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You have an employee named Jessica (wouldn't give me her last name.) who was incredibly ignorant towards me. It was a mistake made over and over by the management, specifically Jamie (who apparently lies about me claiming I would make a payment on a day when the actually agreement was the money was to be directly pulled from my account. Which is where all the problems lie because they can't get their crap together to pull payment on the proper days. ) she was rude, would not listen to me about they payments, called me a liar, told me no when I said I was done and To come pick up the product as I'm not dealing with their incompetence any longer and told me to call back when I was in a better mood and hung up on me. Absolutely worst customer service. I will recommend against family and friends from using this service in the future. And although I doubt you will do anything to correct this I felt others should know. I will be making this public as well as contacting the head office in this regard.

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