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EFlowelectric vehicle registration

On the 6/1/2020 I registered my new EV 201D2368 with EFlow. I was told that I would emailed with a few days and that any EV discounts would be reflected in my next bill. I was not contacted despite ringing them on 5 occasions during January

I received the bill on 4/2/2020 and the EV discount has not been applied. I have rang eflow twice and they said "it'll probably be reflected on the next bill". The refuse to ring me back or email me and I was even told today that the section that deals with this doesn't have any phones!!!

I am frustrated at the lack of communication and they are blatantly trying to extract as much money from me as possible
John Ryan
18 Osprey Lawn

EFlowso-called "customer service"

I used the M50 toll road, the tried to pay online via my laptop as instructed. Tried Mastercard - system kept me waiting for 2 minutes, then came back with "Invalid URL" and a reference number. Tried again with VISA - same result, different reference number.

Contacted eFlow - no email address of course, had to use the online form. Told them what happened, gave the error messages and reference numbers SO THEY COULD FIX THEIR SYSTEM. Asked them to phone me so I could pay them.

RESULT? - an email telling me what to do in case I had rental car. (I never mentioned rental car). Then told me to pay via the eFlow website. WHICH I HAD DONE.


Naturally, this email came from a "no reply" box, so eFlow is another one of those arrogant companies which sends out "Customer Service" emails but is afraid of replies.

EFlowcontinuous billing for a vehicle I no longer own

I refer to Yc62bov.

Eflow toll request 12/08/19 23051-[protected]
07/09/19 23051-[protected]
07/09/19 23051-[protected]
Outstanding amount due for these requests is in excess of £370.

The vehicle was traded in to PMA CARS LTD, 52a Belfast, Newry BT341TR, on 28/05/19. Dvla was notified of change of owner and retention certificate for the private plate was sent for and returned. The dealer was notified and the plate K90BDM was removed from the Black Audi A6 and the plate YC62BOV was added. My insurance for the change of vehicle commenced on Friday 31st May.
The Dvla have confirmed I aam no longer the registered keeper for the car so I can not understand why I continue to receive these requests for payment. Can I ask that this is sorted out please? I have previously sent an email to " contact us" section on eflow but to no avail.
I can be contacted on [protected] for any clarification required


Brian Moore

EFlow — eflow unpaid toll notice

I am now in receipt of two seperate letters from the M50 eflow toll, first stating that i owe the etoll charge, i have followed all instructions available on the letter, leading...

EFlow — toll penalty @ 1,041.67%

My credit card declined 1 journey. They suspended my account. I moved address so was unaware of this. The attitude of "customer service" is appalling - they hung up without...

EFlowalleged unpaid toll

Firstly I placed a query on Facebook while I was in Ireland about how to pay a past toll and also a future toll. I got a reply 20 days later!
Today my car hire company forwarded an alleged M50 toll violation on 10 July when I prepaid on 7 July.
Please see the attached notice and the relevant page of my credit card statement.
Please rescind this notice and advise Enterprise car rentals accordingly.
Why I have to go through this generic process as opposed to being able to contact eflow direct, God alone knows. Not a great way to encourage tourists, Ireland.

alleged unpaid toll
alleged unpaid toll

EFlowdouble direct debit made

Had a direct debit taken twice in 1 day. €91.00. Contacted eflow who denied this and referred us to our bank. When we came back to them they said they would call back and did not. The amount oweing was credited to our account without telling us. A request for the money to be transferred back to our account was offered as a cheque first, then refunded as card payment. Then told this would be a 3-5 wait due to volumes of other customers with same issue. Nothing on social media, www, or telephone service to say about delays and to alert other customers. This has taken 5 days and 3 phone calls all with very slow response and still no money in our account. They say that 95% of the calls are sorted on the first call. The call centre say they have to direct my request to another site. There it will be processed.

EFlow — attention for graham in resolver (manager)

Hi. I am hoping this complaint will go directly to Graham in the resolver department as we keep missing each other by phone since Nov 2. My complaint was regarding a call i made...

EFlow — eflow

Refused to co-operate with me in regards to payment for fines. Was in contact in resolver team that seem to be in the same office insisting I've an attitude problem because I...

