Duke Energy Corporationelectric service

M Oct 15, 2019

My name is Tomia Hawkins and I recently moved to Sumter and had utilities put in my name..they charged me $570 for deposit for service in which I got billed for and not even a couple days I get a shut off notice and than they just turned my electricity off after I stated to them I have a disabled child at home who is on a life vest for her heart and without my electricity that machine won't work and weak as my daughter heart it can cause anything to happen to her even when she sleep..I called Duke energy and tried to 7work something out with them to have my service restored and told them I was still waiting on medical form from them for her heart doctor..they reps were so ruled and unprofessional and one rep was really ignorant making a smart remark about my daughter situation and still refuse to help me or take what I had to get service restored..last but not least, they threw previous tenant bill on mine and said I had to pay them $1000 which is more than my bill because of previous tenants I really need my service restored for the sake of my daughter..Thank for your time and I hope setting can be done and my service restored asap..

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