Easylife Furnitureworst customer service


After being given a deliver schedule of between 9am and 1PM for a bed delivery by the sales office I called at 11:30 and 12:30 to verify that the delivery was still as scheduled. Not feeling confident with the "Manger" for today's responses I asked for the delivery warehouses # so that I could validate the delivery time with them - Thats when the fun started - first off they told me it would be more like 1:30 as they were running late - when 1:30 passed I called and was told that the original deliver window was never 9 - 1Pm but 2 - 4 PM. One hour later they called to say they had miscalculated and would be out closer to 3Pm then half hour later they called to say truck had broken down. At each telephone call I in turn called the Easylife sales office to assist me and work on this and each time she came back with different delivery dates and info which directly conflicted with the info they had just given me. It gets worse!!!! They showed up and when the bed was taken out of the box - they had delivered a bed with THREE LEGS yes its true -!!!! THERE IS NOTHING EASY ABOUT EASYLIFE I WOULD NEVER SHOP THERE AGAIN I dont care how low their prices are they would have to be free - there is a distinct lack of communication between the sales office and the delivery dept. and no relationship whatsoever. There is no follow up by sales and no effort on their part to ensure that what was agreed to in the store is actually carried out.


  • Gr
    Graciela Enriquez Mar 03, 2007

    I purchased a sofa about a two years and was the worse investment ever. The frabric came apart and they didnt want to take any responsibility about it. I loss all the money because the just replaced the fabrinc and the same problem occurred few weeks later. Once I contacted customer service to try to change the fabric in the sofa again, they advised me that I need to pay estra for the replacement of the material.

    I requested a manager to contact me for my complain and no one call me ever. The sofa is sitting in my garage with out been use.

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  • Li
    Lisa Kroeger Jul 05, 2007

    I made an online complaint to the BBB regarding Easylife's services and practices from the Cerritos Easylife Furniture store.

    My husband and I purchased the Parkway sofa set on 5-28-07. The process of buying the sofa and loveseat was very easy, and the salesperson was very amicable. We were told the sofa may take about 2 weeks for delivery, but could take longer than that. About 2 weeks later, I called the store and spoke to Andrea. I asked her about the status of our order - she put me on hold for approximately 10 minutes, and was unable to give me an answer. However, she seemed confused and almost acted as if our order was never put in! A few days later, I called again and was told to speak to the delivery manager. I left a message with this manager but never received a call back. I tried again, and spoke to Linda (I think), and was told that I needed to speak to Yvonne, the warehouse manager. I left a message on Yvonne's voice mail, but did not receive a call back (until about 3 weeks later). Eventually, we got a call from the delivery section, and they told us that our sofa set was ready. The delivery date was set for June 17. My husband and I cut short our anniversary weekend getaway so that we would be home for the delivery. That Saturday (June 16) we got a call from the delivery people, who told us that they had to CANCEL the delivery because the sofa or loveseat did not pass quality control, and that either the sofa or loveseat did not get ordered, for some reason. I have 2 major problems with this. (1) Why would the delivery people set up a date before even checking the furniture for "quality control" and (2) How could the sofa (or loveseat) NOT get ordered, even though we had spoken to or left messages with at least 3 different people? Do they NOT communicate with each other at all? When my husband and I returned from our SHORTENED getaway, my husband went in to the store and spoke to someone who really didn't have any answers. We waited, again, for another phone call from whoever was in charge. Finally, we received a call on either 6/26 or 6/27 from the delivery people and we had a delivery date set of July 3. My husband and I cleared our living room for the set, and waited for the delivery men. Both delivery men were very nice and professional, and came during the estimated time. They brought in our set and unwrapped both of them. Then I saw a plastic furniture tag still attached to the sofa . I looked closer, and there were penmarks on the cushions. Then I looked at the loveseat - it HAD a plastic tag, but someone was smart enough to cut it off, but stupid enough not to cut all of it off. There were also penmarks on the loveseat cushions. After all the waiting, the calling, and more waiting, my husband and I were extremely upset and angry. We did NOT wait about 5-6 weeks for a FLOOR SAMPLE. I took pictures of the OBVIOUS floor sample set. We did NOT pay for a floor sample, and there was no way we were going to accept it. The poor delivery men then had to haul the furniture back into their trucks. We completed the customer return forms. After developing the pictures, we went in and spoke to the office manager, Tina, who was extremely apologetic and embarassed, but very professional. She said that she would have to pass on the information to Joe , the store manager, who would be in the following morning. He was supposed to call us the following morning, but we never heard from him. By that time, we gave up. We went in to the store and requested a full refund. Joe, who was actually there but decided not to call us (I guess), agreed and said that it may take about 2 weeks to receive our full refund.

    We ordered a certain furniture set, and we never got it. The store tried to sell us a very similar set but not only is it of lesser and cheaper quality, it's NOT THE SET WE ORDERED.