EFlowI have paid toll but still they send me a letter (case number 23050-[protected])

Dear Sirs
I would like to inform you that I have paid but your department send me a letter and make me upset. I suggest your department should be update your system.
I paid at Costcutter Tralee Sweeneys(Account number [protected])
for car Reg EX54URT
SCAN CODE IS [protected] on the receipt
Please check and confirm via my email
kind Regards
Khalid Pervez

EFlow — unauthorised money taken from my credit card account with no reimbursement

eFlow has taken TWO extra payments from my credit and account without any reason and consent !!! I have been in touch with them and have forwarded all the information that they...

EFlowm50 tolls

I wish to make a complaint about the system used by eflow that just keeps adding penalties on to your account I missed a toll payment for the 5 June which I assumed I would have got in the post instead of which I got penalty's for trips made on the
8, 11, 12, 13, 15 all of which added to a lot more than 12.20 I thought I would be penalised all of the above journeys had been paid I rang on the 18 and paid what I thought was 12.20 penalty and everything would be up to date but I have been told I owe 12.20 for two trips on the 18 which I ha paid in advance on the the 17 so to summarise I have paid 12.20 for missing a payment and still 12.20 for a trip that as far as I am concerned was paid in advance so the one payment I miss is in effect costing me 4 times as much as original toll, the girls I spoke to explained that the system will just keep taking payment off open journeys which is why it is so much to my mind this system completely flawed in your (eflow) favour where missing on payment will result in your account constantly rising

EFlowcustomer services

eflow ac number [removed]


I will cut paste the 2 emails to date. I had an eflow account registered to an old address. I crashed the car with the eflow tag in it. I forgot the tag, was injured and more on my mind than the tag!!. When I remembered it I emailed with a view to re-instating the account. I have a bill of 48.89. got a robotic, officious reply to my email and 20 has been added since??? this makes no sense. I crashed the car, I don't have the fob, I didn't deliberately get rid of it, I had no car for ages so wasn't travelling, I shouldn't be charged all this money for nothing. can we not come up with a mutually agreeable sum, reinstate the account and send me a new fob. What is the point of sending me increasing bills getting nothing and no account!!
From: eFlow
Sent: 15 March 2018 15:39
To: [removed]
Subject: Re: account [removed]

Dear [removed]
Thank you for your web message received on 13/03/18. I have reviewed your eFlow account [removed].

Firstly, I wish to inform you that the payment method on your registered account is invalid, and that your account has been suspended since 2015.
Unfortunately, because no contact had been made to relay what had happened to the tag assigned to vehicle [removed], the tag was never marked as lost or destroyed, so we continued to charge you the tag rental fee of €1.23 every month since.
When we believe you still have an eFlow tag in your possession, we will charge €1.23 per month for the rental of the tag, even if no journeys are made.
This means the outstanding balance on your account is €49.72.

You can reactivate your existing account by updating your payment method (card type + last 4 digits or direct debit) online at

To do this:
Log in to your eFlow account using your username and password.
Click on the ‘My Bill' option from the menu on the left, and click ‘Payment Method'. Your payment method will be listed in the ‘Previous Payment Methods' list.
Click on the blue button on the desired payment method, and select ‘Activate'.
Alternatively, you can contact our call centre, and one of our agents will assist you.

Please update your payment method at your earliest convenience, as any journeys made by your vehicle(s), since your account became suspended, would be charged at the unregistered rate.
For us to send you a new tag, we would need to to return the tag. I understand you will be unable to do this.
According to point 15.2 of eFlow Terms & Conditions, a charge of €24.60 (including VAT 23%) is issued for each tag, which is not returned within the required time.

If you have any further queries, please contact us using the options below.

Yours sincerely

eFlow Customer Service
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Submitted by[removed]

Account No: [removed]

Email: [protected]

Telephone: [protected]

Licence Plate:

Subject: account [removed]

I have no tag for this account. I crashed my car a couple of years ago and it was scrapped and the tag was in it. I also moved house and wasn't getting these letters so I forgot. A neighbour took in a letter and passed it on. WHy is the account balance nearly €50? it seems very high for something that hasn't been used? I could reinstate the account with a new tag but I don't see why its €50

EFlow — getting my personal information under the data protection act.

On the 23/02/18 I rand about a fine I received on the 23th feb 18 which was issue dated 14/03/18 for a southbound journey 20/02/18 / journey reference number [protected]. When I...

EFlowabsolutely dreadful company

Hi I got a bill from eflow the last time for 3 euro unaware of the charge so they said I have a week to pay so I said [censor] it let them wait so 6 days past and now I have a bill for 60 euro... I rang them and explained to them again that I was given a week for that silly payment but they didn't listen I was charged 60 euro for late payment... Right snakey bunch they make peoples lifes very difficult...

