Eskomcut off of electricity without any notice


Iam complaining about the cut off of electricity in our area every now and then without any notice. Iam staying in Vosloorus ext 28 phase 1 where last month from the 25 February to the 29 February 2016 there was power off and the was no notice prior to the power off. Due to that there was a lot of damage in our homesteads again yesterday on the 14 March 2016 there was no elecricity and nobody notify us. Is the same thing happening to the suburbs or because most of the staying in this area are poor so don't deserve notice. is this what we called democracy or we are just undermined because this area majority of people staying here are not working? Please rectify your mistakes and do the right thing we deserve to be treated like others.


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    SinatraRampai Jun 13, 2016

    Where I live in swaneville there has been electrical faults all the time we sometimes live without electricity for one week when we call eskom they tell us to wait hours without them responding to our issue the transformer has still not been fixed all eskom does is come and install temporary tools to supply us with electricity while it makes us live in cold winter nights for days and we buy that electricity...all I'm saying is they should fix the transformer fully so that I can study in peace.

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