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My name is Robert Wayne Harmon. I live at 153 Sloans Grove Road and have been a Duke customer for 50 + years. Today ( 9/16/2018) right around 11:30 am two trucks came to my back door neighbor's home (Harold and Caroline Smith, 165 Sloans Grove Road) for an emergency call. A tree was rubbing the power line and making it spark. This was their 4th trip for this same complaint to my knowledge...but never fixed. The Smith's continued to call fearing fire. My complaint is, today they finally cut the tree limbs and let them fall on my pasture fence, across the wire, busting all that loose and pushing the wire down to knee level. We have goats and miniature donkeys in that pasture that could have easily stepped over and went on their merry way...making me liable for any damage they did. Not only that, but they put all of the limbs and trash in my pasture for me to clean up. I have Myasthenia Gravis and cannot do that kind of physical labor any more which means I will have to hire someone to clean up and put the fence back up. I don't appreciate lazy people and I cannot abide shoddy work. I know you personally were not here to oversee said work but this type of incident does not make Duke Energy look very caring, efficient, or community minded. Please advise if Duke will pay for the work I will have to have done? If so, how to apply for that? If not will Duke send a team to do the repair work?


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    Water Oak Poses Danger Sep 26, 2018

    Duke Energy has incorrectly pruned a huge Water Oak tree in the front of my property in Spartanburg. Their pruning removed a central lead and now a lateral branch where the central stem was removed has taken over sustaining the tree. Duke for years trimmed the tree only from one side and thus the tree is leaning toward my home as a result. Per a licensed Arborist's report, the tree has significant rot as a result of such pruning and poses a hazard to my home on S. Spring Street in Spartanburg. In addition to being a threat to my home--it poses a threat to my family, my neighbors, power lines and the community (specifically school children who cross my yard to get to school at Spartanburg Prep which is directly across the street from me.) I reported this to Customer Service at Duke along with a related incident where they trimmed trees in my back yard and a huge amount of debris left for my personal removal within the last year. Because they did not address the unsafe tree in my yard due to their cutting (and the situation has worsened), I am posting this comment in hopes that the urgency of the situation is brought to their attention. This tree could fall any minute and I am seeking help from Duke to remove the danger their improper pruning has caused. Thanks for anyone that can escalate this issue to Duke and help keep our neighborhood and community safe! Mary Campbell

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