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H Jan 06, 2020

I went to the ER at Baptist Health Hospital in Van Buren Ar. on two occasions for flank pain/pylonephritis. The first time was on 6/6/19, and I was admitted for 3 days. The second time was 7/8/19 for the same problem, but was not admitted. I have Federal QualChoice insurance ID # [protected]. I went to Baptist Health for care because it was the hospital covered by my insurance. I was not informed that the ER physicians, and hospitalists on both occasions, were not covered by QualChoice federal and I would be billed out of pocket. I have appealed this decision with my insurance carrier, but they have denied the appeal. I have also spoken with Baptist Health Hospital billing department and they claim no responsibility in this situation and were very unhelpful. I feel this is very unfair practice, as I paid the $400 deductible that I expected, but did not expect to get three bills totaling $3, 689.33 to pay out of pocket. The first bill is for the amount of $1, 152.34 Account number VAN808237283, for services rendered on 7-8-19 by Dr Balasa Sundaram. The second bill is for $1718.99 for services rendered on 6/6/19 by Dr David S. Ureckis. The third bill is for $818.00 from The hospitalist Dr Akkineni and Dr Urrehman. These bills will put an extreme financial burden on me.
Thank you in advance for any consideration you can give me,
Kimberly M. Young DOB 12-16-1966


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