Dulux Paintsdulux caramel latte kitchen


I am complaining about tour kitcheb paint
I have one wall in my kitchen painted with Caramel Latte and wanted a wall in my living room the same.
The walls are the same aspect
However, on applying the paint yesterday, it is VASTLY different in shade
I am aware that you put this on the run but the living room is more of a pink tone than the brown
My professional painter agrees how different these colours are
I have a photo which I hope to attach to this.
The whole wall looks a mess when it was meant to mirror the dining area.
As it is the same aspect, the "flow" of the rooms do not flow
The wall to the left is the living room. The centre is a door frame, to the right is the dining room wall
Please respond asap

dulux caramel latte kitchen

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