EarthLink / Windstream Services Complaints & Reviews

EarthLink / Windstream Services / customer service

Feb 18, 2019

We had called windstream on 1-1-19 spoke with Lara about getting internet bundle along with the modem & booster we were set for installation on 1-8-19 they showed up 2x's on 1-5-19 only to install a phone line then NO show on 1-8-19 I called back 1-11-19 spoke with 2 Nakisha & Kavinaw... / peoplepc. allowed fraud on my acct. my emails stolen

Jul 17, 2018

I cannot get into my customer service at people pc. I have chatted with rep. & they told me that they allowed another person to use their cr. Card on my acct. I have just had all my emails stolen. I cannot get hold of peoplepc customer service without a chat in which hacker on my...

EarthLink / Windstream Services / earthlink hyperlink

Oct 31, 2017

Tried Earthlink Hyperlink for a mere week and it was a bad experience from day 2. First off, the sales rep told me over chat the incorrect installation price and I had to talk to two different representatives to get the quoted price which I was told would be refunded over the span of 3...

EarthLink / Windstream Services / wifi

Oct 9, 2017

Trans i.d. t218734238 Date..10/06/2017 Card#4418 9601 0863 5171 There was a payment taken off my card in the amount of $274.59 that I did not authorize windstream to use my card or anyone else this was a brand new card so I don't understand I never had windstream (wifi) and I don't live... / it will never get better

Sep 6, 2017

So much junk not getting filtered. My inbox is full of spam and even when I refer a spam letter to junk, it appears in inbox again, when it comes. So many times I asked the to fix this problem, it causes a lot of mess, but they ignore it. I want to know, what's their benefit...

peoplepc online an earthlink brand / unethical canceling practices

Sep 24, 2014

I cancelled all my services with completely on February. 15, 2014. He assured me that it was cancel. Because I was cancelling all of my credit cards. A few months later I get two invoices from them. The first invoice states that they unauthorized use of my credit card two...

EarthLink / Windstream Services / Ripped off

Jul 29, 2014

Earthlink ripoff: I inquired into getting Earthlink internet service where I was moving to and was advised coverage was available. They took my credit card information and charged me a total of $40 but a technician called me and told me that internet was not available where I live due to... / Cancellations and frauds

Dec 10, 2012

Well I did talk to my Dish network company and they offered me a plan which it comes at the end that wasn’t the plan they offered me, well the Dish network company set up my internet but because they canceled my membership with dish network I have no services at all and never did with thi...

Earthlink / Fraud

May 13, 2012

Last May I mistakenly sent my mortgage payment of nearly $1, 000.00 to Earthlink. The check for Earthlink, $7.95 was sent to my mortgage company. My mortgage company has had me one month behind on our acct since them and just notified me of my deliquency. Earthlink deposited the check for...

Earthlink / Earthlink Internet lied about their prices

May 6, 2012

In September I called Earthlink to ask how much it would be to keep my earthlink email address if I cancelled service since Time Warner was offering $29.95 Roadrunner deal. Earthlink offered to match $29.95 price and I said I’d stay with them. Since then, I’ve been charged...

Earthlink / Fraudulant Practices

Mar 15, 2012

I received a letter in the mail today from Earthlink welcoming me along with an earthlink email address and a password. I have Time Warner Roadrunner internet service so I called them about this letter. They showed no change in my account and suggested I call Earthlink and they gave me the...

Earthlink / Want my money back

Dec 16, 2011

I cancelled my Internet service with Earthlink on Nov 17th 2011, after several months of non-working Internet. I was told i would be receiving a return shipment in the mail so i could return their equipment and that i would not be charged 90.00 cancellation fee. I never got the return...

PeoplePC / Unauthorized Charges

Nov 12, 2011

PeoplePC started calling and harassing my aging parents who had the service briefly many years ago, maybe 8 years or more. I don't even recall them having this service at all. They started calling for new credit card information and I advised my mother not to give it to them, thinking... / They are not to be trusted

Sep 29, 2011

People PC, they are not to be trusted, I was double billed several times and when I called in June to cancel my account, I checked, and they were still charging my credit card for July, August, September, called to let them know, and they said, that I had requested a free month. No, I had...

PeoplePC / Beware of PeoplePC practices

Mar 17, 2011

I canceled my internet service and was told that my credit card would not be charged again. But the following month PeoplePC Online charged my credit card again. I called support again and was told that I didn't disconnect my service and was just on an extended leave from the...

People PC / Can't speak English

Mar 13, 2011

I had their service, and I only have 2 weeks left on it. Read the fine print...If you cancell early they charge you an early termination fee. My ISP has gone down more times than I can count. Whenever you call them, your call is rerouted to India. My internet was down for 2 days, and the...

Earthlink / closing account

Feb 26, 2011

I have been trying to close my account for more than three months but they refuse to do so. We told them in December to cancel our service when we closed our credit card account. They claim their records do not show any request to cancel service despite our telling them THREE MORE TIMES...

Earthlink / BILLING


I had an account with EarthLink for 5 or 6 years. I close the account on august 2007. EarthLink then sent me to a collection agency for non-payment for April and May 2008. After hours of conversations and no resolution, I decided to pay the 2-month due and again make sure that EarthLink...

Earthlink / Customer Service


Earthlink customer service has gotten terrible. Their phone bank is sent over to India and operators are hard to hear because of their accent and apparently a poor connection. Have had problems connecting on dial up for two months. Their solutions have not worked. Still cant connect. They...

