10. Today I spoke with "Pam Walker" who again stated that she shows the product was already shipped, and that the charge of $87.47 would not go through. I said that it already had been taken out of my account. She said that she would email another dept above her with my claim, but that I still had until the 17th for the trial period. She "supposedly" cancelled my account and said that a refund should be given within 10-15 business days. If not, call them back.

I explained that I would be calling the BBB if not refunded, and whoever else I needed to.

I cancelled my bank card, filed a claim and my bank will be researching the incident for fraud.


I applied for a trial period for this teeth whitening product and paid for the delivery charge, which was requested.

I did not receive any trial product and after 10 days - today 12.04.10 - £58.94 was taken from my account, the full purchase price for the product.

I am to call them tomorrow regarding this matter, and will also be calling my bank.

It is always best to read the smallprint if there is one before purchasing any item, as the small print has all the scammy details!!!

I am concerned now of all the extra time and effort i will be wasting on this to get my money refunded (if possible) and i know that this will cost me.

This is also the case for bright shiny smile as a friend did this one at the same time. so be careful wtih internaet promotions that appear on other web pa

  • Je
    Jefferies Apr 16, 2010

    This product is a scam and has been turned over to the police in the state of North Carolina. I also ordered the trial order, these people stole $88.37 and can not tell me why. I also turned my information over to the BBB for a full investigation, and trust me I will get my money back!!! For anyone out there who needs a phone number, where they will talk you in circles, but can not tell you whythey stole your money. Watch out they are real slick talker, but I think that they mess with the right one this time. I'am on a mission to put them out of business!!!
    This pnone number was on my bank reciept use it!!8776660531.

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  • Sa
    sarahnade May 11, 2010


    I have the same problem but couldn't reach them yet.
    Could you please tell me if you were sucessful? Did you get your money back?

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Resolved Numerous complaints with this company

[1] Transaction never completed because of an error. I received this error:- The cc payment type (Visa) and/or currency [USD] is not accepted.
[2] I still got billed on 30 Mar 2010 AUD$4.39 and on 6 Apr 2010 AUD$ 98.00. Even though the online transaction never completed because of the aforementioned error.
[3] Even though the company continued to bill me after it refused to accept my online payment I never received the product.

Bottom line:- I wasn't expecting to see a transaction posted to my account because the transaction never completed.

Resolved Fraud/Scam

Consumer Beware: Everbrite Scam...

These people to say it nicely are COMPLETE CROOKS! I read that testimonial from the mother who found an inexpensive way to whiten her teeth by combining two products for the trial price of shipping only. THAT IS A COMPLETE LIE TO SUCK YOU IN!!! I am ashamed to admit, it sucked me in! My vanity got the best of me again!

I wanted to whiten my teeth, so I purchased the Crest Strips Premium whitening kit and paid about $30.00 (seemed a bit pricey for over the counter whitening strips). I was not happy with the results! The strips are only long enough to cover 8 teeth area on my upper row of teeth in the front. Also, they didn't whiten the spaces or crevaces in my teeth. So if I smiled widely, you could see the darker teeth looming in the back. REAL ATTRACTIVE!

I was directed to two websites through that article, Everbrite & Celebrity White (think thats the names).they I filled out the order almost completly, but didn't finish it all the way. So, they called me and offered a deal I couldn't resist: I could use the product as long as I wanted and pay only $11.90 per month for the life of my subscription! I just had to provide a testimonial, thats it.

So, I said great, the scam artist told me his name was Robert Simpson, and he was licensed in the state and blah blah blah. I asked licensed in what? He could never give me a straight anser and gave me a phone number to verify his standing: 800-DOA-HELP? Gave me the number [protected] to call to cancel at anytime in the future. He said he was recording my authorization for the charge of only $11.90. After, he then starting trying ti sell me magazines and all of this other stuff which I said no thanks. I kept on saying no thanks as he went from one additional product to another. I kept saying no I just want the tooth whitener only. THEN HE HUNG UP ON ME! The phone # he called from was unavailable so I couldn't call him back. Then I called the [protected] # to talk with them since I noticed my account was already charged for the $11.90, They said they did not have my name in their system! I was like, I am looking at the charges right now on my bank account and it has this very number listed that I called you on. I finally hung up after 30 mins of arguing with them and called my bank.

