EFloweflow unpaid toll notice

C Sep 18, 2019

I am now in receipt of two seperate letters from the M50 eflow toll, first stating that i owe the etoll charge, i have followed all instructions available on the letter, leading to a company, that does not recieve payments but advertises Merchant services, and also the bank transfer option, that claims to require a card reader machine in your machine, neither of these options are either viable or lead to anywhere you can pay a eflow toll, now having received a second letter requesting an absolutly rediculous fee and penalty charge, im at my wits end, stressed and worried that i have no funds for paying this extorionate amount and still have no further information on any way of contacting the company or paying the origional amount of 11.88, the credit card option doesnt work and the bank transfer leads to nowhere, dont know what to do next.

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