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Complaints & Reviews

delivery/customer services/shop staff

I am so so angry. . I have had 5 weeks of stress. Anger. Unbelievable conversations the list goes on and on. I have now demanded a contact email of the company director. But no...

Dunelm — made to measure net curtains

I placed an order on 20.7.18 for net curtains with a 10 day lead time. Left my mobile number with the order and was told I be would be rung when in store. 21 days later, no phone...

Dunelm — staff made wrong order. instead of a window seat, I received a lucy storage bench

Received a Lucy Storage Bench Order No:[protected] Total cost: 139.95 plus £9.95 delivery charge Purchase Date:26/06/18 Delivery date:2/07/18 I thought I purchased a Lucy Window...

DoorsWorlddelivery/customer services

I have ordered 14 doors and 14 hinge sets from the website. The both sets of products were stated at being 48hr delivery. The date was selected for delivery and payment was make. The day before delivery I recieved a text saying that the products were no longer available to be delivered the following day. That evening I then received a mail saying that they had been dispatched. The day of delivery I then recieved a delivery of the handles and hinges but no doors.

I have been calling all of the numbers available on the website and receipt to find out what is happening with the doors but cannot get through. The hold lines eventually just hang up on me. I have spent at least 4 hrs on hold. I have also tried calling dunelm sales and asked to be transferred for them only to transfer me to the same lines I have previously been calling.

Very frustrating and I have had no correspondence as to when to expect my doors. Please contact me to resolve this situation ASAP.

My number is [protected] and email is [protected]

DoorsWorldstable door

Shocking service. Terrible company. Ordered 2 doors plus door frames in May. One door arrived in August with 2 frames which had no packaging and just tied with the door seals - which were bent and not useable. Complained and was told they would resend door seals - further email stated that they don't send seals - they were used just for tying up the frames!! Now 26th October and 2nd door still hasn't arrived. No-one answers the phone. Waited on hold for well over an hour. Eventually got through to someone who put me straight back on hold. Really disgusted that a company can treat customers like this.

DoorsWorld — aftersales service

No one answers the phone when trying to cancel an order. I Have been trying to cancel 4 orders for 5 and 6 days with no answers. For one of them I was offered a collection which...

DoorsWorld — I won't be using this company again

Why your doors are like wrong clothes from Aliexpress? What I got was wrong. I received three doors from them, one of them was defective and two others were the wrong size, even...

DoorsWorld — purchase of 3 doors online

I purchased 3 doors from DoorsWorld website, on Saturday 02/Sept, with delivery date set for Tuesday 05th/Sept. Tuesday arrived and my doors didn't. I referred to their tracking...

DoorsWorldCancelled my order

Ordered a door from website and these guys cancelled my order and told me nothing about that! Glad that I contacted my self and only then I found out my order was cancelled. They said they were not able to deliver to my address and promised I'll get my refund any time soon. Waited patiently but there was no sign of my money and every time I contacted them they gave me nothing but empty promises! What a scam! I want my money back!

DoorsWorld — Oak doors

Before you order from DoorsWorld, call [protected] and see how long they take to speak to you when you have an issue. I ordered 2 doors which were more expensive than other...


I have ordered two doors from and was supposed to receive them two weeks ago but still nothing. When I contacted DoorsWorld customer care service they said that one of my doors was not in stock and asked me to wait. Then they said that my order was sent and will be here soon. Then they promised I'll get my order on Friday but nothing arrived and when I called they said I'll get it on Monday.
Then they just stopped picking up the phone. I want a refund!!


I have ordered a door from and did not receive it on the estimated date. I contacted them and they promised that I'll get my door first thing in the morning so I waited patiently. Unfortunately the did not deliver my door so I had to call them and request an order cancellation. They said that it was not possible and gave nothing but empty promises.
So my door never showed up and then these guys started to ignore me. They still have my money and it seems like they are not planning to deliver anything. — The company didn't have proper customer services and no one answered to the phone calls

I ordered two oak doors from I got the email that within 24 hours I would get details about the delivery date and time. I didn’t receive any email, so I decided...

Dunelm — Furniture

I received a damaged wardrobe from Dunelm and they sent out a replacemnt part that was even more damaged, wood pieces and splinters coming off, completely wrecked. Even the... — Doors

They accepted an order in early November for something that they obviously did not have in stock. They emailed me to say that delivery would not be until mid January and would I... — The rep has no idea where my order was

I bought five oak doors from the website These jerks told me that my order was sent and no more news. After a week still no delivery, no news and when I finally...

Doorsworld.coLies about fast delivery

The website and the rep lied about the delivery and charges. It was mentioned that the delivery would be on the next day, but it was lie. I have been waiting for three weeks and still haven’t received it. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments. expense. charged my credit card without authorization and do not answer my phone calls. They offer a FREE month trial and it has proven to be an untrustworthy expense.

Doorsworld.coNever ending nightmare

Never ending nightmare. Waited in for delivery that never came for several days. Wrong item, they refused to collect it and wanted to charge me for collection! Then did not collect when they said they would, so more days spent waiting around at home. One month later thay have not refunded money for the wrong door, can't get through on after sales phone line. Manager not available etc. Wish I had never had anything to do with this chaos.

Doorsworld.coDoor turned up and was wrong size

A week ago I ordered a front door and door furniture from this site. Spoke to them on the phone and they confirmed delivery. Door turned up and was wrong size. Took a complete extra day altering frame to fit. Letter box ordered at same time still hasn't turned up. Can not get through to after sales care on the phone (and it is a chargeable number) They sent autoreply to my first complaint, said that they would be in touch, and then nothing, do not reply anymore to email complaints. My opinion is that this firm is absolutely unreliable and rubbish.

  • Jake90 Nov 11, 2018

    Hi I ordered a door an haven't received a confirmation email or received a receipt I just got given a ref no but can't use it as my email address haven't received nothing an I am starting to get a little worried as I used a relatives card I can't get them on the phone what so ever ... PLEASE HELP

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