    Somewhere along the line, somebody decided to ship us a floor sample and tried to cover it up. This is a horrible, dishonest practice, even though I'm sure other furniture stores do it. I do not understand why anyone would purposefully take advantage of their customers, cash their money right away, make their customers wait 5-6 weeks, refuse to return phone calls, LIE, and send us a floor sample.

    We are extremly dissatisfied with Easylife Furniture. We were first-time customers, and will never, ever shop at Easylife again.

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  • Ed
    Ed Jones Sep 04, 2007

    I have had nothing but and excellent buying experience from this furniture company.

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  • Da
    Dawn Hlavac Oct 08, 2007

    I just purchased a bed from Easylife. The transaction went well. Although it seems that they are a bit behind on delivery times, they did manage to get to my house during the promised delivery time, 10-2, they showed up at 1:50pm and had the bed set up in 5 mins. I was told that I was their first stop of the day. You could tell they were behind schedule, as they were practically running in my door and rushed to set up the bed. Thank goodness it was extremely easy to set up. The delivery drivers were great. They only complaint that I had was when I called the warehouse to see where the drivers were, I was told they would be at my house in 45 mins, and it actually took them 1 1/2 hours to get here. All in all, yes I would buy again from this company.

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  • Yo
    Yolando Jun 06, 2008

    I purchased a sofa and chest from Easy Life Furniture on 3/17/08 and was given a several delivery dates. Well to make a long story short I had to cancel my order on 6/1/08 because I never received my furniture. I am now going to have to go to court to get my money back. I have contacted the store manager ( in person his name is Romy DelaRosa at the Glendale, Ca location) I call the director at 714 367 1640 and was given several reason why she has not return my calls.

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  • Tr
    traci Nov 04, 2008

    went to purchase a wall unit...no longer do they have a finance company to finance purchases. must pay in full for items...thought we need to spend money for the economy...what kind of furniture store doesn't offer financing for furniture?????

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  • Fe
    Fed Up Feb 01, 2009

    Easy Life my Hiney

    The only thing easy about Easy life is how fast they will take your
    money. After they have your money good luck!. We bought a sofa set and the Guardian Protection plan on 1-13-09. We were given a delivery date of 1-29-09. On about 1-16-09 someone from the delivery department called and said we could have our furniture on 1-22-09. The delivery was easy and fast, as it turns out too fast. Within 4 days we noticed the fabric and arm of our upholstered sofa was broken and pulling apart. Upon further inspection we discovered the fabric underneath looked like it had been removed and replaced. Then we saw that the plastic pattern on the bottoms of the legs of the sofa was worn off as if it had been dragged. Obviously this was not a new sofa!
    I called the store in Palmdale where we bought the set and was given the number for the district office. Let the games begin! First I was told that I only had 72 hours to report damage, when I asked where it said that I was told "well, we base that on customer pick up". I did not pick up my furniture I paid $ 70.00 to have it delivered. After some arguing on my part trying to find what the hell the warranty was for and being accused of either being to stupid to notice the damage or jumping on the furniture to break it, I was told I'd get a call back tomorrow. The call came and I was told a tech would be out within 11 days to inspect the furniture. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold for 15 minutes. Finally when they realized I wouldn't give up they agreed to replace the loveseat GREAT! except it was the sofa that was broken. Is anyone listening? We scheduled delivery for 2-1-09 the delivery was confirmed on 1-30-09 for between the hours of 11a.m. to 3 p.m. Of course at 10:30 on the 1st I get a call from the delivery asst. manager they over booked and can't make it today. They are offering me a refund of my delivery charge which is okay I guess, that is if I ever receive it. The woman I spoke to did say something interesting " the driver is doing everything he can to make the furniture fit on the truck even standing the sofa's on their ends". Gee I wonder why Easy life has so many complaints about broken furniture. My advice, shop anywhere else! But if you have already bought and are awating delivery check your furniture out with a magnifying glass on delivery. This has been a stressful crappy ordeal. So far as I figure I paid $100.00 a day for a sofa I can't sit on. I am convinced they base their customer service on P.T. Barnums philosophy" THERE'S A SUCKER BORN EVERDAY". Never will I buy anything from Easy life again.

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  • Robert Jacobs Feb 18, 2009

    Wow, My experience was great compared to some of the things I'm reading here. I didn't know what I wanted when I walked in, and I was shopping for my graddaughter so I didn't trust my own style judgment. One of the lady reps walked around with me and I told them what kinds of things my granddaughter liked- they helped me find a great bed for her and she really likes it. They were really helpful and worked with me on pricing.

