eLoanscamming and fraud

J Sep 13, 2018

I applied for a personal loan and was contacted by eloan. The guy said his name was David Jones, everything was smooth going and the money was deposited into our bank acct. We woke up the next day and our bank acct was overdrawn even more then what the loan was suppose to be for. I emailed this guy and asked for his supervisor name, he gave me the name Micheal Green, when I called it was the same guy claiming to be David Jones! This guy is now threatening me, as well as contacting my husband's work threatening them as well! He has told me that he will continue to over draw our bank acct and continue taking money from us. His latest threat is, he is sending the sheriff Dept to my home and having me arrested. After he told me he will find me and take care of me himself. All because I called him out on being a fraud! Now we've got to change all our banking information and phone numbers. This guy has called my phone 117 times in the past 47min alone today! They are insane! Do NOT deal with this company!!!

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