eTradeReoccurring Transfers


I'd setup a reoccurring transfer from my Chase account to my eTrade account back in May '09. After the first transfer went though on June 1st, I stopped all reoccurring transfer. On July 1st, lucky I received an auto alert from Chase when my account balance drops below a certain level, eTrade is still doing the reoccurring transfers at the first of every month, even though when I checked online, I had no pending transfers, reoccurring transfers or anything. Customer support said I did the transfer online, I call ###, and she didn't know what as going on. I talked to an agent in the Philippines, one of their call centers, and a supervisor in Houston TX. All were very rude, didn't want listen to what I had to say and didn't want to help.

Basically my bank, Chase, told me to wait until the transfer gets posted before I file for fraud. Etrade didn't have my permission to take money out of my personal banking account.

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