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  • Un
    unhappy May 25, 2009

    I purchased a sectional at the Ontario store last year at a real great price. Now I know why, in December I noticed that my sofas were sinking in when you sat on them I called and I was told nobody could come out until next year so I said o.k. they sent a person by the name of Oscar out in January. Oscar informed me that he could not fix them at my house that he would go back and talk to the rep of the manufacturer and let me know what he can do and he would give me a call. I waited 2 weeks and nothing so I called customer service and I was told that they would have to be brought in for repair. Why didn’t some one call me and tell me that why did I have to call?
    My second complaint is about Larry at the Ontario store I wanted to know why they couldn’t fix them here and what I was supposed to do with out sofas for a month. I called him 11 times in two days and he would not take my call I was on hold 3 times for more than 5 minutes and each time I was told that he will call me back, he is with a customer, he is busy, etc…. so the last time I asked for his name and informed them that I was going to complain on him for not taking my call when all of a sudden he calls me back not 30 seconds later. Its to late my mind was made up that he was not worth talking to if he is the one in charge I could just imagine the rest of the people. I feel that if I had not said that I was calling to complain initially he would have took my call, two days he can’t call me back why I was told to call Catherine at ext: 303 that she was in charge of this store.
    My third complaint is on Catherine ext: 303 I called this lady for nearly 2 weeks and she would not take my call or call me back. I was very mad by then I finally got Catherine on ext:225 she happened to answer the phone and we got into it I wanted to know why she didn’t call me back and she said she was busy she returns calls at her earliest convenience 2 weeks mind you! So I couldn’t argue any more with her she was right she pointed out to me that on her voice mail it does not say I will call you back in any time frame and she was right. I explained to her my situation and she told me that they had to come back and there was nothing they can do. Put your self in my shoes how would you feel that you don’t get a call back in 2 weeks.

    My fourth complaint is on the pick up of my sectional. I clearly asked for a phone call to give me some kind of window of when they would come and pick them up. Since it was Super Bowl Sunday did I get one a call no. So there I am all day Sunday and nothing but I couldn’t leave because if I left then they would come and I would never get my sectional back. When all of a sudden late at night, dark, a truck pulled up in front of our house it was 6:00 at night you have to be kidding me. I don’t know about you but that late in the night to let people in your house I am not o.k. with that at least if I would have known they were coming that late in the night we would have been prepared one simple phone call was all it took but no.

    My fifth complaint is about all the people that answer ext: 225 I called twice a week and checked up on my sectional I was told that they will cal me when they are ready including (Roslyn and Larry) so I stopped calling after the third week. I didn’t want to have any more problems with east Life I just wanted to get my sectional back. So I waited and waited and waited when I realized wow it’s been more than a month and nobody called me. I called and spoke to a lady named Linda in customer service and she informed that the sectional was ready since the 25th of February. What!!! How come they didn’t call me!!!Like they said they were going to do as soon as they were ready this was March 3. As you could imagine I was very upset and disappointed I scheduled a delivery for that Saturday but after fearing that they probably won’t call me again I changed it to Sunday March 8. I told Linda that I wanted a phone call to inform me the time frame and she said I will call you back my self I told her it was very important that they call me this time.
    My sixth and final complaint is about Easy Life Furniture. The last chance to make a good impression you blew it I never got that phone call and we waited all day Sunday until they got here I complained to the driver and he told me I just deliver there were no notes to call you sorry. Once again the one simple thing I ask for does not get done. I saw the notes for other people saying call 1 hour before delivery where was my note in the trash some where probably. Why did you fail me so bad on all levels? What did I do wrong? Did I speak to all the wrong people? Who is watching over all these people so that they can do all this and get away with it? I am very disappointed in Easy Life this whole thing was a nightmare to my family I hope for the next family that you don’t operate in this way. I would like a response in writing I am tired of calling Tes Viall 4 calls in two weeks and not getting a call back from her either I was told she is the highest you can go so you will probably end up with this letter I figured it does not say on your voice mail also when you will call me back so why bother calling you any more.

    March 12, 2009

    Note: The above was mailed to Tes Viall.

    It is now April 15, 2009 and I still have not heard from anybody especially Tes Viall. I am not going to give up on this every body has a boss and all I keep getting is that you could only go as high as Tes Viall. Well what do I do, now that she blew me off for over two months now. If any boby is reading this forward it to any one that cares or will listen to what a customer has to say!

    It is now May 25, 2009 and I still have not heard any thing who gets these e-mails doesn’t any body have the courage to send this e-mail to the right people I want to know what I did wrong to get treated like this by all these people. I also want some to tell me that it was not o.k. for them to do this to me. Please send this to the right person along with Tes Viall Thank You.