I had to cancel my debit card and go to the bank to fill out an order for a new one. They said there is nothing they can do because they got a preauthorization to charge my account for their product? It's not a legitamate product or at least not this company. I have to call the credit bureau and log a complaint! Man I screwed upo my day off for sure.

If this happens to you, please cancel your credit card or whatever you used to pay for it. Because my bank says that once they got an authorization for me, they can continue to charge my account! Thank God they only got me for $11.90!

We need to band together and do something about these people! please contact me via the comments tab is you have any ideas as to what we can do to stop this from happening to other consumers!

That's me "ignorant consumer!!

  • Ms
    Ms. JO May 16, 2010

    Well they got me. I order this from EverBrite Smile was suppose to be a free trail for 10 day only pay the shipping. They charge the shipping right away and then dumming me full read the fine print, you only have 10 days for the trail period and those 10 day count from the time you order it, whether you've received the product or not. So I cancel the order the very next day. The first time I was told I would received an email to finish the cancelling process, call back the next when I did received said email. Was inform she would do the process for me and I would receive an email confirm this was cancel. Call again the next when I did not receive the confirming email, was told by person call them selves Karen Jones that whe could confirm it was cancel and I would receive the confirming email within 48 hours. Oh what received within in 48 hours is a charge of $87.47 on bank account.

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Resolved Total SCAM

This company is a total scam! I cancelled EVERBRITE well within the trial period. The main reason I cancelled was because seven days had alerady passed and the product had not yet arrived. The very next day after I cancelled, my credit card was charged $87.47. Fortunately for me my bank had flagged it as a suspecious charge, declined the transaction and called me to let me know what had happened.

I spoke with three different people at EVERBRITE who all claimed that no such transaction had taken place as I was looking at my bank statement online! They refused to provide a letter or email confirming that the transaction had been cancelled. Also, be aware that a company called CELEBRITY WHITE TEETH. Both companies operate from the same location outside of the United States.

DON"T USE EITHER COMPANY! It is a scam! If they have your credit card information close that account before they charge something else. One of them sold my information to a company called DEBT2WEALTH. They called me saying that I had a trial membership for something I NEVER signed up for. The only companies that had my information was EVERBRITE and CELEBRITY WHITE TEETH. Don't be stupid like me. Call the Credit Bureaus and put fraud alerts on your accounts. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT!!!

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Resolved unauthorized money from my checking account

There was $87.47, plus a foreign ATM fee of $2.44 taken out of my checking account without my authorization. This money was withdrawn before I even ever received the product. When I called to get a refund I spoke to Tina which she would not refund me, then passed me over to a supervisor, Brian. I had to argue with Brian and he said he would refund the money. I waited the 10 to 15 days and called back and spoke to Andrew. He said he would process refund and it would take 10 to 15 days. I said I already waited and wanted to refund immediately. They then put me on hold to again talk to a supervisor. After about 5 minutes Jaymie Martinez came on the phone to check out my account. She refused to give me a date for refund and said she wasn't allowed to call me back with any information. I asked for the owner of the company and she also refused to give me that information. It has been well over a month since I requested the refund and now they will not commit to when I will get the refund. What a scam and the product is horrible, not even worth the $2.44 freign ATM fee let alone the $87.47 they illegally took out of my of my checking account.

Resolved no product/charged $87.47

I saw the ad on my AOL main page, thought I'd try the trial sample for the cost of shipping. You have 10 days to cancel, so they say. By the 6th or 7th day I didn't receive it. I called the company [protected]) and asked them to please cancel. They tried to talk me into waiting, repeatedly I said no, that was my final answer. Well they credited my account for $3.87 and the same day took out $87.47, they said it was a mistake. Give it 2 weeks for a refund. After 2 weeks of calling and speaking to Becky, Lisa, Meghan, Crystal, Chris, and today it was Cloey and Monica, they all just so happened to have the same voice! I am no closer to getting back my car insurance money they took out of my account. Something has to be done about this so called company.

