Dunia Financeclosing my account

L Aug 05, 2018

I paid yesterday (in dubai media city branch) all my remaining balance in my credit card worth 6, 513dhs. And i told them i want to close my account. Then the indian lady told me to call the customer service and check first my status if they confirm that i dont have any credits left they will close my account. My point is whats the use of your system if im going to pay already and they will tell me that wait for the finance department to call and confirm. WHY IS THAT?????? And they will tell me that day is running so what now??? Even if i paid, your making me feel like i still owe you!!! You're not being helpful, reasonable, and acceptable!!! I want to close my account RIGHT NOW!! ONLY TODAY!!! Because i dont want to hear that time is running. If you will not do something about it and settle everything today i will file a complaint.
Jenilyn Gerilla- [protected]

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