Ye suck eflow!!!

EFlowappeal a penalty

My reference number [protected], I have written twice already to try to ask if there is a chance to appeal a penalty. I's single mother with two kids, working part-time, this was our trip home for Christmas, and I didn't do it on purpose, to don't pay the 3euro on our way to the airport. I physically just forgot, we came back on the 12/01/18 and when I was travelling again to Athlone, passing M50, I have reminded myself, that I didn't pay the first one. It was too late to pay that day because the penalty letter came a day before we arrived. I have already paid the 2 journeys and I was politely asking if there is a chance to cancel the 47euro payment, but there is no response from anyone. Please is there something that can be done in my case?

Best regards
Aleksandra Gornakowa

EFlowpayment not received

on april 17th 2017 i traveled to kildare using the toll, the following morning (april 18th) at 9.30 a.m i paid my fare in a local supermarket in Laytown co meath. a week later i travelled to america for 5 weeks and came home to see a notice that my eflow payment had not been recieved and my bill was €90.00

i called eflow on july 12th and spoke to a lovely lady called laura, laura advised me to return to the shop and see if they had a record of my reciept before we could proceed with anything, i had conatcted the shop several times over the past few weeks to get a reciept but due to a brievement in their family the manager was not available. he then rang me this morning and advised that they had no record for these type of payments, i rang eflow and was told my bill was €300.00 and they would accept €90.00..i then disputed it further and was passed to a different department, who now want €150.00 off me, when 20 mins previous i was offered €90.00 to settle. i agreed to settle for €90.00 seeing as i had no reciept to prove anything, and the lady would not accept the €90.00 due to me rejecting to pay 20 mins previous to a separate department? they now want further €60.00 in the space of 20 mins.. this makes absolutely zero sense. I will seek solicitor advise myself if this is not resolved and i will be contacting the ombudsman.

EFlow — payment on account

Hi I contacted eflow 6 weeks ago to explain that my card was scammed when I was abroad and my account was cleared out, so that was why payment was declined by my bank on the...

EFlow — unfair fines re m50 dublin toll charge

Hi Received a letter through the post on Saturday regarding an Unpaid Toll dated 27/05/2017 case number 23050-[protected] Vehicle Reg ST11 LUL for my journey around Dublin...

[Resolved] EFlowm50 toll charges overpayment on app

I have passed the M50 northbound in a rental car twice, once on 30/05 and once on 05/06. For each time I have been charged 2 Toll journey when paying via the M50 App. When ringing the eFlow customer Service, I was informed, that on the App it automatically comes up with 2 journeys, but nowhere does it show you how to change this! They also informed me, that the Car Rental Company (Budget) has to reimburse me the overpaid amount, as they hold an account with eFlow to which eFlow has submitted the amounts paid by me. The Car Rental Company of course confirmed to me that this indeed is not true and they cannot refund me the amount!
I would like to know, how I can get the money back now! I think it should not be too difficult to have it refunded by eFlow, after having given them both payment refrerence numbers ([protected] and [protected]), the vehicle reg, the Dates and times of when I passed the M50! Don't get me wrong, it is only a small amount, but it is a matter of principle! Why does the App come up with 2 toll journeys automatically, when only one was done in the first place? With the reference numbers given above, you should be able to locate all details necessary in order to process the refund and also to contact me by email if in need of any further clarification. Thank you very much

  • Resolution Statement

    In addition to everything else, I submitted the claim for refund via the eFlow website as well. I should have done that in the first place instead of calling them! I was contacted within 24hrs, confirming the overpayment and the issue was resolved a few days later with receiving the refund on my card. Thank you very much

EFlowM50 toll

Good afternoon

I would like to submit a complaint regarding a simply ridiculous fine I have received in relation the M50 toll.
My vehicle VRM is IJZ8622 and the date in question were 27th and 28th Feb 2017.
I can confirm that it was my vehicle and I was driving. My circumstances are as follows.I have never driven on the M50 prior to this date. I simply did not know the toll was electronic. I paid my toll on the M1 not directions and I paid my toll on the M7 both directions. I was NOT trying to avoid the toll.
I will willingly pay the toll for the dates in question.