  • Gu
    guncashark Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On April 7th, I ordered a product from the following website: www.everbritewhites.com . The website states that this product has a free 10 day trial period. On Day 9, we still did not receive the teeth-whitening product, and we called the customer service line to ask for an extension. Due to the ridiculously long wait time before a representative came on the phone, we decided to go ahead and cancel our order. The Customer Service Rep (CSR) cancelled our order and even sent us an email to confirm that it was cancelled on that date (email, date April 16, available upon request). The very next day, our credit card got charged for the amount of the product.
    In an attempt to receive a credit from the company, we have placed numerous phone calls to this company. On several occasions, we have talked to several CSRs, including 3 managers, and we have yet to receive the credit that is due to us for this product. With each representative, we receive a different answer as to why we have not received a credit yet. After speaking and bugging the company, I finally was able to speak to a supervisor, “Stanley Parker”. He informed me that I should be getting the credit back, and that he will make sure that it gets taken care of. A couple of weeks later, I still do not have this credit on my card. So, I proceed to call this company to ask “Stanley Parker” why I do not have the credit yet. Conveniently, he was never at work whenever I would call. On May 18th, I called again and took on the arduous task of speaking to another supervisor. After a 1 hour long conversation with the CSR, and even being hung up on by one of the representatives, “Cheyenne, ” I spoke with a supervisor, “Vanessa Turner”. “Vanessa Turner” also told me the same words that “Stanley Parker” told me..that I should be getting the credit back, and she will make sure that it is “taken care of”.
    A couple of weeks later, even though I have spoke with two separate supervisors, I still do not have this credit. On June 10th, I call the company again to inquire why I have 2 separate Supervisors that are lying to me. Unfortunately, according to the CSR, “Vanessa Turner, ” last supervisor I spoke with, conveniently no longer works for the company. So, I once again ask for another supervisor, which of course, I have to fight to get on the phone. I asked the CSR why I always have a problem with talking to a Supervisor, and she informed me that “it is against the company policy to transfer the call, and that she is the best person to handle the situation.” After another exhausting wave of coaxing, this CSR puts me on hold so that she can see if she “can find a supervisor.” After being put on hold for 20 minutes, she comes back, informs me that she has found a Supervisor, and for me to hold the line. I once again get put on hold for another 30 minutes, and finally talk to yet another Supervisor, “Candace Scola”. Candace Scola reviewed my account, and told me that I would not be getting my credit. She told me, “I see that you keep calling about this credit, but I don’t want you to expect that you will be getting your money back.” When I asked her why I would not, she would never answer the question. For awhile, she even sat there and gave me the silent treatment. I kept asking her why, and she would never give me a direct answer to the question. Finally, after talking with her for 51 minutes, she decided to just hang up on me. I will also add that I never did get this product that we ordered, and yet, they are still fighting with me about this charge.
    So, I have reached a dead-end with this company, and I am mentally exhausted with having to deal with this company. I am weary of getting different answers with each different representative. I am weary of having to waste AT LEAST 1 hour of my time, everytime I call that company. I am weary of talking to several “supervisors, ” and getting a different answer from each one. I am weary of dealing with a company that makes me fight with the CSRs, just to talk to a supervisor. Customer Service Supervisors should be easily accessible, and should not be “against company policy” to transfer the call. This company has so many faults on so many different levels. I have so many reasons to believe that this company is a COMPLETE scamming and fraudulent company.
    I have an email that proves that I cancelled the order before the end of the free trial period (available upon request). I never even received their product in the mail. I do not see how a company can take someone’s order for their product, charge someone for that order, never deliver the product, and not expect to give the money back when the company is in the wrong. My wife and I, the consumers, did everything that was required of us, and should not have to worry about being deceived and conned from these type of companies.
    Since I do not know what other avenue to take to resolve this problem, I am submitting this complaint to your organization. Please make it to where others will know about this company. I do not wish that anyone would have to deal with this fraud company. This company has preyed long enough, and the way that they treated me and my wife, this is not the first time that they did this to a family.

