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very upset
In Feb 2016, i joined on a free basis, but when I received lots of messages on my profile I took the plunge and bought 6 months. i checked the small print and clicked 'no' on the automatic renewal.
well I was really disappointed when i realised that my 'messages' were just notifications of other members uploading photographs - in fact, there's no way you even know if they're members or just people trying the free basis. Anyway, the matches I got were very inactive and miles away so I scarcely used the service and thought that was that. but last week, out of the blue they contacted me to say they were taking £239 for a further 6 months. despite emails where I explained i cancelled the auto renew and don't want the service and haven't been using it ( and consider it all a bit of a con anyway) they will not return my money. I can't prove I hit the no to the auto reneal as its their website and they control it. The £239 is considerably more than my original subscription!!!
this is obviously how they make their money -not through matching people and performing a service but by false promises, marketing and sharp practice. I'm very annoyed at all of this and am looking for ways to pursue my calling and prevent other people being similarly duped. Any suggestions?

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