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Hi there, I have recently received a demand to settle my account with elite singles for £239. I have not used this service for over 7 months and I have not agreed to renew this service, nor have I received any emails telling me they will be taking more money or asking me to renew.
They say this is in the small print of the terms and conditions however surely they cannot just take more money from me without my permission or without sending me a bill? I thought that now to protect customers there was an opt in policy rather than opt out.
As well as this I still don't know how to cancel my account, I have the same issue with which i tried to cancel several times around 7 months ago.
I hope you can help.
Thanks in advance.


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    MissA_72 Mar 17, 2016

    Hi Liz, it sounds like you may have only deactivated your new partner suggestions, but not cancelled your membership. Try logging on (perhaps request a password reset since it's been a while since you last used the account), then go to the settings icon (my account), and cancel the membership from there. After this you can then delete your profile completely. I would assume pretty much the same for There's a contact form on or you can send them a fax to +49 30 991 949 5 32. I hope this helps.

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