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Dulux Paints Complaints & Reviews

Dulux Paints — 173 brighton road, jacobs, 4052

I bought in total 4 dulux weatherg mohawk valley 20L and 2 dulux roofacry grecian grey 20L from 173 brighton road...

Products & Services  · Nov 16, 2019

Dulux Paints — weathershield

Dulux PaintsI was using dulux for many years, but this time I was totally unhappy about product. I applied the paint in my courtyard, but...

Building, Construction  · Nov 11, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux cannon ball paint

I bought this paint in matt & eggshell for the wood work so not cheap! The sample square was a dark blue grey, which i...

1 comments Home & Garden  · Nov 05, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux walls & ceilings - warm pewter

We brought a 2.5 litre of the above paint, my husband is using it on walls in our lounge, but as he is cutting in the...

Home & Garden  · Oct 08, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux once satinwood brilliant white

Dulux PaintsAs a former ICI Paints employee (Slough offices) I have always been loyal to the Dulux brand of paint. I recently...

Other  · Oct 07, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux chic shadow matt emulsion

Dulux PaintsUsed 2 different 5litre tubs of this paint purchased from same shop within a week, mixed well both times, applied using...

Home & Garden  · Sep 28, 2019

Dulux Paints — poor paint quality

I purchased a can of Dulux Quick Dry water based paint and after two coats with the regulation 6hrs drying time between...

Building, Construction  · Sep 27, 2019

Dulux Paints — paint

Dear Dulux Customer Service, This is in reference to a recent experience in store for purchase of internal and external...

Building, Construction  · Sep 20, 2019

Dulux Diamond White Trade Matt White — complaint

I purchased 10 litres of diamond white Matt trade I am not very happy with the finish as it looks like eggshell I had to...

Work at Home  · Sep 05, 2019

Dulux Paints — your reference no 254393

Have used your high gloss Armstead paint for years and had no problems, its normally the best on the market I m afraid thi...

1 comments Contractors  · Sep 03, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux soft sheen colour mixing

Dulux PaintsI purchased 2 x 5lrs of Dulux Colour Mixing paint from Homebase, Bigglswade UK 28/08/19. Colour Woodland Pearl 3 (see...

Auctions  · Sep 01, 2019

Dulux Paints — Deluxe quick dry gloss high sheen in pure brilliant white

Dulux PaintsI bought a 2.5l can of quick dry high sheen gloss in pure brilliant white [protected]) about 3-4 weeks ago from Homebase...

Products & Services  · Aug 22, 2019

Dulux Paints — egyptian cotton paint

Dulux PaintsI purchased Dulux trade Egyptian Cotton paint at the Decorator centre in Leeds. The paint was mixed there and the can...

Home & Garden  · Aug 17, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux mix in store paint

Dulux PaintsI purchased 3, ltr tins of the dulux paint you have mixed in store, i spoke at lengh to the homebase man about what i...

Other  · Aug 03, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux primer and undercoat

Dulux PaintsThe primer / undercoat product was used on several interior doors and flirting boards / interior window frames etc...

Home & Garden  · Jul 30, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux diamond matt.

I am a professional painter and decorator, of 20 years under my belt, recently purchased 20 liters of dulux natural...

Retail Stores  · Jul 29, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux gloss quick dry pure brilliant white

its runny the consistency of water will not cover old white leaves brush marks and not glossy at all 2, 5 ltrs and 24...

Building, Construction  · Jul 24, 2019

Ici Dulux Paint — dulux easycare paint

Ici Dulux PaintPurchased this paint in Spiced Honey. The first coat has gone on terribly, patchy, uneven & difficult to use. Don't even think...

Work at Home  · Jul 14, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux wall paints (interior in my flat)

I got my flat painted in month of may2019 by ur approved contractor in my 3 rooms wall, white patches has appeared showed...

Work at Home  · Jul 14, 2019

Dulux Paints — deluxe easycare bathroom

Dulux PaintsI have repainted my bathrooms using easy care bathroom paint colour- rock salt I did my main bathroom without a problem all...

