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C Aug 07, 2018

I painted my sons room in m/arch 2017 using your silk emulsion. I have started to repaint his room yesterday 06/08/2018 and to my surprise/amazement the paint on one off the walls was peeling off. In all the years i have used paint from yourselves i have never experienced paint peeling off the walls like paper.

it has made an easy job into a nightmare as we now have to peel the rest of the paint off the walls before we can repaint to avoid leaving marks. This is not an easy task as i have a 2 year old son running around and i am also pregnant.

i don't have much time to sort the room before the new baby arrives.
i have added photos and a video of the paint peeling off the wall and how easy it is coming off

Dulux Paints
Dulux Paints
Dulux Paints

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