eSurrantypaying claims? sure, they are great when you are buying but read the small print

R Sep 05, 2018

Their claims manager is something else. He likes belittling their customers. Very nasty person. Do not trust this company at all. F with bbb, should have checked it out myself upfront but guess I thought they were affiliated with a larger company that could be trusted. When you purchase your policy they do not ask you for the serial number, etc. Instead you are suppose to read everything and then go back into your account and register your phones in 15 days. I did not see that so both my phone policies are not being honored. Even though rick (the manager) told me I was covered and gave me a claim number, they did not honor after 2 months of back and forth. Let me put it another way, if you buy a policy and don't register in the 15 days, don't you think they should at least email you to remind you? Also, after 15 days they should just cancel and refund your money since they are just going to deny any future claims. Just skip them, you will be glad you did. Worst absolute service for third party insurance I have ever dealt with. Deserve zero stars but not a choice.

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