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Resolved Scam.Fraud.Don't Be Fooled

I have had similar problems with this company. On Feb. 18th I order the product. I was charged $3.97 that day. Waiting for the product to arrive 1 week went by I knew I only ten days. On Feb. 26th my credit card was charged $87.47. I still had not received the product. First thing the morning of Feb. 27th, I tried calling to check on my order, they are not open on the weekends. All I could do was wait till Monday morning March 1st. I spoke with a guy named Sam he gave me an order number #1045635 told me to cancel on-line at www.xmorders/mc and cancel my subscription, I would recieve a refund in 7 to 10 days. Not!!! On March 12th (23 days later) I finally received the product (it's not even the same thing, it's called Dazzling White Pro System. I called today and spoke with a supervisor she said, because I didn't cancel within the 10 day trial period that I could not get a refund. I also explained to her that I tried calling on Saturday, but they were closed. The first clerk I spoke with before her Monica said they were open on the weekends. But even in their terms and conditions it says they were closed, of course I read that after I tried calling. So they give you 10 trial whether or not you receive the product. So I also explained that instead of ten days I only got 5 days excluding the weekends. She had the nerve to tell me that I needed to call on Wednesday or Thursday prior which acutally only gives me a 3 day trial for something I hadn't even received yet. Same with an extension. I was so mad I just hung up. Hopefully my Credit Card Company with remove these charges...way to many people are getting ripped off by this company...me..never again.

Resolved Cancellation de commande

Veuillez canceller la commande # 1066867 faite via le site internet en date du 24-02-2010 pour l'adresse de courriel [protected]@hotmail.com
Comme je n'ai jamais recu le produit pour l'essai gratuit et qu'une charge de $87.47 us a été prise sur ma carte de crédit AVANT la fin de ma période d'essai de 10 jours soit la 8è journée [protected]) les termes n'ont pas été respectés et le paiement n'était pas autorizé.
J'ai tenté à maintes reprises de joindre la compagnie pour annuler le tout. Finalement le 8-3-2010 j'ai parlé à une dame qui a refusé de canceller ma souscription. J'ai retéléphoné et parlé à Ron Mills qui me demandait de retourner le produit et APRES qu'ils l'aie recu je dois rappeler pour effectuer la cancellation. Je ne peux pas retourner un produit que je n'ai jamais recu...donc comment annuler ?
Ceci est donc une annulation officielle de la commande. Veuillez m'envoyer un courriel de confirmation d'annulation avec la mention qu'aucune autre charge ne sera prélevée de ma carte de crédit et qu'un remboursement sera effectué dans le plus bref délai.

Lynda Dubé
160, St-Paul
Le Bic, QC G0L 1B0

  • Ka
    KayTee690 Apr 16, 2010


    Cette société a arnaquer autant de gens. Vous devez les faire rembourser votre argent et vous devez produire cette arnaque avec votre banque afin qu'ils peuvent examiner et peut-être de rembourser votre argent parce qu'elle était une charge non autorisée. Conserver poussant!!! Ne donnez pas!!


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Resolved Fraud

I ordered 2 different free samples after reading an artile on msnbc that offered to brighten teeth for...

Resolved Unauthorised payment taken from my Debit card

This company were offering a special [protected]@£2.40. It was detailed on Martin Lewis' site via GMTV It was a promotional offer along with another called Clean White and was afree offer all I had to pay was £3, 99 p&p. This product arrived very quickly, but the everbrite Smile has not arrived, although the payment of £2, 40 was deducted in February. However, I now notice in my bank statement that a further payment has been taken from my account at a cost of £60.07.this has not been authorised by me.

  • En
    EnglishBob Mar 25, 2010

    I rang said company to cancel only having received a part sample having been charged an anauthorised £60.

    After been given the "long stand" on the phone I was then offered a full refund, cancellation No and an e-mail cancellation the next day.

    Next day I checked my mail - nothing and my bank account only to note a further £95 taken overnight.

    My bank weren't helpful at first quoting I was ina contract.

    Had to treaten to cancell all of my three accounts to get thier attention. They finally cancelled my debit card.

    Wondering if stage two of this scam alike, is the selling of any debtors to debt collectors.

