Endurance Warranty/Extended warrantieselder abuse, misleading and fraudulant sales tactics

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This company used misleading and fraudulent statements to scare and intimidate my 93 y.o. mother into buying an extended warranty on her car that she almost never drives and the warranty cost considerably more than the car is worth.


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      Dec 12, 2015

    My Mom and I both purchased Endurance warranties on our older high mileage vehicles. After calling the company several times to ask questions about parts my Mom was treated rudely by a man in customer service. She told me she was cancelling her warranty several times but they always tell her they'll lower the price. She is on a fixed income and saw she was paying the same amount on her neXT bank statement. This time she was told by cs that they couldn't bring the bill down as far as they told her but they were working on it. I'm scared all the money we're paying in will be for nothing. Today I'm cancelling my policy and hope she will do the same. They train their Salesforce to be manipulative and pushy so buyers beware.

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