Eskomthey are arrogant and don't care for us


I have applied for the eletricity for home during the beginning of this year. This was a second application whereby Eskom was unable to assist me with my application status since I have lost my reference number due to my car theft and my laptop. Then they said I must apply again. I did it, and went all the way to follow up with them about my application. Call Centre agents were very inconsiderate and inconsistent in their service delivery. There was one time that one of the agents told me that I need to re-apply once more again because under my refernce number it was blank - NO INFORMATION AVAILABLE, for the second time. Well, I spoke to the Ladysmith Office, well, they told me something different that the Qoutation Letter was sent to my postal address as per the application. When I called home to go and check my post, there was no letter, considering the period it was sent I should have got it. There's just no way I can get hold of any to assist me instead, I am being sent to pillar to post and the Call Centre is just useless. They are arrogant and don't care for us. Time and money and all our efforts. This is unacceptable, can somebody assist. First time I've dealt with this!

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