    There must be a way to get at these b*stards and save other suckers like me. Any advice appreciated I'm very angry about this and prepared to do more if there is only a way.

    Surely the fact that product is not supplied is a breach on their behalf ..but what does on do next ?

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Resolved Scam

Ordered what I thought was a free trial offer...only pay for shipping. Realized company was not reputable. Cancelled withing 15 min. of purchase. Received cancellation number & was told I would not be charged for product. Visa was charged for trial plus $87.oo for product. I have contacted Visa & had charges removed multiple times but they say they can't cancel charges from company. We will now have to cancel Visas & have new ones sent. It's amazing that this company of frauds can't be stopped! Beware of any brands from XM Brands. they have multiple products from Everbrite teeth whitening to acaiberry diet supplements.

  • Sa
    sarahlou79 Mar 11, 2010

    i also got scammed by them. they kept billing me every couple of weeks and taking the money from f=my baqnk.i had to cancel my visa and get a new one. i wouldent mind if the product worked but it was rubbish

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  • Tr
    Tracie W. May 13, 2010

    I also ordered this product, along with the Alpine White Teeth product. They are the same company I believe. They tried to charge my credit card, but luckily, the bank stopped it. The other company charged my debit card, and the bank said they can't stop it, even though I sent a certified letter, cancelling within 7 days. Now, I get a letter in the mail saying they are sending a collections agent. I'm ready to file a fraud report with the govt. What did others do?

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  • Al
    Allen101 May 17, 2010

    I got hooked by this scam too. I called them (888-869-2674) and talked to an agent. She said that I have to return the product before they can process a refund. Their address is 3609 N. 29th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020. BTW, your RMA number is your invoice number.

    The agent said I had to go back to their website and cancel my "membership". I told them that their original advert did not mention anything about a membership. I went back and looked, sure enough it didn't mention it. You are told to go to a membership cancellation page. You have to complete a bunch of info that is only available to you when you talk to one of their agents. One thing I thought was suspicious in itself was that on the membership cancellation page they warn you that if you attempt to do a chargeback through your bank, they will report you to an Internet Fraud Database and you won't be able to buy anything online again!

    I would call them ASAP as I suspect that they will be shut down by the end of the month. The best thing you can do is to call the Hollywood, FL BBB and file a complaint, and then send a letter to the Hollywood, FL DA's office claiming that this is a Consumer Protection violation, which it is.

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  • Mi
    Michael Flaherty Jun 02, 2010

    I have same problems as above. I called my Bank to let them know I did not authorize charge and a claim was opened for 4 charges, 87.47 - kit, 2.95 - surcharge, and 2 - 35.00 overdraft fees. I also have submitted a complaint thru BBB in Florida for a refund of the above amounts in case my bank does not win the dispute. I also faxed several of the complaints on this wesite to my bank and to BBB of Florida. All should do the same, and don't give up.

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  • Sh
    shema10 Sep 28, 2010

    How do i get in touch with this disreputable company, everbrite when i live in Australia?

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Resolved I am officially canceling my order #1046334 as of [protected] within my Trial Period

I am officially canceling my order #1046334 as of [protected]

I have made several attempts to cancel this order within the trial period as stated in the contract. This is my official notification of cancellation with in the contractually agreed trial period time frame for cancelation to avoid charges; as there is no other contact information posted to notify EverBrite Smile of this full intent to cancel my order.

However, I was charged an additional $87.47 as of today 2/27/10 (on the 9th day of my trial period by your calculation of the time frame) during which my trial period has not ended. As well, their next available business day is not until Monday, March 1, 2010 in which will be the 11th day following the beginning of my trial period. When I attempted to contact the Everbrite Company @ [protected], I never received a live person to take my call to cancel this order. I even attempted to respond to the email that was sent by them to me on Sat, February 27, 2010 3:55:24 PM to [protected]@donotreply.com, but received an email delivery failure notice on Sat, February 27, 2010 4:02:06 PM. Finally, I researched the internet for their email address as per their terms states to cancel “by phone or email” to ensure you received my cancellation timely. But you do not offer the email opportunities.

