Essoinappropriate language by staff


I went to this gas station with my friends to buy groceries and car wash.After my friend got his car washed he complained that the car was not washed properly he told the cashier to check but the cashier came out and informed another staff member to check what was the issue.
It was almost 10 minutes over my friend and this guy was having an argument and despite of being sorry he started raising his voice at my friend.
I just could not take it I went out of the car and very politely I asked him to relax and not to raise your voice but he kept on telling me that I should get into the car and its non of my business.I told him that he is not supposed to talk like this but he then used the F word and kept on swearing his friends came from no where and started calling me names.
The cashier came out and said he is going to call cops because we are causing trouble I was really close to give this guy a tight slap who doesn't have any work ethics or professional.
If this organisation ESSO gives this kind of treatment to their customers then I would never go to any of their branches.

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