Eskom Holdingsarrogant guy from eskom treated is like beggars

P Jul 21, 2018

We reported power outage ref:[protected], a guy with this cell number called us the following day:[protected] and asked for the person who reported because they are outside, he never identified himself (No name, he only said later that he is from Eskom)..When I went out, he was not there.Everyone's phone was off with mine at 5%, when I called him he dropped my phone 8 times, When we called Eskom, we were told he closed the above reference and said it's fixed.What cruelty is that? Does he know how it feels to be without electricity for 3 days? If he does not want to serve the he must retire and not treat us like trash.We are still seating here without electricity.Does that make him sleep better at night?

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