Easycar.combooked, was told on the day no car available for me.. two weeks later, no refund?!

To whom it may concern,

I made a booking on Friday 13th for a car to be collected on Saturday 14th at 8.30am.
On the Saturday, I received a call at 8am from AVIS to inform me that there wasn't any car available for me to collect at that time. I was told they were unsure why my booking through EasyCar had gone through and that there was nothing they could do to help me.
I paid £115 and was left with no option but to look for another car and pay TWICE.
I was given the telephone number of AVIS reservation team and was told to call that number to ask for a refund. Never was I told to call EasyCar.
When I finally spoke to Easycar on the following Monday, I was told that it was very unusual for this to happen but that they would do their best to help me.
It has been almost two weeks and I have already called them twice, only to be told that it will take 20 working days for a manager to get in touch with me and discuss the case. I was also told that they were waiting for AVIS to confirm that no car was available on that day.
Trying to speed things up, I called AVIS and I was told that they would be happy to confirm if EasyCar would just call them!

I have just been on the phone to someone from EasyCar called Ella. She told me that AGAIN it would be another 10 to 20 days before someone contacts me.

So here is my story:
-I have booked and paid £115 through Easycar for a car that was never available.
-The booking shouldn't have been authorised but it has somehow gone through.
-I had to pay for another hire car.
-EasyCar will not give me my money back.

Being extremely unsatisfied, I have asked Ella for the procedure to follow to write a formal complaint. I was told there wasn't really a procedure she was aware of! I was given an email address at least... I will make sure to write to them (even if i am not expecting any answer), i will leave reviews and talk on social media about my experience.

I was left out of pocket.

My name is Charlotte Derain and Booking Reference Number: GB445997360.

Sep 30, 2019

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