Edwise review: German studies consulting

Author of the review
10:29 am EST

I Hope atleast after this complaint i will get a quick response
I have been trying to consult about german engineering studies in edwise for 1 month but there are keep on giving me reasons for postponing the appointment like
1)adviser is unavailable,
2)adviser is in other branch,
3)somebody is on leave,
4)your location is navi mumbai so visit thane branch(answer given in head office mumbai),
i visited seven times to your office in different - different locations in mumbai in this 1 month after managing my schedule in my office but totally disappointed with your service,
I called the german adviser many times but not picked
yesterday he picked my call thrice and all the time he gave reasons and told that he will call back but never did
my 1 month long time is wasted because of edwise,
i do not understand why you people run the office if making a customer to wait for 1 month