Home & Garden  · Jun 27, 2019

Dulux Paints — portland paint

Dulux PaintsWe recently purchased a tin of portland paint from woodies here in wellpark galway. I had previously bought it last year...

Other  · Jun 17, 2019

Dulux Paints — paint

Dulux PaintsBought some Dulux Easycare paint from B&Q and when i put it on the wall it looks nothing like swatch on the tin...

Retail Stores  · Jun 16, 2019

Dulux Paints — colour system consistency [ at home base, antrim, co. antrim, n.i.]

Dulux Paints13, 14th of June 2019 I purchased 2 / 2.5 L tins of mixed paint calm celestial cloud blue which did not match in any...

Products & Services  · Jun 14, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux jade white

Have to say I am so disappointed with this paint colour, both the colour card and tin, make it out to be a lovely light...

Home & Garden  · Jun 09, 2019

[Resolved] Dulux Paints — dulux proud peacock quick dry gloss high sheen

Dulux PaintsReally annoyed. Purchased the above paint for my front door. Recently moved into a new property, was excited to...

Window & Door Installation  · Jun 09, 2019

Dulux Paints — order

Dulux PaintsHi We always use dulux paints but are very disappointed with the quality of them now. We brought chic shadow for our...

1 comments Home & Garden  · Jun 09, 2019

Dulux Paints — non drip gloss

Turned yellow within a year. I have complained directly to Dulux and was told that yes, it do does that and I should...

Products & Services  · May 25, 2019

Ici Dulux Paint — flat matt 2.5l delicate veil paint by dulux

Ici Dulux PaintBought a 2nd 2.5l tin flat Matt delicate veil approximately 2 weeks after purchasing first tin of supposedly the same...

Other  · May 21, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux easycare mixed in homebase store

Dulux PaintsGood afternoon, We bought Dulux paint, mixed at Homebase store in Knaphill, Surrey. As soon as its been mixed up for us I...

Home & Garden  · May 12, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulex mat emilsion brilliant white - batch number [protected]

Purchased 5l tin of above from The Range Basingstoke. I was paying decorator (10.00 per hour) to paint my kitchen after...

Contractors  · May 12, 2019

Dulux Paints — fine cream paint for walls and ceilings

Dulux PaintsGood morning I'd like to complain about Dulux Fine Cream paint for walks and ceilings. It contains small bits of orange...

Products & Services  · May 09, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux polished pebble 1l

Dulux PaintsDear Dulux, I recently bought a pot of 1L polished pebble from 'The Range' store in Cardiff, Newport Road. After a 5...

Retail Stores  · Apr 23, 2019

Dulux Paints — testers. no light base - footprint on environment

TO: DULUX For the past month both stores in Paphos, Cyprus do not offer a tester size so I have to buy a litre size. They...

Retail Stores  · Apr 18, 2019

Dulux Paints — one coat matt emulsion

Hi, I bought your one coat emulsion to decorate my hallway and as promised it covered the walls I was painting in one...

Building, Construction  · Apr 15, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux easycare bathroom paint

Dulux PaintsI've always used Dulux Kitchen and Bathroom paints. So when I decided to freshen up my bathroom walls, dulux was my 1st...

Home & Garden  · Apr 15, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux easycare paint

Dulux PaintsHello, I bought ‘polished pebble' paint recently from b and q. But I am very very unhappy with the end result- it makes the...

Products & Services  · Mar 27, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux once satinwood gloss

This product took over 70 hours to dry. Everything was done according to instructions, aerating etc, but it would not...

Retail Stores  · Mar 21, 2019

Dulux Paints — once pure brilliant white gloss

Paint was purchased from local B and Q store on the 9/3/2019. Paint was applied by brush to both primed and unprimed...

Flooring Installation  · Mar 16, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux quick dry satinwood paint (mid sheen) pure brilliant white

Dulux PaintsI have recently painted the skirting boards and window frame in my bedroom using this paint and am extremely...

Products & Services  · Mar 09, 2019

Dulux Paints — dulux bathroom paint - misty mirror

Dulux PaintsI purchase the above paint from b&q last week, I yesterday opened and painted my bathroom with it and am rather unhappy...

Home & Garden  · Mar 06, 2019