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E Aug 29, 2018 Review updated:

I was contacted by SHARON BROWN who had a Indian accent but that's fine. She said I was approved for 2000 paying back 92 a month which seemed fair. Verified all my information and said I would get my paperwork in the email to review. Again that is fine. Here is where I knew it was a scam. SHARON BROWN asked me if I use mobile banking and I said yes. To verify my account she asked for my login and password and asked how much money I had in the account. Yeah right, who would give that info. I called back and recorded the conversation so if anything happens to my account I can press criminal charges. The name and phone number of this scammer is SHARON BROWN [protected].


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    Sheri Dickerson-Wright Feb 02, 2019

    I knew they were fraud as soon as they asked was I near a CVS, walmart, rite aide, general dollar store. The person talk too fast and insisted I call him back fast within 45min so they can deposit my money in my account. But first I had to give them $200. Why should I give money to get money? Sound fishy to me.

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