EMCareer visit

L Dec 26, 2018

I visited St. Mary's hospital in Waterbury, CT 03/22/2018. I was recovering from brain surgery which I underwent approximately 6 months prior. My blood pressure was high and was experiencing severe headaches. For the three hours I was there, I received no medical attention. I was just placed in a dark room. I requested to be seen by a doctor. That was when Dr. Coddett came in and told me they have discharged patients patients with bp higher than mine. Dr. Coddett was aware of my recent brain aneurysm. I left the hospital without receiving any medical attention. When I arrived home, I had a missed call from the hospital. I called back, however they were not sure who called me and the caller did not leave a voice message. I do not believe I should pay for services not rendered. I did not receive as much as a pain medication or a glass of water at the hospital. Dr. Coddett has billed me $1, 829.00.

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