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  • Un
    unsatisfiedcustomer Jun 22, 2009

    I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM EASYLIFE FURNITURE ... This is a sincere warning!!! My couches were delayed for two weeks, on top of the month it took to get them. I sat on my livingroom floor, while they sat on my six hundred dollar deposit. Then when i finally got my couches... the delivery guys damaged them on the way in... thats NOT the worst part !!! they refused to take the couches on that day! Instead they said they would replace them on a later day... to make a long story short. I'm stuck with damaged furniture. THEY DAMAGED THEM AND THEY REFUSED TO REPLACE THEM...the worst customer service, ONTARIO LOCATION.

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  • Th
    thia63 Jul 09, 2009

    hi i made a purchase at EASYLIFE on 5/9/09 and I'm still waiting on my furniture. I was told it got held up in customs, so the delivery date go pushed back to the end of June. Originally due the 12th of June customer service is not what if should be, if you see that you've told a person a certain date at leaset give us a courtesy call to keep us informed. It seems that it all about commission and after you made your quota what do you care. My 1st and last time making a purchase with this company.

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  • Ar
    aroljahns Jul 13, 2010

    I don't typically comment on purchases I make, but since Easy Life appears to be getting a bad rap particularly for deliver i figured i'd share my story in support of them. First of all I found the sales people to be very helpful and knowledgable but don't negotiate on price which was a bummer, but their prices are already pretty resonable so not a big deal. we went to a couple different stores and finally made a purchae hoping to take advantage of the no interest financing through 2011. As it turns out the website was misleading and we didn't qualify for that financing. I didn't appreciate the bait and switch but we ended up making the purchase any way. They told us the item we wanted (the NOVA table and chairs) was on backorder and would take 2 months. Okay, that is all the bad news. After that, they were great. I fully expected the item to be further delayed (more bait and switch) but it actually arrived earlier than expected by a few days. And here is where they went above and beyond in terms of delivery. My wife and i were away the weekend it was supposed to be delivered so we arranged with our apartment complex management to let them into our apartment for the delivery and set up. This entailed them going to a different address to get the management rep with the key and then going back to our place to deliver and set up the furniture. Then take the management company rep back to the other address. Since our management company is not always on the ball themsevlves i figured it would never get done properly and we'd return home without our table set up, but everything went smoothly and we love our new table.

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  • De
    Debrralynn Apr 22, 2012

    Worst furniture store I have EVER dealt with, worst store period! I purchased a new bed/mattress and a 3 piece sectional on 4/5/12, I was told soonest delivery was 4/15/12, in which I would be out of town, so we agreed upon 4/18/12. I took the day off work to receive the delivery and cleared out my sons bed, he slept on a mattress, and cleared out our current huge sectional. I was told to expect a call the day before, 3/17/12, with a 3 hour window, I never received a call... I called the Cerritos store where I purchased it from and spoke with a gentlemen who had a VERY heavy accent which apparently made it hard for him not only to speak to me, but to understand me! He told me he would check on it and call me back in 15 minutes, 1 hour later I called back, spoke with a very nice girl who did her best to assist me, however advised me that not all the pieces were available so I would not be receiving a delivery the next day as scheduled, thanks for the call to let me know! I was then it told it would be 5/7/12 before the piece would be available. I called the delivery dept. at 6:45 am to have the order split since the bed was available and my 9 year old son was on a mattress on the floor. After a few calls I did get that to happen and his bed was delivered. I asked that a corporate manager to call me back, and I'm still waiting...
    I took time out of my schedule on Thursday 4/19/12 to go speak to the store manager about what was happening, he was "apologetic" and didn't seem truly interested on helping me until I threatened to cancel my order. He said he would call me by 2pm to see what they could do, and to my pleasant surprise he called me within an hour and said they were able to get the missing piece off somebody else's order!! (poor sucker) and got me a delivery date of today 4/22/12. My timeframe for delivery was between 3-6 and they showed up at 3, with only 1 of my 3 pieces, just the piece that they had on back order that they ended up taking from someone else's order, I refused the 1 piece, the drivers refused to go back to the warehouse for the other pieces, the warehouse, customer service and the store manager all refused to facilitate this more me and told me they could redeliver on Wednesday 4/25/12. So now we have taken our old bid couch out twice, not an easy task, and still have no furniture. I am going furniture shopping tomorrow elsewhere and will cancel this order.

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  • Ch
    CHRIS CAM Jun 06, 2013

    we bought a table set, 9 months ago from easy life, we called to advise them that the bar stool leather was ripping at the seem, they asked us to send pics to them, we had to call a week later just to find out they are sending someone out within 11 days, they finaly came tried to repair it and said they discontiued this item. and then we called to see what was going to happen and they said that it was our fault for the damage even know the seem is ripping, so they wont help us, they told us well since we dont even make that item any more we wouldent be able to replace it any ways... all in all its becouse they dont make it any more is why they are trying to blame it on us... NEVER SHOP THERE THEY WILL BLAME IT ON YOU AND WONT HELP YOU

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