Emirates Group / / emirates airlines support & fund the cause of terrorism

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Emirates group corporate finances and alison ward are linked to by supporting & funding the cause of terrorism globally, including in yemen - including all customers & passengers contribute every time you pay & utilise their flight & ground services, including dnata.

Examples include repeated military coalition led by the united arab emirates (uae) continuing its launched airstrikes in northern yemen that hits buses filled with children, killing dozens of young boys on school field trips - these repeated incident prompted outcries from the international community and drew further concerns about such wars.

The uae (including emirates group & etihad group) have been listed as a place used by investors to raise funds to support militants in afghanistan, pakistan, and financing of the september 11 attacks. Businesses based in the uae have also been implicated in the funding of the taliban and the haqqani network.

If you want to reduce terrorism from the middle east - stop paying & stop using middle east services such as emirates & etihad airlines group whom use your money to fund these continued terrorist atrocities of racism & discrimination acts to other cultures, including yemen & qatar.

Also, corporate boards & senior management (including alison ward / hr / recruiting) of emirates & etihad airlines are also racists and severely discriminates with consistent attributes = majority of personnel in these positions are incompetent, corrupt, possess zero real leadership attributes & have absolutely no idea what they are doing!!!

If you want to save yourself much heartache & delays & incompetent services & seek better service - avoid dubai airport & avoid emirates airlines group altogether. You only have to watch the show ‘ultimate airport dubai' which gives many clear examples & evidence that uae, dubai airport, dnata & emirates airlines group internally as well as external customer services can be summed up in four words = disorganised & inefficient & unprofessional & unreliable!!!

Sophie bernard sliman

Mar 16, 2019

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