  • Su
    supermum Aug 04, 2017

    Eflow are the biggest cowboys in town. I received 20 penalty notices for journeys id already paid for. got this verified and cleared up then following week they take 80 euro from my bank for outstanding charges. Im highly considering court action as i have proof of all my payments and times and the penaltys have been issued in error. Funny how i paid 140 euro for June usage yet Eflow said they didnt receive any money at all from me for any journeys. Thank god for bank statements. Not over yet. Still trying to get my money back that eflow illegally stole.

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EFlow — Overcharged with no notification letter

I have a video account with eFlow which got suspended for non payment. During this suspension, I travelled once and eFlow natural treated my journey as a regular customer. I...

EFlowM50 toll charges

Hi. We sold a car in July 2016. Then in November 2016 we started getting m50 toll charges in the post. My husband has been on the phone a lot of times and we are extremely frustrated at this point in wasting so much time on this and not able to find anyone to help us. DVLA have confirmed they can see that the correct form was sent in as we had to fill out an export part as the car was going from the north to the south of Ireland. When my husband spoke with DVLA they actually posted out another slip confirming that the car is no longer in our name. Is there anyone at all that can finally resolve this issue Street it's becoming slightly ridiculous that over all these companies no one seems to be able to deal with this??

M50 toll charges

EFlowToll penalty

I received a letter from Eflow a few weeks back about a toll payment. I went online to the website which didn't accept my registration and there was no phone number to pay. I have today received a letter today with an extortionate amount on it which I assume is a penalty for not paying. My attempt to pay before did not work I assume as I have a northern registration. I am not prepared to pay the penalty for what is an extremely confusing letter with no clear instruction of how to pay. Can you please contact me with instruction how to pay the actual toll fee as I will not be paying any penalties that you have incurred for the companies lack of clarity and the only website provided which doesn't even work-www.epcpic? Do you expect people to just guess what your website is? I was just told by an employee I could drive to the border to a shop to pay? Am I supposed to drive to the border to pay £11? Also how would someone who was not online/elderly be able to pay this bill?

My number is [protected]

EFlow — Toll charges

The way the toll charges operate is absolutely fine, IF YOU'RE AWARE HOW THEY OPERATE! I entered Ireland via Dublin port and used the M50 toll road. I paid at the toll booth and...

EFlow — Customer service is poor

When I changed my car 3 years ago I phoned eflow. As the account was in my husbands name and he was away the agent would not deal with me. With days the toll charges became...

EFlowSetting up foreign visitors for a nasty bill

We visited Ireland from the UK. We drove back through Dublin to catch the ferry and drove on the M50. On my return to London, we received a bill for £72.47, made up of : £2.72 for a toll that was impossible for me to pay locally at the time, plus £4.56 as "STR Penalties", plus £63.19 as "UTN Penalties" A £2.72 toll that was impossible to pay on the spot in Dublin has had £70 added to it? This is a total con job. You are fleecing visitors and seriously alienating families who might otherwise want to visit (and spend money there) again. EFlow is abusing the motorists that use the motorways.

Setting up foreign visitors for a nasty bill

EFlow — Charges

Dear Sir, I signed up with EFLOW in October last year using a new bank account. They had taken payments regularly until February. Last week i noticed that they hadn’t taken...

EFlowCustomer care service

? Do you use the M50 on a regular basis .
If you do, how are you getting on . I have just got an email from Eflow and they have just admitted to me in that email that they are aware of their system not reading some tags on the toll barrier.
They say they " will address this area in a timely manner "
I complained about this as I use a electronic tag and I mentioned this to the customer care taem months ago and they completely denied that they have any problems with their system and only now that I complained to the NRA that I have got a reply .
But you would want to read the reply .
I just want to ask everyone out there do you have any issues, if you do then please let me know as I am putting my complaints in a format that will make sense to all who read it .

  • Jo
    jony123 Oct 12, 2010

    unable to pay and have tried for 2 days now, tried through the service people and through the site, so the cost will keep mounting and its costing to make calls etc. this is an unbelievable scam of a business and should be shut down

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  • Mi
    Michael Brennan Aug 07, 2013

    I came from England and did not realise how the toll work kept looking for a booth that was in may, nothing came in the post but in July a bill arrive for 300 pound penalty.i tried phoning they don't want to know, the directors are hiding but not for long, I will be over shortly anybody interested in tracking them down leave a message on this and I will contact you Michael Brennan

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EFlowWrong charge

This is a good question to the people in e flow as i have received a letter stating that i used my car on the 5 November coming on the M50 which i was at home in mayo at that time. That it draws to my attention that how many people unknowingly is been charge for some computer or clerical mistake. It took them around 20 min to see that the car in the picture was not mine. If a person is not 100% sure about their findings they should get a second opinion before they send out bill and notices to people causing unnecessary distress in their lives.