Earthlink / bad service


i have been useing earthlink dsl service for about 6 months my problems started almost imediatly. my service drops conection randomly and the modem must be reset to get it working again. in dealing with earthlink we have changed our ethernet card, modem, phone line to wall, lines to the...

Earthlink DSL Service / Support Technicans Sales Pitch for a New Modem


This week my internet has been down for four (4) days. I called Earthlink Support. After having me disconnect everything (house phone and DSL line) from the phone jack, I was informed by the technician I needed a new modem. He told me my "signal was weak." He said I had two options, 1) pay for a...

PeoplePC / charging me after I canceled my account


I notified Peoplepc in the last week of Sep 09 by the customer service chat feature and also by phone that I was moving my the end of the month and not to bill me because I am canceling their service. They kept billing me for another 3 months and now my bank account is over drawn and also...

Earthlink / Scammers


I discovered in January that Earthlink continued to debit my account after services were cancelled. When I called to have the charges stopped, I was always told by the associates that there was no record of an account. Finally today in October I get someone who will finally cancel the...

Earthlink / Fraudulant billing


I had a subscription for Earthlink cable internet service for several years. Payment was deducted from my checking account, which was ok, but one day I noticed small additional amounts being deducted from my account under the Earthlink name. I must admit that I am not very thorough in...

PeoplePC / Avoid like a plague


My wife and I took a 30 day trial of their internet service, Worst mistake. We canceled our service before the first payment was to be charged. We even called them twice to make sure no charges would happen. No all will be fine, you will not be charged said the rep who couldn't speak...

Earthlink / Unauthorized billing


They mail flyer to me offering $49.95, for phone and dsl service in june 2007 and i accept, for payment they only accept credit card and every month they take over $100. for payment, when i call earthlink about it while talking to then they cut me off, when i call back they put me on hold...

Earthlink / Fraud


Subscribed to EarthLink dial-up and never used it for over 2 years. Wrote on the current bill, account closed and paid it. Next month, another bill. Wrote a letter & attached to bill...Account was closed. Next month, anoter bill? Wrote a check and on the check I wrote FINAL Payment...

People PC int svc / overcharged svc fees since April to August, 2009


Dear Sir or Madam: Last night I already sent the email to you for requesting cancellation of internet svc at once and also request you to refund the overcharged me svc fees since April to August, 2009 and total of amount of $49.75 for five months a.s.a.p. not having my authorization to agree...

Earthlink / Terrible service


Earthlink is using the cheapest kind of business tactics to avoid losing customers. They currently will not allow customers to cancel via email or through the website, only by telephone or certified letter. I called Earthlink to cancel, and were told that computers were down, and to call...

Earthlink / Billing


I signed up for Earthlink Dial-up service around June of 2008. I Have been trying to cancel my service since July of 2008. I was charged almost $23.00 per month, they have also double charged me at times, and I have not used their service. I have tried to call them numerous times, and I...

People PC / Charges for Services after Acct Cancelled


I cancelled my father's People PC account in December 2008 because he became unable to even use a computer. In February, my credit card was charged $5.85. In March, another charge for $1.95 appeared on my statement. When I telephoned to ask WHY we were continuing to be charged for my...

PeoplePC / charges after account closed a year


PeoplePC charged $1.95 to my American Express after this account was closed over a year, claiming it was a mail upgrade. Customer Service seemed to think this was alright, asking questions why I closed this account. I deleted charges from Am. Express, then received a bill. I have never...

Earthlink Internet / Earthlink keeps charging me, account closed


Earthlink keeps charging my card for my sons internet account that he canceled 20 months ago. Earthlink keeps charging my card because when I chanceled the account I did not have the password. Earthlink keeps charging me after I closed my bank card so they could not charge my card. Earthlink now...

Earthlink / Fraudulent charges


I attempted to sign up with Earthlink DSL service in January 2009. I was told that since I had a certain local phone provider, they could not provide DSL service for me and an account would NOT be opened. In the past two weeks, my cell phone has begun ringing with recorded message from...

Earthlink / over billing


i canceled my services on jan 24 eathlinks agent with held the billing cycle and date that my jan 18 payment was for when asked . In my bill me later statement it states 31 days what are the 31 days arethay jan o r feb? it is not stated .now on billme later statement the math is wrong!...

Earthlink / wrongful billing practices


I had a brief living situation in which I was possibly able to get dial-up internet service. It was going to be rough using dial-up, but it was better than nothing, so I called earthlink. The gentleman told me that they had a special offer that gave me 1 month free with an option to...

People PC / Billing Scam


Type in People PC Scam in your web browser and you'll get lots of hits. This is not the friendly little internet provider that you see in their commercials. Their internet service is just fine but good luck cancelling your account. When calling their telephone number to cancel your... / Fraudulent website


I was experiencing some DSL trouble after the 30 days they give you to cancel. They had me troubleshooting and it took almost two hours, the first time. Finally got it working. About a month later the same problem had started again with the DSL and it took me a hour this time with them...

PeoplePC / Poor customer service!


Please do not use PeoplePC unless you are willing to make a lifelong commitment to use their service until the day that you die (and even then, your grieving family members might then be saddled with an inefficient, slow internet service forever and ever, amen). I just spent 30 minutes on...

PeoplePC / Online fraud


Called PeoplePc to receive dial-up internet service because it is cheap, or so I thought, and I only needed it for 4 months. Josah, the tech, who was difficult at best to understand, was on the phone with me for over an hour trying to find me a local number, finally he said, 'This i...