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Complaints & Reviews


I purchased the ePOS Now system and had a little difficutly setting it up, but that was me. I used the system only a few times over the past year. I recently received an email telling me that it is the anniversary of my system purchase and I would owe them nore than two thousand dollars per year if I still wanted to use my system. I was never told that there would be any additional charge beyond my original purchase. I've refused to pay and they've threatened me with not being able to use my system.

I'm hoping I can find other businesses they've done this to so, in addition to charging them with fraud, they can be additionaly charged with racketering.

pos retail

we have been an Epos Now client for a little over 4 months. Honestly, we will NEVER recommend this pos system provider. Their system is super slow and has several bugs that affect accurate reporting and data analysis. We have tried to resolve the issues with them, but to this date, we have opened at least 6 cases with them (that is how they claim they work on the issues) and not a single case has been resolved. Their standard answer to everything is that this is just how it is or simply that the issue is not a high priority. Their technical support staff is many times clueless (with one or two exceptions) and they NEVER get back to you regarding an issue or case you opened. TERRIBLE service and system!

Awful company

Don't fall for their nice treatment. They are liars, cheaters, and thieves.
They may be very nice to you when you choose what you want. They will guide you, be very polite and cute. Once you paid, forget about everything you experienced before.
You won't get your order, they will keep your money and stop being nice. They will just start ignoring you. That's all they will do to you.
Please, avoid them at all costs!!!

terrible customer service/support and a ripoff

In August of 2017, we signed up for the software to use at a three-day festival. We requested the Standard package, but were instead charged for the Premium. We immediately tried reaching out to have the mistake corrected, as well as to setup the software in general. After waiting on the phone for more than an hour three days in a row, we resigned ourselves to the fact that the software would not be functional for when we needed it. Less than five business days later, we were finally able to reach someone. We cancelled the service and asked for a refund. We were told it would have to go to a manager because services must typically be cancelled within 24 hours. I am not sure how we would have been able to do that, as it is impossible to get in touch with someone. I equally do not understand why we haven't been issued a refund as we clearly did not even use the product because they never even gave us the time of day to set up the initial account.
Definitely do not recommend this company.

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    Diane Belmont Nov 09, 2017

    Same scenario with me: They will not return it after only two days.

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pos hardware parts not available for repair

Do not buy this system without understanding that the hardware is not available for purchase in the US, (only the U.K. ). If you are out of the very short warranty period and you...

Customer service


My name is nick patel operating 9 stores in Columbus ms... I bought epos now system before 6 month for my one of liquor store to try out your product afterward I bought many products from epos now... but whenever we called to customer service of epos now their response regarding product knowledge or others are too low... i have latest issue going on for barcode scanner which I purchased from epos now and as our business is not restaurant it's too difficult without scanner.. as he could not resolve issue over the phone he said that we will swap the product but they said it will take 5 to 7 business day for little scanner... as any other scanners are not compitable with your system I bagging you people to expedite product and i will pay freight charges... but they did not understand customer urgency... I understand companies have own policy's but sometime you have to understand customer urgency... I had some issue with same earlier but before who worked in customer service are excellent people like denial remos their response were quicker... because of one small scanner I m loosing my business to give my customers good service even I have to stay with casier whole day and guide how to use without scanner... so indirectly for 2000 dollar of your system damage.. my cost going to hire and loosing customers too... I will rather to keep your service for next year I will go to integer vendor..
I just want to give my feedback that never wait customer because of your bad products like little scanner and it's just six month old...
Check your product quality or improve your customer service

Thanks for reading my email
Nick patel
Kings court

  • Ep
    Epos Now! May 25, 2017

    Hello Patel,
    Thank you for your review, I'm sorry this hasn't been dealt with the way you would have preferred, this is not the way we like our customers to feel when they call the support line.
    Here at Epos now we will do anything we can within the support and software teams in order to resolve any complications our customers are having.
    In the meantime please feel free to get in contact with us via email on [email protected] or on 1-855-434-3767.
    Kind regards,
    Epos Now

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No help from support service

Epos Now is not a good company to deal with, I would not recommend them to anyone. Save your precious time and money and avoid. They sold us a product which was faulty and did not work properly and that brought us a lot of problems. We contacted Epos Now support and they tried to assist us and gave some recommendations, but it did not help. They did not offer a refund or a replacement, they just said that they did everything they could to help us and that they were very sorry. I regret I believed this company, they are terrible and should be out of business. The fact that they did nothing to help makes me mad!