EFlowtoll charges

i drove my car trew the toll southbound on the 23/12/2009 and back northboun on the same day, so on the way home i called into my local centra store and paid my €6 toll fee as it was near christmas i wouldnt get to do it.So this week i get a bill of €47.50 southbound and €47.50 northbound late fee.. i called the compant and was told if i didnt have a receipt id have to pay this fee, i called to the local centra and asked them would they have a copy of the receipt, they could not help me and told me it happened to them too..i am not happy about this at all, there shuld be some way i could get a copy of my receipt from eflow or the shop i paid it in

EFlowincompetent customer service

I first went through the M50 toll on 23rd May, both directions. Then I went to pay the fee and by accident I paid it into the wrong car reg- my Husband's. I quickly realisd my error since the amount was only €6.00 instead of €12 as I was expecting- having failed to pay within the ridiculous deadline. I then rang up the number thinking to be able to pay by phone and sort out the wrong payment. this was on 25th May. the chap I spoke to was nice, friendly, obviously on his last day or just messing around because he says that it's all sorted, but next I hear is I have a letter in the post informing me that I haven't paid a cent! this letter also warns about a possible further fine of €45.50. Anxious to avoid this fine, I ring up again, this time i get a confirmation number for my payment so it sounds as though something might actually have been done this time. Next letter- receipt? thank you for payment? No, telling me I still have €6.00 to pay and because of their incompetence another €45.50 too. Further phone calls. further assurances that the matter will be sorted out to my satisfaction. Promises of return phone calls, a written apology- I'm still waiting. I'm pretty sure they are still going to automatically send out another threatening letter with an extra €104.50 and then I'll really be able to say it's worth getting a solicitor. I'll sue them for damage to my health because of stress, loss of quality time with my children because of all the phone calls I had to make, and psychological trauma caused by the fear of prosecution, which was mentioned in the most recent letter. any advice on dealing with this nightmare would be most gratefully received. consumer complaints board, obviously, but how much detail do they need? I don't have names and dates for all othe phone calls I made, and anyway I'm afraid that's all a bit too deniable. Help!

  • Ir
    Irish_Richie Jul 06, 2009

    Or how about paying your toll charge to the correct license plate? HOW ELSE WOULD THEY KNOW YOU HAD PAID OTHERWISE? Thats like CLAIMING to have paid your credit card bill... ONLY PAYING YOUR SISTERS OR SOMEONE ELSES BY MISTAKE! I have a tag and was an unregistered user of the toll road and have had no problems because I use my initiative.

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  • Wh
    white Knight Sep 24, 2009

    Yes she should of paid the toll to correct car, however to err is human. The payment systems of the m50 toll however where designed in hell and purposely difficult to correct errors on. She tried to remedy the mistake however eflows methods are there to stop her fixing it so she will get billed higher - its how you make money.


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EFlowUnspecified Charges

This operation does not allow easy payment of tool charges and is completely uncaring of consumer needs.
If one is resident in Dublin with an Irish number plate and using the East Link Toll Bridge regularly, the system is fine.
If you are an occasional visitor, tourist, or departing on holiday, there is no easy way to pay the toll charge.
If you are in a herry to catch a ferry and find yourself heading away for 2/3 weeks, you can be sure that an escalating bill is waiting for you when you return.
Recently, a friend of mine living in West Cork, with no Laser card, no internet access (Eflow website was down) was told that he would heve to travel 28 miles to the nearest pay point (56 mile round trip) or his charges would further increase by 8 that night.
He offered to send a cheque. He was told that they would not accept a cheque.
After contacting customer service again, he was told that there was noone to complain to, no escalation procedure, that they were not allowed give names of management and could not disclose who owned the company.
These people at the very least no not comply to any 1so9000 standard and are most likely in breach of consumer rights, when, offered a payment, they refuse to accept it.

Reference eflow Dublin - To be avoided or it could be very costly!