Again I reiterate, because your next available business day is not until Monday, March 1, 2010 in which will be the 11th day following the beginning of my trial period, I have also forwarded my request to dispute these charges with my banking institution as you have prematurely charged me for this order as today is only the 9th day of my trial period as per your calculation of the trial time frame; yet you have already charged my bank account (not following the terms of the agreement your company set forth.)

Furthermore, I have not received any product from your company to date. I am no longer interested in receiving any future shipments of your products. I have also unsubscribed my email address: [protected]@yahoo.com as of 02/27/2010 as well as a support to this cancelation.

To conclude, I was forced to provide your company with all of my contact information to place this order, yet you have very limited communication access to your company. Therefore unlike your company, I shall provide it again if you need to reach me regarding this cancelation:

Christina Wilcox

  • Mr
    mrs c asparassa Mar 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am officially terminatinf my order no.1120983 forthwith after reading these reviews withing the trial period t after reading these reviews thankyou mrs c asparassa.please do NOT withdraw any funds from my account in the future.

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  • Mr
    mrs c asparassa Mar 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please help to stop these people advertising to vunerable customers.

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  • Mr
    mrs c asparassa Mar 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Kr
    Krzysztof May 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am officially canceling my order no: 1275219 as of 25/05/2010. I would like to say that I am canceling my order in the trial period which accordingly to your terms and conditions is 10 days. I do not understand why I have been charged for the product which I have never received. I do not wish your company to withdraw any more money from my bank account in the future and do not wish to receive any products or offers.

    Krzysztof Cwikla
    [email protected]

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  • Ru
    Ruth E. Coates Jun 18, 2010

    Dear Amanda I spoke to you back in APRIL 2010 and you reviewed my complaint and informed me that you will see to it that i receive my refund in the amount of $87.47 that was withdrawn from my account when I cancelled my order and never received a 30day supply. How can you call yourself an honest person and display such a lack of integrity as a human being. And the company that you are working for is one of the most dishonest companies that I have ever been involved with. you will not stay in business long . I will make it my business to tell everyone on the internet nd everywhere else i go how dishonest and deceptive your company is. I want my refund back my reference #1123768 And my name is RUTH E. COATES

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  • Ru
    Ruth E. Coates Jun 18, 2010


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Resolved Teeth Whiting

I agree with everything that has been written. I have called on Feb. 24 and 25, 2010, to cancel the order I placed on Feb. 2o, 2010. I am still not sure the order has been canceled. The representative could not give me cancellation number. Jon Garcia said I should receive an email. As of this writing I have not received the product or the email cancellation confirmation.

Resolved scam-charged and product not delivered

I purchased a trial size of Everbrite for $3.99 but never received the product. I was charged an additional $87.47. When I contacted the Everbrite company @ [protected] on 2/11/10 at about 2:30pm, I was told that they would not refund the money from the first order, nor would they refund the $87.47. The person I spoke with was Alice. They told me I was outside of my 10 day trial period. I informed Alice that I could not have a trial period to test the product because I never received the product. She told me to give it a few more days. I told her I wanted my money refunded to me immediately and they could keep their product. I read online that other people have fallen for this scam. Can we not start some type of mass lawsuit for breach of contract because they did not deliver the product within the 10 day trial period for me to try the product first?

  • Ed
    edna gibson Feb 12, 2010

    is there anything can be done? i only ordered a couple of hours ago

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  • Dk
    DKLK Mar 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband ordered this product and they did the same thing to us. I just finished up on a 35 minute phone call from them trying to get a refund to no avail. However, they did agree to refund $20.00 -- which we will probably never see. I even threatened to file a complaint with the BBB and Attorney General which didn't faze them one bit!!!

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Resolved cancellation form

Apologies for my initial complaint posted, when I stated that the Cancellation Form cd be located at...

Resolved Never got it, STILL charged me $$!

I ordered a s$2.19 ample online on January 22nd. On the 9th day of the trial period I called and complained that I had not received it and would like to cancel. The representative said she would extend the trial period until February 7th. The mail went on the 6th and NOTHING arrived. I tried to call again and cancel but the services are not open on Saturday or Sunday.

