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5:40 am
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Emerald Resort & Casino - No show fee

Hi my name is Ian Hartzenberg mine is not really a complaint but more plea for humanity ...I reservation no 6112265, I was suppose to Check in yesterday it totally slip my mind due to emotional trauma I'm currently experiencing my wife ran off with another and to of my Kids showing signs of Covid.Currently my whole life is in chaos...I'm in a no zone space so the last thing that's crossing my mind was my holiday reservation. This morning an amount of R3500, 00 went off my credit card account than only it struck me was I suppose to check in yesterday on enquire a very helpful consultant Tumi explain I was charge a no show up fee.I'm. Not disputing the charges at all, just pleading my reservation be minimised and rescheduled end of January 2021 with a single chalet.Kindly revert, my contact details are 0825402410

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4:18 am
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Emerald Resort & Casino - casino

last week I was playing the gold bars machine
201602 was betting R15 a time gold the gold bars full had over 16 free spins all the spins stop on 15 or 20 on the wheel when give a large amount says error jump to 15 please investigate I did speak to technician said send email please you can contact did send a email to infoermerald. still no reply

[email protected]

Desired outcome: santhiersagran Govender

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8:53 am
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Emerald Resort & Casino - Not paying monies won

We went to the emerald resort and casino to do some gambling on 2712017 at just after 12:15 my mom was playing a machine and it see that she had won a level 2 silver jackpot witch was R2450 we looked for a attendant and eventually one came to assist her the lady took the card and see she won she just needs to verify after about 20 min a attendant came and send the manager wanted to speak to her they then see sorry someone had won on the same machine the previous night so she can't get her moneys because of this they were saying their system! Made a mistake sonshe must get lost when speaking to some manager they see the machine will be rebooted but they were not going to pay her asked for a printout on the machine and they refused that as well why is this but the funny thing is preciously I played poker in the smoking area and the machine was faulty as well play max coins and only get pages on lesser coins witch they also refused to pay out they see those machines would be repaired but guess what 3 months later and they still get away with stealing moneys won last year my car was badly damaged in the parking area and it was the same story they were saying that if they hand the persons details over to police they were invading his privacy I would love to hand all documentation and recordings off what's going on there over to the correct persons as I think we aren't the only people that had this problem people should hear the stupid explanations for what they are doing how they steal from people and try to cover what they are doing people olso have the right to know what's going on there I tried to arrange meetings with the CEO Mr Martin rice but as u can guess he's always running away instead of explaining why the casino is doing this

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Update by [email protected]
Feb 01, 2017 3:20 pm

The case was reported at vanderbijlpark police and got case number and accident report number but they still refuse to give this persons details a statement was made to police that the emerald casinos security cameras don't work but on the same day I recorded a video where the guards on duty say its false they do work but the investigating officer see if the person doesn't come by and knock on his door he can't do anything been to court as I was even threatened in this matter but the saps are use less try getting them to actually do their work with the payout they were saying it was WO the previous night so they can't pay it out again as their server is faulty but as far as I know when u play and win u should get what's owed to u how can their server be faulty when u win but have no problems when u put moneys into the machines and people playing aren't responsible for maintain the server or machines

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Feb 01, 2017 3:55 am

Make a police report so they can get the take of who hit your car.

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