  • Al
    Alan Kelly Jun 12, 2009

    Its a Complete Scam! i went through the toll once on the sunday and paid the 3 euro on the tuesday, then i got a letter that i owed 6euro, so i paid the extra 3euro which was a fine for not paying it the next day, now i got another letter saying i owe 47euro. i should have never paid it in the first place as everytime i do the just multiply it. so now anything they send me will go straight in the Bin. They should put back 1 normal Toll booth for people who don't want to sign their life away and get billed randomly by eflow. Shower of Scam artists are all they are! My sister was fined 180 euro over the xmas period as the post office was backedup and she didn't receive the letters until all arrived at once. Silly her she paid it! its all FF fault, get them out of Govt!

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  • Ci
    Citizen-X Dec 11, 2009

    The official line I got from e-flow's collection agency was:

    €3 for a trip (without account)
    after 8pm next day that goes to up €6
    after 14 days that goes up to €47.50
    after 56 days that goes up to €152

    They will only post to the address registered on the VLC (vehicle registration).

    Now the kicker - the web site will not allow you to make payments after the 1st payment is referred to this agency they use so all immediately go to €152 after the 1st one.

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  • Mi
    Michel O'Brien May 17, 2010

    crazy - just got the pleasure to pay F^&*ing 12€ to cross a [censor] bridge and hear the customer service repeat a script - how can they do this legally? 6€ for a 2 way trip is bad enough but doubling it for not calling them on a sunday is just messed up and seems legally dubious - I signed no contract with them - actually a bit miffed that my address was given to them by the motor tax office.

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EFlowpoor customer service and not helpful

i keep getting letters from eflow regarding notice to pay penalty and account outstanding, i have rang them every week for a few weeks now and every time they say there is nothing owed on my account but they will not send anything in writing to me to confirm this or email me anything. i also setup a video accoount over the phone and have still not received my account number or id so cannot check my balence online. However, even though i topped up my accoun with 30 euros they said over the phone there was -5 of a balence even though i have not used the toll since i setup a video account. Again i cannot get anything in writing off them.
Also, I have emailled them on a number of occasions asking for something via email saying i dont owe anything and requesting my account number on the video accoutn so i can check my balence to see for myself what it actually is. Again, nothing back.

This is the worst customer service i have ever come across. to this date i still do not know what is actually owed and what is in my account. This is terrible service.

  • Ha
    Hardship May 27, 2009

    This company is quite cloaked in its operation and they are totally orientated towards profit.

    There needs to be at least 1 lane, if not more where drivers can pay toll charges on the spot.

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EFlowNotice to pay charge

Our main toll road on the M50 motorway in Dublin has removed the barriers and toll booths.
Now drivers must pay by 8pm next day or face a double charge.
I went to work next day in my wifes car, could not remember the reg of my car, and because I would not get back to my house until after 8pm, I now must pay €6 each way instead of €3.
My complaint is that the time allowed is far too short. Drivers should be given at lease two days to pay not one.

  • No
    Nora Feb 09, 2009

    E-Flow are a disgarace. We have used the toll road 4 times in the last 3 weeks. We paid at the toll road each time we went through & have been issued letters from E-Flow for 4 separate LATE payments - .ie they claim we have not paid the toll even though we did it as we went through & now they want a total of 27.20 from us or they will take us to court - and we did not get receipts from the first two passages, so we cannot prove that we paid!!!
    That is 100% inefficiency & inaccuracy on their part, quite an achievement.

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  • Bb
    bbyrne001 Jul 21, 2009

    Does anyone know if there is an independent body or regulator that complaints can be made to in respect of e-flow? I have just been charged €95 for 2 journeys and I only received a notice in the post today which is after the 14 days limit when the apply the first penalty. This is pure extortion!

    I also spoke to one of their customer service agents who regularly implied that I had no intention of paying!


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  • Co
    cormicar Dec 21, 2009

    Yes- I would also like to know who regulates eflow. I was just charged €98 for 2 journeys. I was at a wedding 3 weeks ago and totally forgot to pay. How can eflow get away with these extortionate rates and the time given to pay is a joke. Every other company in Ireland(Bord Gais, ESB, NTL) all give 30 days to pay your bill and dont charge 16 times the original bill if you forget to pay. How are eflow allowed to do this...

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  • Mi
    Micheal2019 Aug 17, 2019


    I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago in regards to a penalty of €47.60 to be paid. The journey reference is 1826537518.

    I have already pay this toll on the day it was suppose to be paid. Please see attached.

    Please confirm same asap.

    Thank you,


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