I called this morning to cancel (after a 45min HOLD!) and they said I could not cancel because it was outside the trial period. I waited another 15min to speak to the manager, who also told me that I could not cancel, even though they were closed on the last day of my extended trial period. He said I should have checked the office hours on the website.

I am being billed $69+ for NOTHING (they tried to satiate me with -$20 off the bill).

If you do not receive the trial initially and call to cancel, DO IT. CANCEL. They will hook you in until you make a mistake during the trial period.

I will never use their product again and will warn anyone else away from it. If the customer service is this horrible, I can't imagine what their normal system is like.

  • Kp
    KPJP Feb 20, 2010

    I got s call from my credit card company when this charge was made yesterday, warning me that this was a scam. For 24 hours I have been trying to cancel & can't get thru to anyone & can't get the web-site back up. Don't do this. It's a scam.

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    GlennP Jun 11, 2010

    I got caught by this scam. They promise a 10 day trial period, only charging postage. In the terms & conditions at the bottom of their web page they state that the trial period starts from the day of order & if you don't cancel before that period they will charge you $87.96 & a recurring amount every month!! This is not clearly stated when you sign up, you have to read through the fine print. So legally they have you but ethically it is wrong. I would recommend avoiding this site. They kit they supply can be bought off other more trust worthy sites for about $20.

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Resolved Deceptive Business Practices

My husband ordered the "free trial" on 1/21. By Feb. we had the fee for the shipping, a foreign transaction fee, and another fee of $87.47-ish plus another transaction fee, plus another pending charge from a company, 'Build Wealth' that we had never heard of. Thanks to all the complaints here at complaintsboard.com, I got on the phone with BofA who uder writes our Visa, and they blocked the pending charge, opened a dispute over the $87.47 charge, attempted to call EverBrite while I was on the phone with them, they got the same on-hold, no response that we all have gotten, then called with me the number for the pending charge to cancel any further charges coming from 'Build Wealth." Turns out 'Build Wealth is known as "Debt 2 Wealth" which has been associated with the other company that I'll be complaining about, Celebrity White. Looks like they are all set up to get your credit card number to establish ongoing charges until you cancel... but you cannot contact them. I think I may have taken care of Celebrity White & Debt 2 Wealth (we'll see as time goes on if there are future charges or not) but EverBrite is the worst as they do not respond to incoming call for cancellations, nor do they process them even *if* you get a live person, judging by all the other posts here (complainsboard.com). So, although I have spent 1/2 my day trying to mitigate the damage, I would be just beginning my journey with these scammers if it weren't for all the others who have posted here. THANKS TO ALL!!!

Given that there is a foreign transaction fee associated with these charges, I'm guessing that they officially do business outside of the US, and therefore cannot be prosecuted under US laws, so I guess no one will be able to shut them down. Good luck to all! Oh, BTW & WARNING: doing the web cancel form for EverBrite, notice that in their Terms & Conditions on that page, the very last sentence states that this new agreement you are entering into with them "...also serves as a retraction of any actions initiated by you the customer that may lead to or is a potential chargeback. All sales and terms are final. Limit one per household." Meaning, this would undo the dispute (which will result in a charge back to EverBrite) that I filed with my credit card over their fee. *AND "Limit one per household suggests only one agreement modification per household. !! So, I didn't fill out the form. I don't want to modify my "agreement" with them, I want to sever all relationships with them, forever. Good luck to all. Mean people suck.

Took a debit payment & I haven't even received free trial yet.

I thought i was just paying £1.40 for a trial of teeth whitening. The payment left my account on 27th Jan. I haven't received any products & yet there is another payment of £56.64 that has left my account on Feb 3rd. I was un aware of this & thought it was just a one off payment as i dont recall signing up to anything. I am now finding it very difficult to contact them due to the time difference.
Here is a few numbers i have found in case anyone else has the same problem.

Resolved FRAUD

I haven´t been able to cancel the "free trial" as the phone number given is not reachable. I have also been given the wrong order number, because when I eventually got through the queue and gave my details and order reference number they told me that they don´t have my details in their system!! There is also no email address to cancel this "subscription". It´s all full of all lies.

This is FRAUD.

People, please please do no ever order anything from those thieves.