eDreamsfull refund £275 refund

B Jul 26, 2019

On booking flights to malta i was not quoted £103 for booking fee and on recieving my bank statement i w ondered why my fight was 275 i was quoted only price for flights 2 passengers for £175, i called straight away and spoke to an agent febuary and said i wanted to cancel, because i was not notified about booking fee she said she would offer me a reductiom of flights if i did not cancel 0f £184 so i accepted, so i waited for confirmation via email it did not happen i rang them stating the offer she had made me and had no confirmation, the agent said that they would listen to recorded message and if that was said the offer would be valid, i waited and waited so i rang back 4 times and was told they would take £134 if i cancel, i disputed that the offer ahould be HONOURED as said, i was spoken to rudley and abruptly stating they would be taking £103, i contacted Ryaniar via resolver they have said its not there responsibily to refund the fare back to me, so i contacted trading standards.
1. Your are in breach of customer regulations
2. I made you aware of the problem straight away.
3. I am legally in my rights to reject contract within 90 days.
4. I made you aware well before the legal 90 days to reject contract.
i have been in contact with E dreams upteen times with no positive results, my daughter is now registered in college for september which i have stated to Edreams so i have a good reason for cancellation which i have been trying to do since febuary.
5. you are legally bound by regualtions to refund my fare if i contact before 90 days which i have done. i have 7 messeages from resover concerning this issue i have with Edreams, which i am now sharing infromation with trading standard.
Can you follow the legal regualtions of 90 to reject contract for refunding fare.
I cannot get any where in these phone calls I have made over 7 months to Edream agents.
Awaiting your urgent reply.
Kind regards
Maisy McDonald

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