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Hi, please find my rental information as follows:
Reservation Number: [protected]
Rental Agreement Number: [protected]
Invoice Number: [protected]

We purchased the car rental online and got and turned up in London Heathrow to pick the car up. After waiting for an hour we went to the desk to get our car.

Whilst at the desk, we were told that we could not drive the car away, unless we purchased additional insurance (later put on our bill as the medium protection package) costing an EXTRA £149.28.

Later on in our conversation, the man who served us said 'if you break down, we will aim to get you a new car within one hour'. We said 'great!' only later to find that an additional £45 had been added to our bill for this service. We did not want this service and were never told it was an optional extra. The man serving us was incredibly deceitful, adding on additional charges without discussing them with us, likely to increase his own commission.

Upon looking at our original email (see attached) you will see that it states the original price paid includes 'ALL MANDATORY FEES'.

I was just wondering if decieving your customers and charging them for extras by telling them that they can't drive out without them is in accordance with business policies.

We feel incredibly taken advantage of and would like a refund of the additional amounts paid for the 'optional extras' that we HAD to buy.

If we do not receive this refund, I will be taking the matter further and investigating exactly what laws were broken by lying to your customers in such a way.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my concerns.

Lewis Bunting

Europcar International

Oct 03, 2019

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