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    Epos Now! May 25, 2017

    Hello Jagst7,
    Thank you for your review, I'm sorry this hasn't been dealt with the way you would have preferred, this is not the way we like our customers to feel when they call the support line.
    We encourage feedback from all customers so that we can continue to improve as a business to benefit our customers with continued service training. If there is anything else that we can help you with please get in contact with our support team and we will be happy to help.

    Thank you again for taking the time to give us your feedback.

    Kind regards.

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Avoid at all costs

These guys seemed nice and friendly when I just signed up. Epos Now gave me a lot of fake promises, scammed me and sold their most expensive package.
After they received the money they simply disappeared. When I needed their help they did not reply, there was no support service, they ignored me! I tried to get a refund but since they did not reply I was not able to do that. There are so many negative reviews about them and I regret I did not read any of those. Avoid this service!

  • Ep
    Epos Now LLC Nov 30, 2016

    Hi there,

    We are sorry to hear you have had a less than satisfactory experience with us. Our support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year across two countries so it comes as a huge surprise you haven't been able to contact us. Please call the team on 1-855-434-3767 or email [email protected] and we will be more than happy to resolve any issues you may have.

    Kind regards

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Support service wouldn't let me spend more money on a printer that didn't work

I purchased a pos system approximately 2 months ago. I operate a garden center and explained all of my requirements for what the system needed to do. They sent me a barcode...

EposNow.comTheir system wasn't suitable for our work

We used the demo version of the company It was quite good and therefore we decided to purchase it. We installed everything, but something was with this system. It simply stopped to work after 2 days. We called to the customer services and the tech arrived to check it. He told us that the system wasn’t properly installed at the beginning, but we didn’t everything as it was mentioned in the instruction. So, the system wasn’t as good as we though, and after couple of months we stopped to use it.

  • Ep
    EposNow Sep 26, 2016

    Hello HIT-GiRl,
    My name is Cherelle, I'm the Customer Success Manager at Epos Now .
    I am sorry to see you have had a few issues with our solution, at Epos Now we always try to offer the best service possible but we will take your feedback on-board and use this to improve our service.
    If you require any assistance, please feel free to call our support team on 0800 2945 945 who will be able to assist with your request.

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EposNow.comTheir system had a lot of flaws

Our company recently ordered the retailing system from the company The whole experience was big mistake, because they couldn’t provide good stuff at all. Also there were serious problems with the installation. Their system didn’t work properly and showed error too often, so we needed their help, but the techs were too busy and no one showed up. So, we won’t advise this company and wanted to warn that they didn’t help you if you have some problems.

EposNow.comThey didn't provide tech, but the software suddenly stopped to work

Our company used the software from the website Everything was ok, but recently the software collapsed. All our work stopped. We called to the techs from the company and asked to help us, but these jerks only promised to provide tech. The rep told that something went wrong, but he promised that the tech would fix it. But this jerk hasn’t showed up. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this website.

  • Ep
    Epos Now! May 25, 2017

    Hello Guest 72175,
    We are incredibly sorry you are finding the software difficult. We have a dedicated support team here to assist with all aspects of onboarding and ongoing support of our products 24/7 and would love to arrange a time to call you and assist with whatever you are struggling with! What's the name of the business and the best contact number and I will ensure to have a rep reach out ASAP!
    Kind regards,
    Epos Now

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